Ward 11 E-Newsletter - February 2017
Councillor's Message

Welcome to the February 2017 issue of my Ward 11 E-Newsletter!  I hope you find this newsletter informative.   As always, I am pleased to assist you and your family with any municipal issue that you may have.  Please don't hesitate to contact my office directly at any time at 905-896-5011 or  george.carlson@mississauga.ca .  
In This Issue...
Mississauga Will Receive Additional Funding for Local Transit

The City of Mississauga will receive additional Provincial Gas Tax funding from the Province to improve and expand the transit system.
The Province will double the gas tax funding that goes to municipalities. Mississauga can now expect approximately $32 million in gas tax funding. These funds will be invested into mitigating gridlock, building transit, and improving the transportation network.
Mississauga could see its funding increased to an estimated $20 million in 2019-20, $24 million in 2020-21 and $32 million in 2021-22.   In 2016-17, Mississauga received $16.6 million from Provincial Gas Tax funding. These funds were used to enhance and grow the MiWay transit system including the completion of the Transitway.   Top  
Community Engagement Strategy

The City is developing a new strategy to guide how residents are consulted with on City planning and services.  The City would like to consult with residents on public consultation and engagement and will be hosting upcoming workshops to provide residents with an opportunity to offer feedback:
Community Workshop
Date:  Thursday, February 23
Time:  9 am to 12 pm
Location:  Youth/Senior Room, Meadowvale Community Centre (6655 Glen Erin Dr.)
Community Workshop
Date:  Thursday, March 2
Time:  7 pm to 9 pm
Location:  Gladys Hagen Senior's Room, South Common Community Centre ( 2233 South Millway, Mississauga)
To register for these workshops and for more information about the Community Engagement Strategy, please visit www.mississauga.ca/community-engagement.   Top  
Public Open House on Short-Term Accommodations

The City will be holding a Public Open House on Short-Term Accommodations, to provide residents with more information on Short-Term Accommodations.  Short-Term Accommodations are web based platforms, such as Airbnb, that connect people with those who have a spare room, entire apartment, or house to rent on a short-term basis, usually less than 30 days.  The details of the Open House are as follows:
Public Open House on Short-Term Accommodations
Date:  Monday, March 6, 2017
Time:  3:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Location:  Committee Room D, 2nd Floor, Mississauga Civic Centre (300 City Centre Dr.)
For more information about Short-Term Accommodations in Mississauga, please visit www.mississauga.ca/portal/residents/short-termaccommodation.   Top  
Advanced Transportation Management System in Mississauga
The City of Mississauga continues to implement a state-of-the-art Advanced Transportation Management System (ATMS) to better respond to changing traffic conditions and adjusting traffic signals.  The ATMS project seeks to:
  • Maximize the available capacity of the roadway network,
  • Minimize the impact of roadway incidents to users,
  • Pro-actively manage traffic,
  • Assist in the provision of emergency services, and
  • Create and maintain public confidence in traffic management.
The key features of the ATMS Project include:
  • Set up of a new Traffic Management Centre (TMC) to allow traffic staff to monitor and respond to traffic related situations in real-time.
  • Upgrade of the traffic signal communications by leveraging the City's existing Public Sector Network (i.e. Fibre Network) as the backbone for signal communications. 
  • Replacement of the existing traffic control system that will also include the replacement of the traffic controller units in the field.
  • Implementation of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) to include traffic control cameras and traffic detection.
  • Future ATMS initiatives like adaptive traffic control, incident management and traveller information.
The new ATMS will provide better integration with other agencies and active management of traffic in Mississauga. When the project is completed, commuters will be able to receive real-time information on travel times and will be able to choose their mode of travel accordingly. The ATMS will help decrease congestion and allow commuters to travel more efficiently to their destination within the City.

The City will be investing a total of approximately $16.2 million (gross) for the completion of the ATMS project by end of 2020. The estimated cost for the new Traffic Management Centre is $3.9 million and about $7.1 million for the T raffic Signal Control system replacement . The City has partnered with Region of Peel and Ministry of Transportation and will be recovering approximately $4 million from these partner agencies.   Top  
Metrolinx Community Charter
Metrolinx will be developing a Community Charter and would like to hear from residents regarding this Charter.  Metrolinx, is an agency of the  Government of Ontario  under the  Metrolinx Act, 2006 , was created to improve the coordination and integration of all modes of transportation in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area.  The Charter includes the following six themes:
  • Public safety
  • Fiscal responsibility
  • Courtesy and respect
  • Public Input
  • Timely Information
  • Connecting communities
The draft Charter will be shared with residents in March.  To provide feedback on Metrolinx's Community Charter, please visit www.metrolinxengage.com .   Top  
Calling All Poets
If you love writing poetry, serving as the City of Mississauga's next Poet Laureate may be the job for you. The honorary position recognizes a poet who writes poetry or spoken word and has written on themes that are relevant to Mississauga residents. The position will begin in April 2017 and run through March 2019.
The successful candidate will focus on three key objectives:
  • Serve as a literary ambassador for the City of Mississauga to audiences both within and outside of the city;
  • Raise the profile of writers in Mississauga; and
  • Create an artistic legacy through public readings and civic interactions.
The position is currently held by the City's first Poet Laureate, Anna Yin. Anna became the Poet Laureate on June 17, 2015 and will continue in the role until March 2017.  As part of the Poet Laureate program, the candidate will also provide mentorship to the City's Youth Poet Laureate. The youth position is currently held by the City's first Youth Poet Laureate, Rebecca Zseder.
If you are interested in this position, nominations will be accepted from Wednesday, February 1 to Friday, March 17, 2017 by 4:30 p.m. In order to be considered, candidates must:
  • Be a published poet or spoken word artist;
  • Be a current mississauga resident;
  • Have an established body of work or have been recognized for notable contributions to the literary arts;
  • Some of their work should be relevant to mississauga and/or subjects that reflect the life of the city; and
  • Have the ability to represent the values of the city in a professional manner.
The Poet Laureate will receive $5,000 per annum and will make their first public appearance at the City's 2017 Canada Day official ceremony on Mississauga Celebration Square.  For more information about the Poet Laureate position, please visit www.mississauga.ca/culture.   Top  
Utility Merger Complete with Unveiling of Alectra Utilities
Mississauga, along with one million customers in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area, will be served by the newly formed utility known as Alectra Utilities. The proposal to merge municipal electricity utilities Enersource, Horizon Utilities, Hydro One Brampton and PowerStream was approved by the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) last December.
The approval from the OEB allowed Enersource, Horizon Utilities and PowerStream to merge on February 1, 2017 and purchase Hydro One Brampton as of February 28. This consolidation will create the second largest municipally-owned electric utility by customer base in North America.  The merger will result in an improved company that will provide the residents and businesses of all 15 communities with cost savings, new efficiencies and improved customer service, along with safer, reliable and clean energy.  For more information about Alectra Utilities, visit www.alectrautilities.com.   Top  
Adult Day Service Program

If you are an adult who needs assistance with your day to day activities, you may be interested in the Region of Peel's Adult Day Service program.  This program is a service for those who need social interaction and assistance with day to day activities. 
ADS participants participate in social, recreational and therapeutic activities led by professional staff. Each activity is designed to enhance participants' physical and psychological well-being. ADS activities include:
  • Exercise and wellness programs.
  • Gardening, reading, woodworking, cooking and baking.
  • Crafts, board games, cards and music.
  • Reading and discussion groups.
  • Spiritual care.
  • Outings in a wheelchair-accessible bus.
  • Special events such as birthday celebrations and picnics.
  • Cultural events.
  • Reminiscing and sensory stimulation.
Region staff also provide the following care and support services:
  • Bathing and/or showering program.
  • Physiotherapy, including an individual assessment and access to a centre's physiotherapy room.
  • Consultations on various health conditions (such as diabetes and obesity), blood pressure checks and glucose monitoring provided by Registered Nurses.
  • Dietitian services.
ADS participants can arrange for an appointment with a dentist, eye doctor, or a foot specialist or visit a hairdressing salon located in each centre. Fees are set by and paid directly to the service provider.
Meals and snacks are provided to all participants.
Participants and their caregivers are responsible for getting to and from ADS. Where this is not possible, the Adult Day and Community Services Supervisor will link the participant to other transportation options such as TransHelp, Passenger Assistance Program, or Caledon Community Services.   Individuals applying for ADS must:
  • Be over 18 years of age.
  • Have a valid Ontario Health Card.
To apply for ADS, contact your local Community Care Access Centre (CCAC).  There are two CCACs in Peel:
  • Mississauga Halton
    Call 905.855.9090 or toll-free at 1.877.336.9090.
  • Central West
    Call 905.796.0040 or toll-free at 1.888.733.1177.
The Adult Day Service fee is $21.00 per day. Subsidies may be available for those who qualify.   The Region of Peel's Malton Village Peel Manor   Tall Pines  and  Sheridan Villa  locations offer ADS.   ADS hours vary from centre to centre. Some centres offer evening and weekend hours.  Further information about these programs is available from the Adult Day Services Supervisor at your location of interest:
  • Peel Manor
    Janet Hobson - 905 453-4140, Ext. 3708
  • Tall Pines
    Melissa Huerto - 905-791-2449, Ext. 
  • Davis Centre
    Lynda deAbaitua - 905-857-7842, Ext. 
  • Malton Village
    Jeanie Papaconstantinou - 905-791-1179, Ext. 
  • Sheridan Villa
    Allyson Mitchell - 905-791-8668, Ext. 
Respite Care Program

If you are someone who continually cares for a relative or friend who is ill, injured or frail, you may be interested in the Region of Peel's Respite Care program.  Respite care offers scheduled, temporary, substitute care to the person being cared for, giving caregivers a break from their daily responsibilities.
At the Region of Peel, respite care is offered at the Davis Centre in Caledon. Respite care clients are fully integrated into the life of the home. They receive personal and medical care and participate in the centre's activities and programs. Respite services:
  • Give regular caregivers a scheduled break to do things for themselves.
  • Provides a person who is being cared for with a place to stay when his or her regular caregiver is unable to provide care for a short period of time.
To apply for the Davis Centre Respite Care program, contact your local Community Care Access Centre. There are two CCACs in Peel:
  • Mississauga Halton 
    Call 905.855.9090 or toll-free at 1.877.336.9090.
  • Central West 
    Call 905.796.0040 or toll-free at 1.888.733.1177
You may contact the Respite Care Supervisor at the Davis Centre for more information:
  • Davis Centre, Caledon 
    Lynda DeAbaitua, Adult Day Service Supervisor 
    80 Allan Drive 
    Bolton, ON L7E 1P7 
    905-857-0975, ext. 3008
Councillor George Carlson| | george.carlson@mississauga.ca | 300 City Centre Drive
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