Spring Update
Dear Residents
Happy Spring!

This is my first Ward 8 e-newsletter, which will contain an update about what I’ve been up to as your City Councillor, as well as some general updates from City staff and the details of my first virtual meeting for residents.  
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Shanon Zachidniak
Ward 8 Councillor
A Little Bit About Me
I had the honour of being elected as your new City Councillor on November 9, 2020. Prior to that, I spent the past decade focused on improving the lives of Regina residents. My work has included management roles with several community organizations, including: Wascana Solar Co-operative, REACH, and the Regina Farmers’ Market. I have a Master’s degree in Environmental Studies and a Bachelor’s in Journalism. I am a published writer and also a former ESL teacher. 
I am the founder of Regina’s award-winning EnviroCollective and co-founder of Food Regina. As a dedicated volunteer, I have served on the board of many community organizations. I live in Northwest Regina with my husband—John—our two sons—Wylie (6) and Ivan (4)—and our dog, Penny. 
Covid-19 and Spring Weather
With restaurants, event venues and City recreation facilities temporarily closed, Regina residents will be spending more time outside. As we get outdoors, it is important to remain vigilant in our efforts to contain the spread of COVID-19. 

As much as possible, stick within your household bubble. Maintain a physical distance of two metres from people outside your household, that includes if you go walking or biking with a friend. 

When you are in a shared space, either indoors or outdoors, wear a mask. If an outdoor space is busy, consider coming back later. If you run into a friend or co-worker while out and about, avoid common greetings like a handshake. 

Avoid touching shared surfaces like gates and benches. If shared surfaces are touched, do not touch your face until you can wash your hands. Take wipes or hand sanitizer when you leave the house and clean your hands frequently. 
As always, if you are sick, stay home. Updates on impacts to the City of Regina are posted regularly at Regina.ca/covid19

2021 Budget Update
The 2021 Budget was approved on March 25, with a 2.34% mill rate increase--the lowest in over a decade--to support continued investment in infrastructure and community safety while managing the impacts of COVID-19. 

The mill rate includes the continuation of previously approved dedicated mill rates for Mosaic Stadium and the Recreational Infrastructure Program. For the average assessed home value of $315,000, the mill rate will increase by $4.13 per month. 

I sit on six different committees as a Councillor. You can watch most committee meetings (live or at your convenience), here

Below are some updates about my activities on each committee: 

Energy & Sustainability Community Advisory Group 
I serve as co-chair (and the only Councillor) of this group, which is focused on providing community input and feedback on the Energy & Sustainability Framework that the City is currently creating to guide Regina in its goal to becoming a renewable city by 2050. We are currently finalizing the members of this committee and expect to hold our first committee meeting in April. 

Operations and Community Services Committee 
This committee meets monthly on Wednesdays to make policy recommendations to Council related to City operations and community services. A highlight for me of my work on this committee was my amendment to address the current backlog of sidewalk deficiencies as part of the 2022 budget considerations. 
Regina Planning Commission 
This committee meets monthly on Wednesdays to advise and assist City Council with respect to all matters pertaining to community planning and development. On this committee, I’ve consistently advocated for us to consider environmental implications and improvements in our planning process. 

School Boards/City Council Liaison 
This committee meets quarterly and I’m looking forward to our first meeting soon. During the campaign, I built a great working relationship with both Ward 8 public school board trustees and I look forward to collaborating with both school boards to create a sustainable, inclusive and vibrant community!
Wascana Watershed Advisory Committee/WUQWATR 
I sit on this committee as an urban representative. It focuses on protecting the health of Wascana and Upper Qu’Appelle Watersheds. We are working on finalizing a strategic plan and terms of reference for some Board committees. The next meeting and AGM is on April 23. 

Regina Appeal Board 
I’ve sat on this Board on an interim basis as it is moving to a resident-only committee. I attended two meetings in which residents appealed orders made respecting community standards and property maintenance. It is expected that this committee will be fully transferred to a resident Board by May 1, 2021. 
Other Updates
-An Inclusive Community-
On March 14, I attended a rally focused on Love, Kindness and Pride. I was happy to voice my support as an ally for our LGBTQ2S+ community and my commitment to creating a community that is safe and welcoming for EVERYONE! 

-Notice of Motion-
On March 31, Councillor LeBlanc and I submitted a Notice of Motion to Council regarding train issues in Eastview and McNab. McNab Community Association has requested to become a quiet zone in relation to trains. If you are a resident who has concerns related to trains in the area, you can find information about presenting to Council here. We anticipate it will be discussed at the April 14 Council meeting.  

-Meet Your Councillor (Virtually)-
On April 15 at 7 p.m., I will be hosting my first virtual meeting, where I will introduce myself, discuss some of Council’s upcoming priorities and initiatives and answer any questions you may have. 

I hope to see you there! 
Thank you for allowing me to represent Ward 8 on Council and I appreciate you reading my updates! I anticipate sending out an e-newsletter on a quarterly basis. In the meantime, if you have any problems or concerns, please submit a Service Request at https://www.regina.ca/about-regina/contact-us/contact-councillor/. By submitting at that link and clicking my name, I will be kept in the loop regarding your concerns and the response from city staff.

You may also call Service Regina at 306-777-7000. If you are unsatisfied after communicating with City staff, please don’t hesitate to contact me.
Your Ward 8 Councillor
Shanon Zachidniak

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