Ward 2
Community Update
Lisa Kearns l Councillor l Burlington.ca/Ward2
June 5, 2020

The City of Burlington remains committed to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 to protect its residents and employees. As the Province plans for a gradual, phased re-opening for recovery, the City of Burlington is taking steps to cautiously adapt its operations and services. We must continue to do it slowly and carefully with the right precautions.
As we work to redesign our service delivery, we ask for your patience and cooperation as we re-open the City parks and facilities.

My office is continuing to work at full capacity, I can be reached through e-mail at Lisa.Kearns@Burlington.ca .

Keep well, Lisa
In this Issue
City Hall - Virtual Statutory Public Meetings/Engagement
  • Upcoming Meetings for June
  • Committee Meeting Agenda Items: Overview
City Hall News
  • Addition of August Cycle of Meetings
  • Service Re-design Strategy
  • Cannabis
  • Street Sweeping
Ward 2 News
  • Elgin Promenade - Phase 4
  • Playground Improvements
  • Traffic Safety - Fassel Avenue Neighbourhood
  • Ward 2 Virtual Community Update Meetings
Planning + Development
  • Official Plan - Project Timeline and Process Update
  • ICBL Update
  • Planning - General
Planning Applications
  • 420 Guelph Line
  • 2107 Old Lakeshore Road & 2119 Lakeshore Road
  • 2294 & 2300 Queensway Drive
  • 2243 & 2269 Fairview Street and 864 Drury Lane
Construction + Projects
  • 374 Martha Street
  • 421-431 Brant Street
  • 490 -492 Brock Avenue & 1298 Ontario Street
  • 2042, 2048 and 2054 Lakeshore Road
Healthy Living / Environment
  • Community Gardens
  • Grown Your Own Fruit and Veggies
  • Grow A Row
  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions/Idling
  • Art Gallery of Burlington
  • Burlington Performing Arts Centre
  • Festival and Events
In closing
City Hall - Virtual Statutory Public Meetings / Engagement
Virtual Statutory Public Meetings / Engagement
At its May 25, 2020 meeting, Council conducted critical business to amend our Procedural By-law to allow for virtual participation at electronic meetings. This agility allows us to conduct critical business while we are under the Municipal Emergency Act.
City Hall - Upcoming Meetings for June
Standing Committee Meetings
  • Due to COVID-19, all Council meetings will be conducted virtually.
  • During the meetings, the Committee Chair is the only member of Council present in Council Chambers along with the City Clerk/designate and an information technology technician.
  • All other staff, members of Council and delegations will participate in the meetings remotely.
  • All meetings are live webcasted and archived on the city website.

Register to Speak to an Agenda Item
  • Requests to delegate to the virtual meetings can be made by completing the online delegation registration form or by submitting a written request by e-mail to the Clerks Department by noon the day before the meeting is to be held.
  • All requests to delegate must contain a copy of the delegate’s intended remarks which will be circulated to all members of committee in advance as a backup should any technology issues occur.

Submit Feedback to an Item
  • If you do not wish to delegate, but would like to submit feedback, please e-mail your comments to clerks@burlington.ca. Your comments will be circulated to committee members in advance of the meeting and will be attached to the minutes, forming part of the public record.
Environment, Infrastructure and Community Services Committee
June 8, 2020 at 1:00 p.m.

C onsent Items:
  • Contract for purchase of structural firefighting turnout gear

Regular Items:
  • Stormwater management design guidelines update
  • Construction and mobility management for low density residential development
Community Planning, Regulation & Mobility
June 9, 2020 at 9:30 a.m.

C onsent Items:
  • SPLIT pass agreement update
  • Transit single source approval - scheduling software & services

  • Shared streets during COVID-19
  • Subdivision agreement extension for Garden Trails subdivision
  • Shadow and wind studies
  • Bill 108 timelines
  • Verbal update - Burlington Economic Recovery Network
Audit Committee
June 10, 2020 at 3:30 p.m.

C onsent Items:
  • Financial highlights for period ended December 31, 2019
  • Financial highlights as at March 31, 2020
  • 2019 compliance rates for mandatory employee training

  • Extended audit contract
  • Risks and opportunities in COVID-19 emergency response and service re-design strategies
Corporate Services, Strategy, Risk & Accountability
June 11, 2020 at 9:30 a.m.

  • Annual report of the Integrity Commissioner
  • COVID-19 emergency response (verbal update)
  • Service re-design interim modifications and resumptions
  • Financial results for Burlington Hydro for the period ended December 31, 2019
  • Debt policy review
  • Reserve and reserve fund review
  • Corporate project governance and status updates
  • Consideration of property tax relief extension
Regular Meeting of Council
June 22, 2020 at 6:30 p.m.
Agenda not yet available
Committee Meeting Agenda Items: Overview
Shared Streets during COVID-19
At the June 9th Community Planning, Regulation & Mobility Committee, staff will be presenting Report TS-18-20 , 'Shared Streets during COVID-19'. The motion I seconded in April calling for the reconfiguration or closure of identified streets to allow for space for walking and cycling within the roadway/road allowance in a manner that does not conflict with provincially mandated social distancing regulations failed.
The June report has recommended a “responsive” approach as the best way forward to maximize our limited street infrastructure.  Photo is stock, not Burlington.

Here are the principles:
  • There must be demonstrated and measurable need for increased space for pedestrians and/or cyclists.
  • That any road space re-assignment does not encourage large gatherings.
  • That any road space reassignment be sensitive to the impacts to neighbourhoods and businesses and will be effectively communicated.
  • A “one size does not fit all” approach to developing solutions to identified problem areas.
Councillors will work with staff to identify pinch points in the city and how to effectively use this recommendation to improve use of city.
City Hall News
August Meetings
At its May 25, 2020 meeting, Council approved the addition of August committee cycle of meetings as follows:
Service Re-design Strategy
As the Provincial government eases some of the COVID-19 restrictions, the City is redesigning its services to ensure we can resume safely for staff and residents.
When announcements are made by the Province about activities and spaces that can re-open, the City’s service redesign strategy carefully determines which new policies and protocols need to be in place to prioritize the community’s health and safety. The City must also wait for accompanying regulations to be made public by the Province, which will guide how we deliver services.

As City services resume, the delivery of these services will look different than it did before the pandemic.
The resumption of City services is something everyone is looking forward to, however, we must continue to do it slowly and carefully with the right precautions. Thank you for your patience and understanding as the City works to ensure it has resources and procedures in place that align with Provincial regulations and the latest guidance from Halton Region public health to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Media Release
  • AGCO received an application for a 9th cannabis retail store to be located at 3247 Appleby Line. Submit comments to agco.ca/iAGCO
  • Currently 8 licensed cannabis retail stores in Burlington, including three approved since the ACGO moved to an open licensing system for cannabis retail store applications earlier this year.
  • The 8 stores include:
Street Sweeping
  • Currently underway and on schedule
  • Expected to take two weeks
  • Crew of six vehicles working seven days a week
  • Residents asked to avoid parking cars on the roads and to remove encroaching basketball and road hockey nets from the street so the sweepers can move quickly and efficiently.
Ward 2 News
Elgin Promenade - Phase 4
  • Approved at the May 25 Council meeting
  • Funding sourced from one-time federal gas tax transfer and assigned to this project in 2019
  • Design includes a 3.6m clear path of travel for safe movement of pedestrian and cyclists
  • Represents a key link in the east west pedestrian corridor that ties the heart of the downtown to the broader community
  • Represents the city’s vision to increase walkability and mobility in the downtown and it contributes to building a healthy and vibrant city
  • View renderings and read my full post at www.lisakearnsward2.com
Playground Improvements
Central Park and Leighland Park playgrounds are being replaced due to
rapid decline. Construction to begin in June, and if all goes as planned without weather or COVID-19 delays (access to materials), playgrounds will be complete by September.
Central Park Playground Improvements:
  • Replacement of existing playground equipment and swings
  • Installation of rubberized safety surfacing at playground and swings
  • Replacement of drinking fountain
  • New install to include pet bowl
Leighland Park Playground Improvements:
  • Replacement of existing playground equipment and swings
  • Installation of new engineered safety surfacing around the playground and swings
  • Expansion of playground perimeter and asphalt path
  • Tree planting around playground perimeter
  • Additional seating
Traffic Safety
Recent city review of the following intersections determined a stop sign is required to increase safety and better control the right-of way:
  • Fassel Ave and Phyllis St
  • Fassel Ave and Orpha St
  • Fassel Ave and Hazel St
  • Brinell Ave and Hazel St
  • Brinell Ave and Orpha St

Transportation Services has provided notification to residents within 80 meters of these intersections.
Ward 2 Virtual Community Update Meetings
A welcomed turnout at my second virtual Community Update Meeting held on May 28th. The presentation covered updates on COVID-19, City Hall News, Ward 2 News, Planning + Development, Construction + Projects, Environment + Healthy Living and our Community.

Conversation included (but not limited to) compliments about the newly-paved Hydro Path, naming of Hydro Path, concerns about current proposed development at Old Lakeshore Road/Lakeshore Road ("football field"), Martha Street project and Burlington Transit.
Thank you to those who participated and appreciate the positive feedback on the open Q&A session as being thorough and informative for all.

Mark your calendar for the next Virtual Ward 2 Community Update on Thursday, June 18 at 7 p.m. + 
Planning + Development
Official Plan - Project Timeline and Process Update
 City Council directed staff to re-examine the downtown policies in our Adopted OP. This fall, Council will be voting to endorse changes to the policies in Burlington’s Adopted Official Plan that guide development in the downtown until 2031, including the height and density of buildings.

Next Steps:
July 2020: The team will share two more documents:

  • Financial Impact Analysis, and
  • Draft Downtown Burlington Place making and Urban Design Guidelines for public review.

August 28, 2020: Deadline for comments on the above documents.

September, 2020:  In advance of the Sept. 30 Committee Meeting the team will release an appendix to the Staff Report which will provide any project updates, and a response to feedback and comments received as of Aug. 28.

September 30, 2020: Council will consider the staff report and its recommendations at a public meeting of the Community Planning, Regulation, and Mobility Committee on Sept. 30. This meeting will include a presentation from City staff and the project consultants, and opportunities for the public to delegate.

October 7, 2020: Council will consider the Sept. 30 Committee recommendations at a Special Council meeting on Oct. 7. Council will decide whether to endorse the recommended policy modifications and submit them to Halton Region for inclusion in the Region’s approval of the new Official Plan that Council, adopted in April 2018.
Read more .
Interim Control By-law (ICBL)
On Jan. 30 at the Special Council Meeting, Council approved the revised recommendations from the findings of the Interim Control Bylaw (ICBL) Land Use Study, including approval of:
  • proposed Official Plan Amendmnt 119, and;
  • proposed Zoning Bylaw Amendment 2020.418.

Following this meeting, Official Plan Amendment 119 and Zoning By-law Amendment 2020.218 were appealed to the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (LPAT). As a result of these appeals, the ICBL (development freeze) remains in effect.

Planning staff will not be providing recommendation reports to Council for planning files within the ICBL boundary until appeals are settled at the Tribunal.

The documents received by the City Clerk which constitute appeals to Official Plan Amendment 119 and Zoning By-law Amendment 20 20.418 can be viewed on the city's ICBL webpage.
Planning Applications
  • Inquiries continue to be handled by Planning staff via phone, email
  • Development applications received prior to March13 are being processed
  • Applications for low density residential properties and applications for Committee of Adjustment and Site Planning accepted digitally
  • Pre-consultation available for Development Review and for Site Planning
  • The City is not currently receiving new Development Review applications
  • Staff are developing a process to accept and process new applications
  • Staff are developing a process to conduct Pre-application community meetings
420 Guelph Line

  • 13 storey residential building
  • 170 units
  • 220 parking spaces

  • Currently under review by Planning Staff
  • Public comment period has been extended to ensure the opportunity to provide input
  • Send comments to Melissa.Morgan@Burlington.ca
  • Report with staff recommendation anticipated for Fall 2020
2107 Old Lakeshore Road & 2119 Lakeshore Road
  • 27 storey mixed-use building
  • 150 residential units, ground floor retail
  • 5 levels underground parking, access from Old Lakeshore Road

  • Staff are preparing an information report
  • Planner on file is Rebecca.Lau@Burlington.ca
  • As this proposal falls within the ICBL area, no decisions (staff recommendation report to Council to accept or refuse application) will be made until the ICBL has been lifted
2294 & 2300 Queensway Drive

  • 25 townhouse units
  • 63 units per net hectare

  • At the March 10, 2020 Community Planning, Regulation & Mobility Committee Meeting, the staff report was referred back to staff to work with the applicant on a revised plan.
2243 & 2269 Fairview Street and
864 Drury Lane

  • Phased mixed-use development
  • 7 towers, heights from 29-37 storeys
  • Parking underground and at rear
  • Public realm experience, includes a linear park, public park +
  • Site plan application submitted and under technical review
  • Unlike a Zoning By-law Amendment and/or Official Plan Amendment, Site Plan Applications are not a public process

Read my full post at www.lisakearnsward2.com
Construction + Projects
374 Martha Street
ADI Nautique

  • 26-storey condominium building
  • 240 units and 423 m2 commercial space
  • Six levels of underground parking
  • Driveway access from Martha Street. 
  • Retail units front onto Lakeshore Road

I was able to connect with the ADI construction team to confirm the work for the Construction Management Plan (CMP) was completed on Monday, June 1. This included the closure of the Martha Street sidewalk as per the approved CMP. 

On Tuesday, June 2, the sidewalk was closed temporarily for 30 minutes for ADI to complete the pedestrian curb ramp on the west side of the staging area.
Above is an excerpt from the Construction Management Plan marked up to show the pedestrian circulation around the site. Green arrows represent path of travel.

  1. Pedestrian traffic from North of the site, either east on Pine or south on Martha – to cross at Pine Street to the east side of Martha Street.
  2. Sidewalk in front of the commercial units (live/work units) will remain open for businesses, but will be closed at the northeast corner of the site as per the CMP plan.
  3. Pedestrian traffic will travel south along sidewalk on the east side of Martha.
  4. Lakeshore crossing (south side) – two crossing points: 1. At Pearl Street (controlled intersection with traffic lights), and 2. East of Old Lakeshore Road (controlled with traffic lights).
  5. No crossing to south side of Lakeshore Road at Martha Street.
Truck traffic has not started through the staging area as of yet. However, when truck circulation starts a flagman will be located at the Martha/Lakeshore intersection, as well as exit to the staging area. Flagmen are also located at Old Lakeshore Road for the construction vehicles. 

421-431 Brant Street

  • 27-storey mixed-use building
  • One-storey rooftop amenity area
  • 183 residential units
  • 1,327 square metres of office space
  • 966 square metres of commercial retail
  • Four levels of underground parking
  • As per recent Provincial orders, construction is now proceeding on this project
490-492 Brock Avenue & 1298 Ontario Street
Molinaro Group

  • 22-storey mixed use building
  • One-storey rooftop amenity area
  • 170 residential units
  • 186 sq. m. ground floor retail commercial
  • Four levels of underground parking
  • Vehicle access from Ontario Street
  • As per recent Provincial orders, construction is now proceeding on this project
2042, 2048 and 2054 Lakeshore Road

  • 3 mixed-used buildings
  • East building is 22 storeys Southwest building is 7 storeys
  • Ground floor commercial in both
  • Northwest building is an 8 storey hotel with 130 units
  • Large accessible public courtyard with water feature
  • Courtyard connects directly to lakefront promenade
  • As per recent Provincial orders, construction is now proceeding on this project
Healthy Living / Environment
Community Gardens
On April 25, 2020, the Province lifted emergency orders to permit the use of community gardens across Ontario stating these gardens are an essential source of fresh food for some individuals and families, including those who face food insecurity.

Our city's community gardens opened over the May long weekend. Only those assigned a garden plot may participate and visitors are not allowed entry. The Halton Medical Officer of Health has provided recommendations for COVID-19 operating procedures and safety instructions  (updated May 21) that the permitted gardeners and City staff must comply with so all may garden safely.
Did you know? Our city has five community gardens with 216 plots. Seven of the plots are managed by volunteers to provide fresh food to the Burlington Food Bank.

Applications for the 2021 season are being accepted up until Nov. 30, 2020 to be included in the early December 2020 lottery draw.
Grow Your Own Fruit and Veggies
From a single container to an entire patch, you can grow your own fresh food with fantastic flavour.

Keys to planting: Sunny spot, proper soil, consider starting with pre-grown plants, fertilize, soak/water in the morning. Read more .
Grow a Row - A great community initiative through the Burlington Together FB Group is ‘Grow a Row’. Add an extra row to your garden and donate that produce to the Burlington Food Bank. For more information, contact bethmarty@gmail.com
Greenhouse Gas Emissions / Idling
Vehicles that idle unnecessarily increase greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change. Please turn off your engine when you are waiting in your vehicle. You'll save fuel and reduce your impact on the environment.
Did you know? The City of Burlington has an idling control by-law that limits unnecessary idling to one minute. The by-law is enforced by city parking enforcement officers, ticket is $120.

COVID-19 message: Waiting to pick up a package or food order? Turn off your engine! The parking and idling bylaw is still in effect.
Art Gallery of Burlington
AGB Family Sunday - drop by the AGB’s Instagram Stories artgallburl every Sunday at 1 pm for step-by-step instructions for a creative project you can do at home.
Burlington Performing Arts Centre
BPAC at Home brings performances, interactive activities and enrichments directly to you. Learn more .

Are you a local artist/musician who would like to connect with a wider audience through BPAC's online community? BPAC is now accepting live/streaming performance submissions. Learn more .
Festivals and Events
Many changes in our lives means many changes to our much enjoyed summer festivals and events including:
  • Sound of Music Festival (now virtual)
  • Moon in June (cancelled)
  • Burlington Kite Festival (cancelled)
  • Canada Day at Spencer Smith Park (virtual)
  • Children’s Festival (cancelled)
  • Movies by the Lake (cancelled)
  • Burlington Downtown Car Show (cancelled)
  • Fit in the Core (virtual)
  • Ribfest (cancelled)
  • Terry Fox Run (Sept. 20 - virtual)
In closing
In closing, sharing with you this great news from our Library:

Burlington Public Library is getting ready to welcome you back inside—in the safest way possible. Burlington Public Library launches its first phase of gradual reopening at two branches, Central and Tansley Woods, on Tuesday, June 16. Both locations will be open limited hours for holds pick-up only, where you can enter the branch to collect and check-out the library items you reserve in advance. Aldershot and New Appleby branch customers will pick-up their holds at Central, while Alton, Brant Hills, and Kilbride customers will pick-up holds at Tansley Woods. As of June 16, open hours at Central and Tansley Woods are Tuesday-Thursday, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m . Read more .

My office is working remotely to help the best way possible.
Keep well, stay calm, show kindness.

Lisa Kearns
Ward 2 Councillor
City of Burlington & Region of Halton
E-mail: Lisa.Kearns@burlington.ca or Ward2@burlington.ca

DIRECT CELL PHONE: 289-962-2679
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