WarBird Protection Group Takes Flight

Traverse City, MI (February 2024) - WarBird Protection Group officially launches its direct-to-consumer website featuring a range of soft, concealable body armor as its first product offering. With a commitment to providing unparalleled protection to civilian markets, WarBird has set out to redefine industry standards for product design and delivery on a broad line of personal protection equipment. Combining a wealth of experience in law enforcement, special forces and body armor innovation, the principals at WarBird are committed to providing unmatched products for those who put themselves in harm’s way safeguarding themselves and their families.

WarBird's new website, warbirdpro.com, serves as a gateway for consumers to obtain personal protection gear with a customized fit, with orders shipped within one business day of order placement. WarBird invites individuals to explore the website and its line of soft armor options including SkyFlex, Meridian, and Hoss inserts; Side Kick Trauma Plate; and the Ghost Hawk concealable carrier vest.

Matt Davis, Founder/ CEO of WarBird Protection Group, Inc., emphasized the significance of not only providing top-notch, comfortable protective equipment for everyday citizens but also ensuring a timely delivery. "Forget waiting months for your products. WarBird offers premium, in-stock, custom-fit body armor designed by veterans, law enforcement, and apparel experts. We strike the perfect balance between options and immediate availability. Get ready to rethink personal protection - fast, effective, and ready to ship."

For over 50 years, the Davis family has pioneered the world of body armor. As the most trusted name in the industry, the products being introduced by the WarBird Protection Group offer a fresh new take on personal protection.

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About WarBird Protection Group:

At WarBird, our mission is to seamlessly bridge the legacy of military and law enforcement expertise with the dynamic ingenuity of the civilian world. We are dedicated to crafting stylish, high performance protective gear made exclusively for you: the private, law-abiding citizen. Our commitment is to empower individuals with equipment that preserves and enhances their world—driven by a passion for innovation, unwavering quality, and with a deep respect for your safety and style.

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