Ward 11 E-Newsletter - December 2016
Councillor's Message

Welcome to the December 2016 issue of my Ward 11 E-Newsletter!  I hope you find this newsletter informative.  

On behalf of myself and my staff, Anita A. Solomon and Kim Duarte, I would like to sincerely wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas, joyous holiday season, and a wonderful, prosperous 2017!  I look forward to serving you and your family in the coming New Year!  
As always, I am pleased to assist you and your family with any municipal issue that you may have.  Please don't hesitate to contact my office directly at any time at 905-896-5011 or  george.carlson@mississauga.ca .  
In This Issue...
2017 Ward 11 New Year's Open House- January 12, 2017 @6pm

I would like to cordially invite you and your family to my 2017 New Year's Open House!  This year, I am very pleased to be holding my Open House at the Streetsille BIA Office, where you can learn about our dynamic BIA and its great businesses.  Bring your friends and family and join me for refreshments, prizes, and fun for everyone.  The details for my 2017 New Year's Open House have changed, so please note the new details below:
2017 Ward 11 New Year's Open House
Thursday, January 12, 2017
from 6-8pm
Streetsville BIA Office
280 Queen St S.
I look forward to celebrating with you and your family on January 12th!  For more information about my 2017 New Year's Open House, please call my office at 905-896-5011 or visit www.georgecarlson.ca.   Top
City Christmas and Holiday Hours of Operation

Please be advised that City of Mississauga administrative offices will be closed Monday, December 26, 2016. They will reopen on Tuesday, January 3, 2017. A number of public and recreation services will operate on a holiday schedule during the closure period.
A list of City services and hours of operation for the closure period can be found in the 2016/2017 Holiday Hours schedule.   In the schedule, you will find the hours of operations for:
  • Recreation, Animal Services, BraeBen Golf Course, Lakeview Golf Course, Mississauga's Seniors' Centre, Mississauga Library System, Museums of Mississauga and the Provincial Offences Office
  • The Art Gallery of Mississauga
  • C Café
  • MiWay - Visit www.miway.ca/holidayservice for transit service levels from Monday, December 19, 2016 to Monday, January 2, 2017. Free and extended evening service is offered on New Year's Eve. 
311 Call Centre
  • Residents can call the 311 Citizen Contact Centre between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. from Tuesday, December 27, 2016 through to Friday, December 30, 2016.  
  • The Centre will be closed for the statutory holidays on Monday, December 26, 2016 and Monday, January 2, 2017.
  • After hours dispatch service is available for urgent issues on weekends, statutory holidays and overnight Monday to Friday. Dial 3-1-1 and menu select Option 2 or call direct 905-615-3000. Residents may also submit requests 24/7 using services available online or through the Pingstreet App.
For more information about the City's Christmas and holiday hours of operation, please visit www.mississauga.ca .   Top  
Be in the Know about Snow

The winter season is now upon us, which means that snow may be on its way as well.  When the snow falls, make sure you are in the know about the snow.  The City uses a priority route system to clear and salt roads, bus stops, priority sidewalks and pedestrian crossings.  There are a number of ways you can keep up to date with the City's snow clearing operations at your fingertips:
  • Download the Mississauga Roads App to track plows/salters travelling routes and receive alerts.
  • Follow the City's snow clearing information account on Twitter @MississaugaSnow  for current conditions and progress.
  • Visit mississauga.ca/snow for updates, details, routes and maps.
  • Call the Information Snow Line 905-615-SNOW (7669) to hear recorded information about plowing and salting during a snow event.
  • If there are concerns with road conditions 12-24 hours after a snowstorm ends, please contact 3-1-1 or (905-615-4311 outside city limits).
As a reminder, the City plows and/or salts roadways as follows:
  • Roads are salted if snowfall is less than eight cm (three in.) or plowed and salted if snowfall is more than eight cm (three in.).
  • Priority roads are cleared first for emergency and transit vehicles to travel followed by local residential roads, bus stops, pedestrian crossings and priority sidewalks (around hospitals, schools and major transit routes for transit service).
  • Priority sidewalks, bus stops and pedestrian crossings are cleared within 24-36 hours after the end of a snowstorm.
Roads with parked cars take longer to plow or salt, so please help plows and salters by removing vehicles from roads during heavy snowfalls. A winter on-street parking restriction is in effect in Mississauga from November 1 to March 31 between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m.  Vehicles left on City streets will be issued a penalty notice and are subject to towing and storage fees.  During snow clearing operations, temporary parking permits will be suspended.  For more information about the City's snow clearing operations, please visit www.mississauga.ca/snow.  
Mississauga Cycling Survey
The City of Mississauga would like to continue to support the growth and development of cycling in the city and would like to hear your input.  The City would like to understand why you cycle or don't cycle, and what would encourage you to start cycling or cycle more often.  As such, the City has put together a short survey for residents to offer their input and feedback on cycling in Mississauga, and I hope you are able to participate in this survey, which is available at:
The survey should take approximately 5 minutes to complete and individual responses are confidential. The results will be used for the city's cycling master plan update that will guide cycling projects and programs between 2017 and 2022.  For more information about cycling in Mississauga, please visit www.mississauga.ca/cycling.   Top  
City Pingstreet Mobile App
If you're looking for a convenient place to access information about City of Mississauga programs and services, then look no further than the City's handy Pingstreet App. Pingstreet is a free mobile app that provides relevant information to you in one place.
You can submit Your Requests to the City 24/7, including:
  • Parking Permits: Request a temporary parking permit for a residential street.
  • Report a Problem: You can easily report on burnt out park lights, graffiti, illegal signs, shopping carts, sidewalk or road damage (pot holes), three hour parking violations, tree ownership, tree stump removal, damaged or dead/unhealthy trees and request tree pruning.
You can access real-time information from the City, including:
  • Local Government: View the contact information of your Mayor and Ward Councillors.
  • News: Stay up-to-date with our latest news releases.
  • Meetings & Events: Find out what's happening in the City with a list of upcoming community events and committee meetings.
  • Notification Centre: Keep informed of the City's activities
  • Discover Mississauga: Plan your visit and discover what the City has to offer.
  • Twitter: Follow our live feed.
  • Garbage & Recycling: View your waste collection schedule from the Region of Peel.
  • Contact Us: Reach out to us by phone or email.
The Pingstreet mobile app is available for download at App StoreGoogle PlayBlackBerry World, and Windows Store.   Top  
Beware of High Pressure Door-to-Door Water Treatment Sales Agents
Residents are reminded that the Region of Peel does not employ or authorize other companies to collect or test municipal tap water samples on the Region's behalf.  Residents are advised not to open their door to anyone asking to test their tap water or discuss water equipment unless that person is an employee or agent of the Region of Peel.  Region of Peel Water staff carry photo ID cards and drive marked regional vehicles. In the event that any in-home testing would be required the Region would contact a resident in advance.
Recent news of the provincial government's proposal to ban door-to-door sales and clamp down on high-pressure sales tactics may have resulted in more aggressive sales campaigns in your community. These sales people may represent themselves as working in partnership with the Region of Peel as your water provider and imply that they are required to test your tap water. They may also suggest that your tap water is poor quality.
Consumer Protection Ontario (www.ontario.ca/consumerservices) provides information on door-to-door sales and outlines general rights as a consumer. You have a legal right to cancel a sale/service contract signed at the door within 10 days of signing.
Should you have any concerns about water safety or quality, or would like to report door-to-door canvassing, please contact the Region's Water Quality Group at 905-791-7800, ext. 4685, or email WaterQualityInquiries@peelregion.ca .   Top  
Prevent Frozen Pipes

During the winter season you may experience some difficulties with frozen water pipes and water meters at your homes.  Should you experience frozen water pipes at your home or wish to prevent this from happening, here are some useful tips from the Region of Peel that will help you prevent frozen water pipes or thaw frozen water pipes if they happen to freeze:
To prevent frozen water pipes
  1. In the fall, before the first frost, locate your shut-off valve and turn it off. The shut-off valve is located inside your home, close to where your outside taps are.
  2. Disconnect your garden hoses and drain all outside taps.
  3. Go through your home to identify areas where pipes may freeze. This can be in a basement or crawlspace near an outside wall, window, areas that have a draft or near a cracked foundation.
    • Use caulk or insulation to seal these areas keep the cold out and the heat in.
  4. Find your water meter. It is found in the lowest part of your home, in your basement or crawl space. The meter is adjacent to the main water shut-off valve to your home.
  5. Protect your meter by insulating the pipes on either side by applying a low-wattage wrap heater, heat tape or thermostatically controlled heat cables around the incoming pipe. Use products approved by product safety certification organizations, such as Canadian Standards Association or Underwriters Laboratories Inc. and use them only as intended (exterior or interior).
    • If your meter is located inside a cabinet, leave the doors open to allow warm to reach them
  6. If you are going to be away, turn off the main water shut-off valve and drain your pipes through a sink or tap in the lowest level of your home.
    • Have someone check the house daily to ensure the heat is on and that no problem occurs.
  7. Maintain a consistent temperature of 15 C or 60 F in your home at all times
To thaw frozen water pipes
  1. Locate the suspected frozen area of the water pipe (commonly adjacent to an exterior wall or where the water service enters the home through the foundation).
  2. Leave a cold water tap downstream of the location open, so that when the water begins to flow again, you know the pipe has thawed.
  3. Apply heat to the suspected area (section of pipe) by using one of the following methods:
    • electric heating pad wrapped around the pipe,
    • electric hair dryer,
    • portable heater (be sure not to place near flammable materials.)
  4. If after following these instructions you are unable to thaw the frozen pipe, please contact the Region of Peel at 905-791-7800 for further help.


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