Raptor Chronicles
By Colorado's Oldest Raptor Sanctuary
Message from the President

As I write this, Denver's just broken another temperature record for early September, busting through 95F and hitting 98F. Our friends to the north in Billings, Montana, hit 103F. Only a month ago, we endured an intense rain and wind storm that left some damage to one of our pens (more on that, below!) and caused the weeds to explode, as if it were May.

It doesn't feel like fall, for sure, but our birds can certainly tell. The nights are slightly cooler, and the days and nights have begun their subtle tango towards the equinox. Elk have begun bugling in the high country, and many raptors are on the move.

If you've missed our in-person raptor ID classes, be sure to check out our announcement below for the "Wings of Winter", which we're holding at Barr Lake State Park on November 12th. It's been three long years since we had coffee, carbs, slides and birds all in the same room, and we're very excited about our new venue.

As the wife of an Air Force Gulf War Era veteran, I'm particularly proud of our continuing work with sculptor Robert Eccleston as he refines and perfects his design on the National Desert Storm and Desert Shield Memorial. His attention to detail is best described as "intense" and it's making me up my game, as we discuss the differences in mandible and infraorbital sinus structure between eagles and falcons. I promise you, this memorial will be jaw-dropping.

I'm ready for it to snow...or at least for a good cold front to bring down ducks, merlins and rough-legged hawks!~Anne Price, President
National Desert Storm and Desert Shield Memorial Update
Sculptor Robert Eccleston, left, with Scott Stump, President & CEO of the National Desert Storm War Memorial. The life-size sculpture is shown behind Scott
as the design takes form. This will be scaled up to twice life size, or an eagle with a 12-foot wing span. The final piece will be cast in stainless steel.
For our second visit to Robert Eccleston's studio on August 30, we brought our seven year-old female bald eagle for Robert to reference as he continues work on the National Desert Storm and Desert Shield Memorial. Representing the heroic efforts of the coalition forces which liberated the nation of Kuwait in 1991, the centerpiece of the memorial features the national birds of the United States and Kuwait flying out of the desert.

Previously we brought our peregrine falcon, which enabled Robert to carefully view the sharp lines of falcon primary feathers, as well as the unique features of a falcon's face. Kuwait's national bird is the saker falcon (Falco cherrug), one of the largest falcons in the world with a large range across North Africa, the Middle East and Asia. The bald eagle of America is not only a much larger raptor, it's also in a completely separate order of birds, with a unique "sea eagle" beak. Over the course of our two-hour visit, the fine lines of the eagle's face and jaw line were carefully examined, as well as the shape of her tail and the caudal vertebrae.

For an in-depth look at the memorial's origins, stages of development and all the groups who have come together for this international collaboration, click here. One of the videos shows the memorial's placement on the mall along with an interview with the project's architect. We are very proud to have a small role supporting the creation of this important tribute to the warriors who liberated Kuwait. We love working with eagles of all shapes, sizes and ranks!
~Peter Reshetniak, Director of Special Projects
Scott gave Anne and Peter one of the coins commemorating the groundbreaking ceremony in July of this year.
August Monsoon Damage: Help Requested!
The storm which blew in on August 6th was so sudden and violent that Anne feared the shade netting would rip off, taking part of the soffit with it, as she filmed inside of Peter's office. You can see the deluge of water on the ground along with the wind hitting the facility. The massive downpour along with the extreme winds caused about $6,000 of damage to our Buteo enclosure, which houses our two Swainson's hawks, rough-legged hawk and Harlan's red-tailed hawk.

It turns out that the heavy clay below our pea gravel substrate softened with all the water saturating the ground. This, coupled with very violent winds, actually pushed the top part of the fence wall ten inches into the enclosure. Below the ground, the cement footing was displaced in the opposite direction by at least the same distance. With the entire southwest wall doing a leaning Tower of Pisa impression, we're hoping we can get it repaired before the next severe weather event makes things even worse. Our prairie facility experiences VERY dramatic weather, which is part of life on this arid landscape. Although our insurance policy will cover a majority of the costs, we still have to raise our $500 deductible, which is why we're asking for your help.

Please donate here and THANK YOU for your help!
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As the new villages grow at Prairie Center, so do the streets with cool names! Check out some of the newest intersections as of October 2021.
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in case you missed it!

The Diel Migration

It's the largest migration by number and mass in the world, occurring every 24 hours, and most people know nothing about it. It's also one of the largest examples of naturally occurring carbon dioxide sequestration. Read more about the DVM.
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A Most Successful Urban Resident: The Cooper's Hawk
The next video in the series of voice overs from our Denver Botanic Gardens appearance features the Cooper's hawk. These stealthy, yet bold urban raptors absolutely thrive in neighborhoods with tall, dense trees and backyard bird feeders. Primarily bird hunters, they'll also take very young cottontail rabbits, especially when feeding their young in early summer. Enjoy!
Presenting: The Wings of Winter
The Best Raptor ID Class in Colorado Returns on November 12th!
Photo by Danny Dodge
After a three-year hiatus due to Covid, we're pleased to present a raptor identification class that you're not going to want to miss! Colorado Parks & Wildlife (CPW) Senior Raptor Volunteer Raptor Monitor Karen Metz and Anne are teaming up once again in a brand-new class that will feature winter migrants in Colorado. The class will be held at the Barr Lake State Park Nature Center on Saturday, November 12th from 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM. Karen's outstanding slides will be accompanied by nine of our raptors for up-close viewing, comparisons and photos. Coffee, tea and other morning refreshments will be provided.
Early Bird Pricing Valid to October 9th, 2022.
The class fee is $50 for current REF members, and $60 for the general public. Please note that the class will be limited to 40 participants, so don't wait to register. October 10th prices increase.
Special thanks to Park Manager Michelle Seubert for helping to arrange use of the
wonderful Barr Lake facilities!
Golden Gate Canyon State Park Visit
Thanks to Jenna, Tanya, Brenna and all the volunteers that helped us present our Raptor Roundup program at Golden Gate Canyon State Park on August 27th. We had lovely weather and a really enthusiastic crowd of campers and guests. A turkey vulture even made a perfect-fly by at the end of Anne's talk. There's nothing like a trip from the prairie up to about 9,000 ft and then back again in one day to get your heart pumping!
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