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I announced my budget priorities for Fiscal Year 2024 yesterday, which I shared in a letter to Mayor Muriel Bowser. The ambitious priorities seek to realize a “Ward 3 for All” by expanding opportunity and growing inclusive neighborhoods.

I crafted my FY24 budget priorities after robust community engagement and hearing from hundreds of constituents and advocates. The bold priorities include a cumulative investment of more than $56 million in behavioral health supportive services, purchasing the Whittle School site for public use, and establishing a new $100 million fund to support the acquisition of land for housing at all income levels.

This edition of my newsletter is focused on my calls for future-focused investments in this year's budget.


Matt Frumin

Councilmember for Ward 3

Ward 3 for All

My vision for a more inclusive, welcoming Ward 3

Ward 3 is a great place to raise a family, start a business, age in place, and earn an education. We can build on that strong foundation to improve the quality of life of all our neighbors. Together, we will make Ward 3 a welcoming, vibrant, diverse, and safe home for all.

What does a Ward 3 for All look like?

  • More vibrant, welcoming neighborhoods

  • A focus on equity and social justice

  • More opportunities for education and entrepreneurship

  • Strengthened local culture and community

Future-focused Solutions to Our Community's Challenges:

1. Fully Fund Neighborhood Schools

Invest in schools to address overcrowding, guarantee adequate funding, and modernize schools.

2. Promote Affordable, Abundant Housing Options

More housing will make our community accessible to neighbors of all incomes.

3. Expand Economic Opportunity

Seize once-in-a-generation opportunities to revitalize commercial and civic cores and support small businesses.

4. Invest in Safer Streets and Accessible Transit

Make our roads safer for all users and expand multimodal transit options.

5. Foster Safe, Healthy Neighborhoods

A modern, equitable public safety strategy that prioritizes accountability and services to keep our community safe.

6. Support our Seniors

Support improved facilities, programming, and social opportunities for one of DC's largest senior populations.

7. Celebrate Local Arts, Culture, and Recreation

Expand recreation facilities and athletic and arts activities for all ages.

Budget Priority Highlights

Breaking Down my Requests

Fully Funded Schools

Successful schools are prerequisite for a successful city.

In the FY24 budget, we must prevent destructive proposed cuts and fully fund our neighborhood schools while addressing overcrowding and ensuring modernized facilities.

Safe, Healthy Neighborhoods

We can make our neighborhoods safer and healthier for all. To do so, we must invest more than in a modern, equitable public safety strategy with comprehensive services and care.

Safer Streets and Accessible Transit

We cannot wait to invest in safer streets and accessible transit options for all Ward 3 residents.

We must use the FY24 budget to make our roads safer for children, seniors, and people with disabilities, and expand access to sustainable alternatives to driving.

Read my Full Budget Priority Letter

On behalf of Ward 3 residents, I shared my budget priorities with Mayor Muriel Bowser in a letter on February 16.

Read my Budget Letter

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