Ward 2
Community Update
Lisa Kearns l Councillor l Burlington.ca/Ward2
July 2, 2020

It has been over 100 days since the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 to be a global pandemic. With challenge comes opportunity and I am hopeful that you have taken a moment to appreciate the silver lining that the pandemic has brought. In the throws of virtual graduations, re-imagined Canada Day celebrations and the pressure of managing life's obligations, I wish you every opportunity to appreciate living in the best city in Canada.
On Friday, June 19th, our city entered the Province of Ontario's Phase 2 designation in their Framework for Reopening our Province . This meant that some restrictions were lifted while emphasizing public health advice, workplace health and safety guidance, and personal and collective responsibilities.

More businesses and services are now open as well as community, recreational and outdoor spaces. While this is welcome news for everyone, I encourage you to continue to practice physical distancing , wash your hands and wear a mask when in public where physical distancing cannot be guaranteed.
Our restaurant sector opened up for outdoor patio dining per the current regulations. I was fortunate to support our local businesses and enjoy lunch at one of the re-opened downtown restaurants. It is important to stay home if are feeling unwell and use delivery or curbside pick-up if you are not yet comfortable to visit a restaurant.

Phase 2 remains a cautious reopening that is being monitored and assessed, we must remain vigilant to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

My office is continuing to work at full capacity, I can be reached through e-mail at Lisa.Kearns@Burlington.ca

Stay well, Lisa
In this Issue
City Hall - Virtual Statutory Public Meetings
  • Upcoming Meetings for July
  • Committee Meeting Agenda Items: Overview
City Hall News
  • Burlington Transit
  • Cannabis
  • City Tax Payments
  • COVID-19 Modifications to our Parks
  • Mandatory Mask Use
  • Multi-use Trail Naming
  • Spray Pads, Summer Camps, Outdoor Pool Programs
  • Telephone Town Hall
Ward 2 News
  • Downtown Sidewalk and Street Closures
  • Outdoor Patios
  • Rainbow Crosswalk
  • Ward 2 Local Business Roundtable
  • Ward 2 Virtual Community Update Meetings
Planning + Development
  • Bill 108
  • Development Applications - Digital Review
  • Interim Control By-law (ICBL)
  • Official Plan - Downtown Policies
  • Tribunals Ontario
  • Wind & Shadow Study
Planning Applications
  • 420 Guelph Line
  • 2294 & 2300 Queensway Drive
Construction + Projects
  • 374 Martha Street
  • 421-431 Brant Street
  • 490 -492 Brock Avenue & 1298 Ontario Street
  • 2042, 2048 and 2054 Lakeshore Road
  • Ward 2 Current Development Projects
Healthy Living / Environment
  • Climate Change
  • Clean Air Council
  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions/Idling
  • Live Green / Food
  • Local Artist Program
  • TelePALS
  • Terry Fox Run
  • Tourism Burlington FunPass
  • Women and Leadership Webinar
Community Partners
  • Art Gallery of Burlington
  • Burlington Food Bank
  • Burlington Performing Arts Centre
  • Halton Regional Police - Project #Noisemaker
  • Joseph Brant Hospital
  • Museums of Burlington
In Closing
City Hall - Upcoming Meetings for July
Standing Committee Meetings
  • Due to COVID-19, all Council meetings will be conducted virtually
  • During the meetings, the Committee Chair is the only member of Council present in Council Chambers along with the City Clerk/designate and an information technology technician
  • All other staff, members of Council and delegations will participate in the meetings remotely
  • All meetings are live webcasted and archived on the City's website
Register to Speak to an Agenda Item
  • Requests to delegate to the virtual meetings can be made by completing the online delegation registration form or by submitting a written request by e-mail to the Clerks Department by noon the day before the meeting is to be held.
  • All requests to delegate must contain a copy of the delegate’s intended remarks which will be circulated to all members of committee in advance as a backup should any technology issues occur.

Submit Feedback to an Item
  • If you do not wish to delegate, but would like to submit feedback, please e-mail your comments to clerks@burlington.ca. Your comments will be circulated to committee members in advance of the meeting and will be attached to the minutes, forming part of the public record.
Environment, Infrastructure and Community Services Committee
July 6, 2020 at 9:30 a.m.

C onsent Items:
  • Assumption of Marble Creek Subdivision (Registered Plan 20M-1149) (CW-09-20) Ward 6

Regular Items:
  • Burlington Hydro 75th Anniversary
  • Options for a Residential Deep Energy Retrofit Program
  • Corporate Energy and Emissions Management Plan Progress Report
  • Proposed Pilot Project with Conservation Halton for Lowville Park
Community Planning, Regulation & Mobility Committee
July 7 at 1 p.m. and 6:30 p.m.

Statutory Public Meetings :
  • Information Report for Official Plan and Zoning Plan By-law Amendments for 2107 Old Lakeshore Road and 2119 Lakeshore Road (this item will be discussed at 6:30 p.m.)

  • Subdivision Agreement Amendment for Golf Springs Estate Subdivision
  • Undelegation of Site Plan Approval for 2020, 2243, 2269 Fairview Street & 864 Drury Lane
  • Noise By-laws in Connection with Construction
Corporate Services, Strategy, Risk & Accountability Committee
July 9, 2020 at 9:30 a.m.

Consent Items:
  • Investigation Report from Burlington Ombudsman
  • Appointment of Auditors for Burlington Enterprises Corporation

  • COVID-19 Emergency Response (Verbal Update)
  • Service Re-Design Interim Modifications and Resumptions
  • Diversity and Inclusivity Update
  • Establishment of a Lobbyist Registry

Confidential Items:
  • Confidential COVID-19 Emergency Response Verbal Update
  • Confidential Organizational Update (verbal)
  • Confidential Contingency Report
  • Confidential Update on a Litigation Matter
  • Confidential Litigation Update February 1 to May 31, 2020
  • Confidential Legal Advice Respecting a Planning Matter
Regular Meeting of Council
July 13, 2020 at 1:00 p.m.
Agenda not yet available
Committee Meeting Agenda Items: Overview
Environment, Infrastructure and Community Services Committee
July 6, 2020 at 9:30 a.m.
Item 4.2 - Options for a Residential Deep Energy Retrofit Program ( Report EICS-07-20 ).

My comments: I am still reviewing this report and will have additional comments at the Committee Meeting. If you have feedback, pleas e e-mail your comments to me.
Community Planning, Regulation & Mobility Committee
July 7 at 9:30 a.m. and 6:30 p.m.
Item 5.2: Undelegation of Site Plan Approval for 2020, 2243, 2269 Fairview Street & 864 Drury Lane

  • Phased mixed-use development
  • 7 towers, heights from 29-37 storeys
  • Parking underground and at rear
  • Public realm experience, includes a linear park, public park

My comments: Undelegation of site plan will provide the public with an opportunity to engage in IAP2’s Spectrum of Public Participation which is designed to assist with the selection of the level of participation that defines the public’s role in any public participation process. For clarity, the public will participate within:

  • INFORM: To provide the public with balanced and objective information to assist them in understanding the problem, alternatives, opportunities and/or solutions.

  • CONSULT: To obtain public feedback on analysis, alternatives and/or decisions. Constituents have continually requested updates, information, and insight into the large scale development submitted for the lands known as “Holland Park”. 

Item 5.3: Noise By-laws in Connection with Construction

My comments: Residents have voiced concern about major construction from early in the morning until 10 p.m., while being asked to stay home.

Quality of life, mental health, and ability to manage life’s obligations are the reported negative affects being experienced by the constant exposure to noise.

The accompanying recommendation is to request that the provincial government end this unreasonable policy and return control of construction noise regulation to the municipality.

City By-laws for noise regulation in connection with construction have placed restrictions on noise from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday to Saturday.

However, recent Ontario regulations cite that a municipality does not have power to prohibit and regulate with respect to noise made in connection with construction. In addition to considerations around health care spaces, ANY other construction activity in a municipality may now occur between the hours of 6 a.m. and 10 p.m. every day of the week, through to October 7, 2021.
Item 2.1: Information Report for 2107 Old Lakeshore Road & 2119 Lakeshore Road
All residents are invited to participate in this virtual Statutory Public Meeting to consider the proposed Official Plan Amendment and Zoning By-law Amendment applications for:
2107 Old Lakeshore Road & 2119 Lakeshore Road
  • 27 storey mixed-use building
  • 150 residential units, ground floor retail
  • 5 levels underground parking
  • Outdoor amenity areas on the second floor and rooftop
  • Access to underground parking from Old Lakeshore Road
  • One-way driveway from Lakeshore Road proposed for service vehicles

 My comments: As this area falls in the Interim Control By-law area (ICBL), staff will not be making a recommendation to the Community Planning, Regulation and Mobility Committee of Council to either approve or refuse this application, that is until the ICBL is lifted. Read more about the ICBL .

At this time, staff will be presenting an information-only report at Committee. 

As the Ward 2 Councillor, residents have made clear their position on height and density at our esteemed waterfront. This application would benefit from review and further consideration of the public comments made at the neighbourhood meeting (Sept. 26, 2019). 

I have received a significant amount of feedback from the community, as outlined in Appendix B of the report, none of which express support for this application. I will be asking staff a series of questions about:

  • How the community feedback has been incorporated into the application
  • How might the wind and shadow studies be considered in this application
  • How the applicant views the process of filing the application while under the Interim Control Bylaw and will request how the policies that emerged out of the ICBL may have been considered
  • How the Financial Report supports more development of this size and scale to support growth targets
  • How concerns about traffic will be mitigated
  • How infrastructure has been considered
  • Efforts to preserve and maintain the waterfront
  • Efforts to maintain and expand commercial space
  • Address issues of overall compatibility and inclusiveness of housing choices

Corporate Services, Strategy, Risk & Accountability
July 9, 2020 at 9:30 a.m.
Item 4.3: Diversity and Inclusivity Update.
Will be issued separately. Not available at time of newsletter.
Item 4.4: Establishment of a Lobbyist Registry.

"Direct the City Clerk to bring forward a staff report to implement a Lobbyist Registry for the City of Burlington, in accordance with the Municipal Act section 223.9."

My comments: It has been over 8 years since a Lobbyist Registry has been considered by the City of Burlington.

A Lobbyist Registry can ensure that interactions between staff, elected officials and lobbyists are a matter of public record and accessible to all citizens. Generally, identified lobbyists are required to provide information about the organization for which they work, the individuals or departments / agencies they are lobbying, and the outcomes they are seeking to achieve. The establishment of a Lobbyist Registry is a tool to ensure greater integrity, accountability and transparency.

I have always been an advocate for open government, it is clear that decisions by Council are complex and the public should know exactly who their elected officials are meeting with.

My Ward 2 Business Registry has provided this in an informal way, it is timely to provide Council with the opportunity to decide on the formal implementation of a Lobbyist Registry.
City Hall News
Burlington Transit
In preparation for increasing service in 2020, Burlington Transit is seeking feedback from customers. Visit the Get Involved Burlington website and have your say by completing the Return to Service Survey here .

At the June 9 CPR&M Committee, the Director of Transit was directed to continue the delivery of the SPLIT Program, working together with the Region of Halton. The SPLIT (Subsidized Passes for Low-Income Transit) program provides free monthly transit passes for Burlington residents who meet the low income threshold.
  • AGCO received an application for a proposed 10th cannabis retail store to be located at 2485 Appleby Line. 
  • Current cannabis retail stores in Burlington: ( *most recent)
City Tax Payments
On June 22, City Council approved further relief of late payment charges for property tax installments. The temporary tax relief allows residents additional time to make payment of April and August installments by Aug. 31, with no late payment charges. Final tax bills will be mailed in July with due dates of Aug. 20 and Oct. 20.

The City is offering enrollment in a monthly pre-authorized payment plan that will provide for monthly withdrawals from Aug. 1 to Dec. 1 to pay the remaining 2020 property taxes (April, August, and October installment). No penalty or interest is charged for taxpayers enrolled in this plan. Please vis it Burlington.ca/propertytax for more information or email pap@burlington.ca to regi ster before July 27.
COVID-19 Modifications to our Parks
Recent Council-approved modifications to city parks include:
  • Removal of fencing at Beachway Park
  • Temporary washroom facilities at Spencer Smith Park, Beachway Park and Burloak Park
  • Pavilion washrooms at Beachway Park remain closed due to pre-existing structural issues; construction is scheduled Sept. 2020
  • Re-opening of other city park washrooms, with enhanced cleaning, will be phased in
  • Hiring of students, temporary staff for general parks maintenance
  • Spencer Smith Park promenade remains closed to cyclists, skateboarders and rollerbladers
Mandatory Mask Use
As our local economy and community reopens, it is more important than ever to follow public health direction and take personal responsibility to protect yourself, loved ones and the community.
Our priority is to protect the health and safety of our residents, which is why the Halton Municipalities, including Halton Region, Burlington, Halton Hills, Oakville and Milton are strongly encouraging the Halton community to wear and our businesses to require a face covering or non-medical mask in all indoor public settings. We are issuing this guidance to do what is best for our community and to help stop the spread of COVID-19.
Throughout the pandemic, the Halton community has done an incredible job flattening the curve by complying with public health measures such as staying at home when you are ill, physical distancing, hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette. These actions have produced the results we are seeing today - lower daily cases, sustained hospital capacity and the ability to reopen parts of our economy. Wearing a face covering or non-medical mask is an additional measure that we can all take now to protect ourselves and others, but does not replace other measures. We all need to continue working together to ensure we don’t lose the significant progress we have made as a community.
For more information on the use of face coverings and non-medical masks, please visit halton.ca/COVID19 .
Multi-Use Trail Naming
Earlier this year, city staff started a community engagement process to help name three multi-use trails. Over 300 naming suggestions were received through an online survey on Get Involved Burlington.  

A committee of City staff and members of each the Burlington Cycling Advisory Committee and Integrated Transportation Advisory Committee evaluated the submissions using the guidelines in the City's asset naming policy. A shortlist of three names was created for each trail. Due to COVID-19, the initiative was put on hold in March.
Staff are now seeking input from the community to vote for their favorite name for each trail. The shortlist for the Ward 2 new downtown hydro corridor trail, east of Maple Avenue, between Ontario Street and Graham’s Lane includes:

  • Core Trail
  • Old Rail Trail
  • Maple Trail 

Voting is now open on the city's Get Involved Burlington webpage (registration required). Voting will remain open until July 24. Final naming recommendations will be brought forward to Council for approval. Read more .
Spray Pads, Summer Camps, Outdoor Pool Programs
On June 26, city spray pads opened and redesigned summer camps and outdoor pool programs will begin on July 13. Following public health recommendations and the Province’s emergency orders, COVID-19 precautions and preparations will be in place to reduce the spread of the virus. All redesigned programs and services will look very different from pre-COVID-19 programs and will still be high quality, fun, active and create great summer memories. Learn more.
Telephone Town Hall
The City will be hosting its next Town Hall on Thursday, July 16, between 6 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. Join Council and a panel of local leaders to help answer your questions about COVID-19 and our city.

During the telephone town hall event, you'll have the opportunity to ask questions about how we can continue to mitigate the spread of this virus while making the most of summer, and what to expect as we head into fall. Read more .
Ward 2 News
Downtown Sidewalk and Street Closures
Sidewalk sections, some on-street parking and one traffic lane on Lakeshore Road are closed to accommodate downtown physical distancing on:

  • Brant Street - west side from Wendel Clark's Classic Grill & Bar, 380 Brant Street to Pine Street
  • John Street - east side from Lakeshore Road to Pine Street
  • Lakeshore Road - north side from Elizabeth Street to Locust Street

A new pedestrian walkway has been created on the roadway in these areas and sidewalk traffic is being redirected to the walkway. The walkways include ramps at each entry/exit point to accommodate accessibility. On-street parking on John Street and Brant Street has been removed and one westbound travel lane on Lakeshore Road in the areas where the sidewalk patios are being installed.

On Canada Day, our waterfront was filled with folks out to enjoy the sunshine and lake views while taking in all our local merchants have to offer!
Outdoor Patios
At its June 18 meeting, Council approved bylaw amendments to allow temporary patios on private property. This is part of the City of Burlington’s reopening response to the COVID-19 virus while protecting its staff and residents. The temporary bylaw was passed to help local businesses operate during these unprecedented times and protect public health and safety.

The City is also temporarily suspending the Pop-Up Patio Program for 2020. This is to allow more inclusive, flexible patios and the use of municipal space downtown to support COVID-19 Relief.

To support this, Council passed a motion to make the following necessary street modifications where there are typically high numbers of applications for outdoor patios, specific to Brant Street, John Street and Lakeshore Road.
Rainbow Crosswalk
The City of Burlington announced its first rainbow crosswalk with Council and a few representatives from the LGBTQ2IS+ community. To keep within the COVID-19 Provincial State of Emergency, the announcement was made virtually using Facebook Live from the new crosswalk location on Lakeshore Road at the base of Burlington Avenue. The crosswalk is in recognition of Pride and inclusivity. Read the Media Release .
Ward 2 Local Business Roundtable
Our strong business presence across the ward has many owners and staff working and living within our neighbourhoods - keeping people invested in our community. This creates a great place to live and promotes culture and economic vibrancy.

Adding a truly local business voice to the valued stakeholders that have been working together on all of the challenges of the last few months, the Local Business Roundtable proactively brings the lived experience to preparations for re-openings and the influx of summer tourism to Burlington.

I speak with many businesses on a regular basis, this is an opportunity to hear from those whom I haven't yet. Launching this action forward roundtable also ensures that our local businesses have a personal direct line into local government.

All local business owners are invited to join me every Thursday morning from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. Learn more .
Ward 2 Virtual Community Update Meetings
A welcomed turnout at my third virtual Community Update Meeting held on June 18th. The presentation covered updates on COVID-19, City Hall News, Ward 2 News, Planning + Development, Construction + Projects, Environment + Healthy Living and our Community.

Conversation included (but not limited to) proposed downtown development, cyclists on sidewalks and at Spencer Smith Park, COVID-19 Stage 2 - patios - modifications to street/sidewalks, construction noise regulated by Province, Idling by-law, former Holland Park property proposal, plus more.
Thank you to those who participated and appreciate the positive feedback on the open Q&A session as being thorough and informative for all.

Ward 2 Community Update meetings will resume in the Fall - the next session will be Thursday, September 24th at 7 p.m.
Planning + Development
Bill 108
Bill 108 “More Homes, More Choice: Ontario’s Housing Supply Action Plan” resulted in many changes to the Planning Act, including revised legislated review timelines:
At the June 9 CPR&M Committee, staff presented Report PL-06-20 which included three options for enhanced process to bring development files to Council while working within Bill 108 decreased legislative review timelines. At the meeting, Committee directed the Director of Community Planning to process future development applications in accordance with Option One. Read the Report .
Development Applications - Digital Review
While City Hall remains closed to the public due to COVID-19, our virtual services are open for business and we are ready for the future beyond the current State of Emergency. The City is now able to digitally review and finalize decisions for all types of development applications. Learn more .
Interim Control By-law (ICBL)
On Jan. 30 at the Special Council Meeting, Council approved the revised recommendations from the findings of the Interim Control Bylaw (ICBL) Land Use Study, including approval of:
  • proposed Official Plan Amendmnt 119, and;
  • proposed Zoning Bylaw Amendment 2020.418.

Following this meeting, Official Plan Amendment 119 and Zoning By-law Amendment 2020.218 were appealed to the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (LPAT). As a result of these appeals, the ICBL (development freeze) remains in effect.

Planning staff will not be providing recommendation reports to Council for planning files within the ICBL boundary until appeals are settled at the Tribunal.

The documents received by the City Clerk which constitute appeals to Official Plan Amendment 119 and Zoning By-law Amendment 20 20.418 can be viewed on the city's ICBL webpage.
Official Plan - Downtown Policies
 The “Taking a Closer Look at the Downtown” team has recommended modifications to the Official Plan policies that will guide development in Downtown Burlington to the year 2031. These recommendations have been informed by extensive public engagement conducted over the last year, analysis of downtown’s existing context, technical studies, and the need to conform with regional and provincial policies.

The recommendations will be considered by Council at the September 30 meeting of Community Planning, Regulation, and Mobility Committee and at a Special Council meeting on October 7. Council will be asked to endorse the recommended policy modifications and send them to Halton Region for incorporation into the City’s new Official Plan, which was adopted by City Council in April 2018 and awaits approval by the Region. 
Have Your Say:
Members of the public will have the summer to review the recommendations and send comments or questions to the project team. Comments should be submitted by August 28 in order for the project team to have time to review and respond to them before the public meeting on September 30. There will also be an opportunity for members of the public to delegate at the public meeting on September 30.

T he recommendations and associated reports can be accessed online at https://www.getinvolvedburlington.ca/official-plan-2019 , under “June 8, 2020 - Release of Reports and Recommended Modifications to the Adopted Official Plan”. The recommendations are described in the final report by SGL Planning & Design . The modified policies and maps are found in appendices 2 , 3 , and 4 .
Comments and questions can be sent to the project team at:
  • E-mail: newop@burlington.ca
  • Call: 905 335-7600, ext. 7787 - Leave a message and staff will call you back during business hours. Staff are monitoring voicemail and will respond as soon as possible.
  • Mail: City of Burlington, c/o Alison Enns, Community Planning Department,
426 Brant St., P.O. Box 5013, Burlington, ON L7R 3Z6
Tribunals Ontario
The Government of Ontario has announced the creation of a new tribunal organization, the Ontario Land Tribunals, effective July 1, 2020. The new organization will include the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal , Environmental Review Tribunal, Board of Negotiation, Conservation Review Board and the Mining and Lands Tribun al. Read more .
Wind & Shadow Study
Sunshine and wind are two important factors that influence our level of comfort and well-being when we’re outdoors. As cities grow and new buildings are built, the size, shape, and articulation of these new buildings influence the amount of sunshine available at different times of the day, and change the patterns and speeds of air flow through the urban environment.

At the June 9 Community, Planning, Regulation & Mobility Meeting, Committee approved Report PL 08-20 , Shadow and Wind Study, which included the findings of the Shadow and Wind Studies, together with the recommended Shadow Study and Pedestrian Level Wind Study Guidelines and Terms of Reference.
420 Guelph Line

  • 13 storey residential building
  • 170 units
  • 220 parking spaces
  • Currently under review by Planning Staff
  • Public comment period has been extended to ensure the opportunity to provide input
  • Send comments to Melissa.Morgan@Burlington.ca
  • Report with staff recommendation anticipated for Fall 2020
2294 & 2300 Queensway Drive

  • 25 townhouse units
  • 63 units per net hectare
  • At the March 10, 2020 Community Planning, Regulation & Mobility Committee Meeting, the staff report was referred back to staff to work with the applicant on a revised plan.
Construction + Projects
374 Martha Street
ADI Nautique

  • 26-storey condominium building
  • 240 units and 423 m2 commercial space
  • Six levels of underground parking
  • Driveway access from Martha Street. 
  • Retail units front onto Lakeshore Road
  • As per recent Provincial orders, construction is now proceeding on this project
  • Read more
421-431 Brant Street

  • 27-storey mixed-use building
  • One-storey rooftop amenity area
  • 183 residential units
  • 1,327 square metres of office space
  • 966 square metres of commercial retail
  • Four levels of underground parking
  • As per recent Provincial orders, construction is now proceeding on this project
490-492 Brock Avenue & 1298 Ontario Street
Molinaro Group

  • 22-storey mixed use building
  • One-storey rooftop amenity area
  • 170 residential units
  • 186 sq. m. ground floor retail commercial
  • Four levels of underground parking
  • Vehicle access from Ontario Street
  • As per recent Provincial orders, construction is now proceeding on this project
2042, 2048 and 2054 Lakeshore Road

  • 3 mixed-used buildings
  • East building is 22 storeys Southwest building is 7 storeys
  • Ground floor commercial in both
  • Northwest building is an 8 storey hotel with 130 units
  • Large accessible public courtyard with water feature
  • Courtyard connects directly to lakefront promenade
  • As per recent Provincial orders, construction is now proceeding on this project
Ward 2 Current Development Projects
A complete listing of current development projects in various stages can be found here .
Healthy Living / Environment
Climate Change
A dedicated team of students from the Halton District School Board recognized that they can have a significant impact on mitigation (reducing greenhouse gas emissions) and adaptation efforts for climate action.

Over the past year, they developed a student-led Climate Emergency Declaration which was brought forward to the HDSB Trustees and approved on June 3, 2020. The approved motion, will be displayed in every HDSB school, administrative building, and workplaces. View the declaration at TakeActionBurlington.ca
Clean Air Council
Invites the community to participate in a 'Emerging Technologies, Electric and Autonomous Vehicles' webinar on July 9, 2020 from 2:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. Learn about portable solar EV charges and exploring the Canadian legal framework on autonomous vehicles. Read more.
Greenhouse Gas Emissions / Idling
Vehicles that idle unnecessarily increase greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change. Please turn off your engine when you are waiting in your vehicle. You'll save fuel and reduce your impact on the environment.
Live Green / Food
Ways to Live Green:
  • Buy local food where possible. It doesn’t have to travel as far which reduces GHG emissions from transportation
  • Compost food scraps, use your organic food recycling bin or ask your condo or apartment building property manager to provide organic food recycling
  • Take a reusable shopping bag to the store
  • Grow your own vegetables
Local Artist Program
The public art program is continuing its annual Local Artist Program this year. The program commissions local artists to create a variety of small to medium scale artworks throughout the community. The City is inviting local artists to submit their design ideas that will be installed on traffic control signal boxes throughout the city later this year.

Artists are encouraged to submit artwork that focuses on inspiring and uplifting the community during these challenging times. This artwork will form an urban art gallery that  can be experienced by residents while still practicing appropriate social distancing. Learn more .
Join me on Monday, July 20 at 1 p.m. on TelePALS Around the Town session where I'll share neighbourhood and community updates. TelePALS (Telephone Partners in Accessing Leisure Services) is a great way for the off-line adult community to remain connected and chat, learn and listen. It’s free and only a telephone is required. More details .
Terry Fox Run
Help support cancer research by participating in this year's virtual Terry Fox Run on Sunday, September 20. Whether around your neighbourhood, backyard, down the street or around the block, walk/ride/run wherever you are.
Tourism Burlington
Watch for the Burlington FunPass - coming soon. Read more about Tourism Burlington .
Women and Leadership - July 9
Burlington Economic Development Corporation (BEDC) in partnership with NUVO is hosting a virtual webinar, 'Resilience: Navigating Life, Loss and the Road to Success in Pandemic Times'. This is the first in a special online series on women and leadership. More details .
Community Partners
Art Gallery of Burlington
The AGB reopened on July 2. New hours are Tuesday to Saturdays from 12 noon to 5 pm. Closed on Sunday and Mondays.

The AGB Shop is open Tuesday to Saturday from 12 noon to 5 p.m.
Burlington Food Bank
The Burlington Food Bank provides food to those in need throughout the city. Its role in the community is to collect, purchase, grow, and distribute food directly to families in Burlington that need a little help.

Over the last couple of months, the Burlington Food Bank has provided food to many in need in our community. Thank you to the many volunteers who have dedicated their time to help our less fortunate. If you are in need of food or if you would like to donate or volunteer, visit Burlington Food Bank.
Burlington Performing Arts Centre
BPAC at Home brings performances, interactive activities and enrichments directly to you. Learn more .
Burlington Public Library (BPL)
BPL's gradual reopening continues with limited services, locations and hours. BPL shares:
  • At this time, some Library branches are open with limited days, hours and locations
  • Return library items to any branch in their 24-hour outdoor drop box
  • Regular loan periods apply to all items borrowed after June 16
  • Thank you for your patience as items are taking longer to check in due to the Library's quarantine process and backlog

If you have any questions or need help using the library, call the BPL at 905 639-3611, ext 1202, Monday to Saturday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. or visit BPL on-line .
HRPS - Project #Noisemaker
I'm pleased to share that t he Halton Regional Police has recently launched Project #Noisemaker - a program with the aim of addressing concerns of motor vehicles with illegal modifications, unsafe motor vehicles, and aggressive driving. Read more .

The city's Traffic Services team works closely with the HRPS on traffic safety concerns including speeding and aggressive driving. Did you know? There are tools available that you as a resident can use to help address speeding and aggressive driving. Learn more .
Joseph Brant Hospital
As at June 29, Joseph Brant Hospital has started to gradually reduce visitor restrictions and increase access to the hospital, providing much-needed support for patients during the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more .

Thank you to our Joseph Brant Hospital's strong team of medical professionals and staff who have been providing exemplary care during this unprecedented situation. We salute you.
Museums of Burlington
Museums of Burlington are collecting stories about how our community is looking out for one another, coping and pulling together during this historical time. Museums of Burlington is inviting the community to send digital files of photographs, drawings, documents and/or videos reflecting how COVID-19 is impacting you and your families. Learn more .
In closing
As residents continue to rediscover many of their favourite spaces and activities in the city, city services may look different. The resumption of City services and spaces is something everyone is looking forward to, but we must continue to do it slowly and carefully with the right precautions.

We ask for your patience and understanding as the City works to ensure it has resources and policies in place that align with Provincial regulations and the latest guidance from Halton Region public health to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The city’s commitment to providing the community with essential services remains a priority.

To learn more about what’s opened, what’s closed in Burlington, visit burlington.ca/coronavirus.

My office is working remotely to help the best way possible.
Keep well, stay calm, show kindness.

Lisa Kearns
Ward 2 Councillor
City of Burlington & Region of Halton
E-mail: Lisa.Kearns@burlington.ca or Ward2@burlington.ca

DIRECT CELL PHONE: 289-962-2679
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