Bite-Size Blog #30 -- J. Morris Hicks

War on Cancer turns 45 this December

    J. Morris Hicks
A few years ago, I published a blog about this topic; noting that our war on cancer was then longer than all of our nation's military wars--combined.

I concluded in that July 2012 blog that "cancer" had become a major industry with no apparent end in sight. The only thing that has changed since then is that the cancer industry has gotten bigger--and less open to consider any treatment for cancer that doesn't include a hefty future earnings stream for the thousands of businesses that depend on cancer for their survival.

Make no mistake. The cancer industry is not searching for the cure of this horrible disease any more than the cigarette industry was encouraging people to stop smoking fifty years ago. Shannon Brownlee said it best (about the healthcare industry) in the 2012 documentary, Escape Fire:

"We have a disease-care system, and we have a very profitable disease-care system. And the disease-care system, actually, I mean, if it really was honest with itself, it doesn't want you to die, and it doesn't want you to get well. It just wants you to keep coming back for the care of your chronic disease."

Since January of this year, I have reached out directly to VP Joe Biden six times regarding his "Moonshot Cancer Initiative" that he claims is leaving no stone unturned in their search for the cure. But since they are limiting their search to those working inside the industry, they are unwilling to even listen to the science that holds great promise for curing this horrible disease.

So far, there have only been two "form letter" responses to my six letters to Biden. One of my letters was even mounted on an 18 by 24 inch foam poster board:

More to come on this topic--as I am in the process of co-authoring a new book with Dr. John Kelly, the author of "Stop Feeding Your Cancer."

J. Morris Hicks

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