January 2020
War is Hell. Taxes, Too.

Moviegoers the past few years could be forgiven for thinking comic books had taken over Hollywood. So much of the “sophisticated adult drama” that grownups used to see in theaters has migrated to streaming video, that it seems suburban multiplexes are reserved for Batman, Superman, and their cape-wearing cronies. (Or are you more of a Marvel Cinematic Universe fan?)

Last month, director Sam Mendes released a welcome tale of actual  human  heroes based on his grandfather’s service in World War I.  1917  follows two British soldiers with impossible orders to cross into enemy territory and deliver a message to save 1,600 of their comrades — including one’s own brother — from walking into a deadly trap. The film is presented as being shot in a single unbroken take, which some reviewers have said comes across as gimmicky and grandstanding. Still, it’s a visual feast, and it’s already grabbed the Golden Globe for Best Drama.

Most viewers aren’t going to be thinking about taxes when they see  1917 . But we don’t review movies here, we review taxes. And there  is  a connection.

I am close to retirement age, but I am burnt out and cannot continue working. What do I do?
My spouse and I have decided that we would like to combine our retirement accounts. What should we do?
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Happy Retirement, Danny Barnes!

Join us as we congratulate Danny Barnes on his retirement from Airgas.

During his retirement, Danny plans to spend time at camp and travel. One place in particular he would like to visit is Mount Rushmore. Danny is looking forward to spending time with his family and enjoying his retirement.

Wishing you all the best, Danny!
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