Ward 2
Community Update
Lisa Kearns l Councillor l Burlington.ca/Ward2
September 4, 2020

As I offer you this update, I’m very mindful of what must be going on in your life. We’re all getting used to our new way of moving forward and trying to understand what our next day will look like. With that spirit in mind, here’s a bit of what’s been happening around our Ward 2 Burlington.
Little things make a big difference and it’s important that we have a commercial and cultural core that is truly beautiful. I am elated that lower Brant is getting a bit of a makeover! Tidying up the street light poles is a good start to welcome us back to the faces and places we love.

You will also see that it is easier to get around with the newly installed Pedestrian Crosswalks, more about this below!

My office is continuing to work at full capacity, I can be reached through e-mail at Lisa.Kearns@Burlington.ca.
Keep well, Lisa
In this Issue
City Hall News
  • Agendas - What's Happening at City Council in September?
  • City Receives Emergency Funding
  • Non-Medical Face Coverings (Mask) - By-law Update
  • Lobbyist Registry Update
  • Telephone Tall Hall - September 23
  • Yoga, Fitness Programs, Art Classes + more
Ward 2 News
  • Ward 2 Virtual Community Update Meeting - September 24
  • Burlington Transit - Central Park Bus Stops
  • Elgin Street Promenade - Survey Results
  • Local Business Roundtable
  • Metrolinx GO Rail Layover
  • Pedestrian Crossovers - Brant Street
  • Pedestrian Crossovers - Hager/Baldwin and Centennial Pathway
  • Safer Streets - Stop Signs
Planning + Development
  • Downtown Urban Growth Centre and Major Transit Station Area
  • OP - Downtown Policies Public Information Meeting - September 16
  • OP - Downtown Policies - Staff Report to Committee - September 30
  • Pre-Application Public Consultation Meetings
  • 420 Guelph Line - Staff Recommending Refusal - September 15
  • 2243, 2269 Fairview Street and Drury Lane
  • 374 Martha Street
  • Ward 2 Current Projects
In & Around Town
In Closing

City Hall News
Agendas - What is Happening at City Council in September?
To find out, visit the City's Calendar where you'll find September meeting dates and agendas for upcoming Standing Committees of Council.
As City services resume during COVID-19, fiscal responsibility has been a priority to make sure the City is able to deliver services and maintain stable tax rates.

As part of the federal-provincial Safe Restart Agreement, the Province of Ontario recently announced that the City of Burlington will receive $4,470,700 to support municipal operating pressures for Phase 1, and Burlington Transit will receive $1,571,213 to support municipal transit systems for Phase 1.
Non-Medical Face Coverings (Mask) - By-law Update
In an effort to expand protections and reduce transmission of COVID-19, the temporary Mask By-law:
  • Applies to most common areas of condominiums and apartment buildings
  • Has been extended to January 31, 2021, can be changed with Council vote.
  • Do you have questions? Please email my office if you require guidance.
Lobbyist Registry
You have the right to know who your elected officials are speaking to.
I believe that this formalized approach will give you the information you want in a clear and transparent way. A Lobbyist Registry for Burlington can ensure that interactions between staff, elected officials and lobbyists are a matter of public record and accessible to all citizens. To this end, I was so pleased to see that my motion to Council unanimously passed, "Direct the City Clerk to bring forward a staff report to implement a Lobbyist Registry for the City of Burlington, in accordance with the Municipal Act section 223.9." Stay tuned.
Telephone Town Hall - September 23
Mark your calendars to join the next virtual Telephone Town Hall event focusing on the impact of back-to-school during COVID-19, September 23 from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.
Yoga, Fitness Programs, Art Classes + more
Registration for redesigned city recreation programs opened up earlier this month. Three and four-week sessions for Adults 19+ and 55+ and private, in-person music lessons are being offered in some indoor facilities this fall while following COVID-19 Public Health regulations.
Ward 2 News
Ward 2 Virtual Community Update Meetings
The next Ward 2 Community Update meeting will be held virtually on Thursday, September 24th at 7 p.m. Focus will be the Official Plan.
Burlington Transit - Central Park Bus Stops
This fall, bus shelters on Teen Tour Way are being upgraded. During inclement weather, customers will be able to wait in the new shelters and use the large heated shelter during the colder months.
Elgin Promenade - Survey
Thank you to the community for providing us with your preferred option of the two concepts presented for Stage 4 of the Elgin Street Promenade. Concept 2 was the preferred design with 75% of the votes.

Next steps? City staff will work with local approval agencies to acquire the required permits to allow construction to commence in 2021.
Local Business Roundtable
A big thank you to Local Businesses that participated in discussing reopening to recovery for Burlington’s local economy. These discussions will now resume under the Burlington Downtown Business Association Board Meetings via Councillors Update. I will continue to be a champion for our strong business presence across the ward. We have many owners and staff working and living within our neighbourhoods - keeping people invested in our community. This creates a great place to live and promotes culture and economic vibrancy.
Metrolinx GO Rail Layover
In my February 2020 Newsletter, I provided the community with information about Metrolinx's plans to expand its GO Rail Program, including a proposed rail layover and train storage yard facility along Plains Road East, across from Glendor Avenue. On behalf of the community, I shared my concern with Metrolinx representatives about the Plains Road East proposed location. See my comments in my February newsletter.

Update: Metrolinx is now considering an alternate location for the layover, specifically in the Walkers Line and Harvester Road area.
A final decision by Metrolinx has not been made, and as indicated in the timeline chart to above, Metrolinx will be hosting further public consultation opportunities this Fall. I will keep you updated.
Pedestrian Crossovers - Brant Street
No more ‘wait for the gap’ crossings along Brant Street.

These have now been converted to Pedestrian Crossovers and include flashing lights at:
  • Pine Street
  • Elgin Street
  • Maria Street

This improvement puts pedestrians and people on bikes first. See the photo for how to use.
Pedestrian Crossovers - Hager/Baldwin and Centennial Pathway
In addition to the Brant Street locations, a Pedestrian Crossover is being installed at Hager Avenue and Baldwin Street and on the following Ward 2 streets that intersect the Centennial Pathway:
  • Smith Avenue
  • Seneca Avenue
  • Delaware Avenue
These Pedestrian Crossovers are similar to the Brant Street Crossovers, with the exception that they do not have flashing signals.

My comments: This is another long-requested improvement that will correctly prioritize pedestrians over vehicles in locations where confusion can result in the potential for collisions.

This makes using our active transportation easier and safer.
Safer Streets - Stop Signs
Staff are in the process of installing All Way Stop sign control to better control the right-of-way at the following intersections:
  • Elizabeth Street and Maria Street
  • Caroline Street and Burlington Avenue

This is another improvement that I am very pleased to report on!
Planning + Development
Downtown Urban Growth Centre and Major Transit Station Area
On August 24, 2020, City Council unanimously approved requesting that Halton Region adjust the boundary of the Downtown Urban Growth Centre (UGC) to generally align with the lands in proximity to the Burlington GO Station, and to remove the Major Transit Station Area (MTSA) designation from the Downtown.

The City is requesting these adjustments based on the following: 
  • The John Street bus terminal does not currently function as a major bus depot and is not anticipated to be more than the intercity transfer point in the future;
  • Adjusting the Downtown UGC boundary to align generally with lands in proximity to the Burlington GO Station will enable provincial, regional and city objectives to be met by focusing population and employment growth and amenity and infrastructure investment in an emerging transit supported area.

Next steps: The City will work together with Halton Region through its Municipal Comprehensive Review of the Regional Official Plan to remove the MTSA designation from the Downtown and to adjust the boundary of the Downtown UGC to generally align with the lands in proximity to the Burlington GO Station. 

My comments: We look forward to continuing this work with the Region and the Province to update Burlington’s Mobility hub designations and Major Transit Station Area designation for downtown Burlington. This is great for the residents of not only Ward 2 but for all residents of Burlington. I commend the staff and residents who spent so many hours in delegation and undertook hard work to make these changes come to fruition. These changes show that we can work together as council, staff and community to make significant changes which will affect how our downtown will evolve in the coming years.  With these changes in hand, staff will have a policy framework for sensible growth and to manage over-intensification; a policy for which so many voices made clear was what they wanted for our downtown.
Official Plan - Downtown Policies
Virtual Information Meeting
The community is invited to participate in a virtual open house on modifications to the Adopted Official Plan on September 16, 2020 from 7 – 8 p.m. via Microsoft Teams Live. Format of the meeting will commence with a presentation followed by a Q&A.

This Open House will cover the recommended modifications to Burlington’s adopted Official Plan (adopted in April 2018) as a result of the work plan for the scoped re-examination of the adopted Official Plan. Visit Get Involved Burlington for more details.

On October 7, City Council will make a decision on the recommendations. Council’s decision will then be sent to Halton Region to be included in the Region’s review of the overall adopted Official Plan.
Official Plan - Downtown Policies
The 'Taking a Closer Look at the Downtown' project team has released two additional supporting documents:

The above documents will be added to Staff Report PL-16-20 as appendices.

The Staff Report will be presented to Council at a special meeting of the Community Planning, Regulation, and Mobility Committee on Wednesday, September 30th. The community is welcome to delegate at this meeting.
Planning - Pre-Application Public Consultation Meetings
Planning Activity + Development
420 Guelph Line
South of the New Street intersection
Valour Capital Inc.
  • 13-storey residential building
  • 170 dwelling units
  • Access to the site from Guelph Line
  • 220 parking spaces, within two levels of underground parking and two levels of above-ground parking

2243, 2269 Fairview Street and 864 Drury Lane
CLV Group Developments

  • Seven residential towers on top of four (4) mixed use podiums
  • Overall heights ranging between 29 and 37 storeys
  • Podium heights ranging from 2, 5 and 6 storeys
  • A total of 2,456 residential units of mixed type and tenure
  • Commercial space as well as shared amenity space
  • Five levels of underground parking + a four-storey parking structure to be integrated with the residential units
  • Pedestrian connections to the surrounding neighbourhood and Burlington GO Station
  • Site Plan Application is under review.

My comments: Read my Ward 2 Post and visit CLV Group Developments - 2243, 2269 Fairview Street and 864 Drury Lane to learn more about this project.
374 Martha Street (at Lakeshore Rd)
Adi Developments
As a result of site logistics, construction traffic may deviate from time to time from the Construction Management Plan. Following is the current construction update:
  • Excavation and shoring continues
  • The alternative circulation patterns (diagram to the right) have been approved by City Staff and are in accordance with the Ontario Traffic Manual (OTM) Book 7
  • As per City approval, traffic measures will be minimized between the hours of 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. (peak traffic hours)
  • Traffic Control Personnel will be used during this time to control both vehicular traffic and pedestrian traffic

View the project schedule and please contact my office at Lisa.Kearns@Burlington.ca with any questions or concerns.
Ward 2 Current Projects
To find out more about Planning applications and development projects underway in Ward 2, visit Ward 2 Current Projects. Project pages include details, timelines and contact information.

Questions about a current construction project underway? Visit Construction in Your Neighbourhood.
AGB Family Sunday Instagram Stories
Visit Art Gallery of Burlington (AGB) Instagram Stories @artgallburl every Sunday at 1 p.m. and find step-by-step instructions for a creative project for your family to do at home.
AGB - Soup Bowl to Go
The AGB is again hosting its popular Soup Bowl event this Fall … social distance style! Bowl sales begin on Tuesday, October 13th, 2020 and the event runs through the month of November.
Bike Month
Did you know that September is Bike Month? Celebrate and discover the joy of biking while you:
  • Participate in the Bike to School Challenge
  • Cycle on Ride Your Bike Day on September 14th
  • Join a Cycling Webinar on Family Biking, Safe Cycling 101 for School-Aged Children, Basic Bike Maintenance + more
Burlington Downtown
As we reopen our economy, now is the time more than ever to support local as our businesses slowly begin to recover from the effects of COVID-19. View a listing of businesses that are open in the downtown.
Burlington Performing Arts Centre (BPAC)
New dates have been added to the BPAC's events calendar for fall 2020. Watch for local musicians, live and online supported by the BPAC.
Burlington Public Library (BPL)
BPL's gradual reopening continues with more branches, more days and hours with increased services. Learn more.
Centro Farmer's Market
Sunday mornings 9 to 11 a.m. Centro Farmer's Market located in our downtown is a great community gathering spot, providing residents the opportunity to purchase fresh, healthy food and products and meet the folks who locally grow and produce the items.
Fit in the Core @ Home
Have you participated yet? Try out a boot camp, yoga, Pilates, dance class and more being offered through weekly video postings. Each video will feature a different class and instructor from the downtown fitness community.
Joseph Brant Museum (JBM)
JBM's feature exhibit is Dragons & Unicorns: The World of Mythic Creatures. Learn more about this exhibit which has been extended until January 3, 2021.
Sound of Music
The SOM @ Home is streaming live performances from some of Canada’s biggest names. Performances stream on Facebook Live at 8 pm
Taste of Burlington
Coming soon - the Taste of Burlington Prix-Fixe Dining Program is returning this October and will include take-out options as well.
Terry Fox Run
This year is the 40th anniversary of the Terry Fox Run and Burlingtonians have been part of the Marathon of Hope since the very beginning. I've always enjoyed the Burlington Terry Fox Run - seeing our community come together at our beautiful waterfront. Though we cannot gather this year, it's an opportunity to enjoy your neighbourhood when you run, walk or ride on September 20 for the virtual event.
In & Around Town
Business Recognition - The inaugural Burlington Local Legend Award 2020 was presented to veteran restaurateur and industry mentor CRAIG KOWALCHUK. The award proudly displays an image of Emma’s Back Porch, the storied restaurant that Kowalchuk owned and operated for over thirty years on Old Lakeshore Road.

Emma’s Back Porch has always been a place for everyone; a place that feels like home and a place to come home to. Burlingtonians have celebrated countless milestones under the warm hospitality of operator Craig Kowalchuk’s enthusiastic team. On announcement of Emma’s closing, many reflected on this landmark establishment as a steadfast canvas for community events, road races, fundraisers, campaigns and sporting victories.
Piccadilly Café - Wishing Sandy and Masoud of Piccadilly Café all the best in their Retirement. In their 25th year as a Downtown Burlington local business serving up wholesome breakfast and lunch to our community, they pride themselves on always treating their customers as family. Congratulations!
Back to School Backpack Program - Our community is generous and resilient! Back to School was made easier thanks to the coordinated efforts of many businesses and volunteers. A great initiative to secure donations, pack and distribute hundreds of backpacks for our local families!

An incredible note of appreciation to: Burlington Together, Compassion Society, Food4Kids_Halton & Open Doors Burlington at St. Christopher's.
In Closing
As our local economy and community reopens, it is more important than ever to follow public health direction and take personal responsibility to protect yourself, loved ones and the community.

Keep well, stay calm, show kindness.

Lisa Kearns
Ward 2 Councillor
City of Burlington & Region of Halton
E-mail: Lisa.Kearns@burlington.ca

DIRECT CELL PHONE: 289-962-2679
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