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Dear Neighbour:

Welcome to the August edition of the Ward 9 e-newsletter.  I hope you are enjoying your summer.  

Thanks for all the good feedback on the first edition of this new look newsletter.  I am pleased so many find it informative.  


Keep sending your suggestions for articles to me at pat.saito@mississauga.ca.  





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Ward 9 News:

I received an ISCPP Award 

Pan Am Mascot Comes to Mississauga 

Meadowvale Islamic Centre Students help Food Bank 

Erin Mlls Town Centre Announces Big Renovation Plan 

Britannia Glen Co-op celebrates 20th Anniversary 

Transit Changes for Ward 9 

Pilot for on street waste Containers 

New No-Smoking ByLaw 

Bike Safety tips  

Get the Road Safety handbook  

Council acts on July 8 Flood  

Second Units By-law 

Be an organ donor  

Making Our City FIT 

Protect against West Nile and Lyme Disease

Upcoming Events:  

Riders Against Hunger  

Music in the park at Lake Aquitaine  

The Dam 7th Annual 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament 

Erin Meadows Library Customer Appreciation Day 

Bike Lanes Opening - Ward 9 Bike Ride 




I was surprised and honoured to be presented with the International Society of Crime Prevention Practitioners (ISCPP) Crime Prevention Ambassador Award on July 16.  I had attended the first crime prevention training session held in Canada by the ISCPP to speak about Safe City and to welcome the many attendees to the city.  What a surprise to be presented with an award!  Crime prevention has always been a priority of mine and keeping our neighbourhoods safe is important to me.  It was an honour to be recognized for doing what I so strongly believe in.

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ISCPP Award received by Pat Pat receiving ISCPP award on July 16 2013
with Pachi the 2015 Pan Am Games mascot
Councillor Fonseca and I pose with Pachi. 
There are 41 quills on Pachi representing the 41 countries competing in the games.

Pan Am Mascot comes to Mississauga


On July 24,  I had the pleasure of welcoming Pachi the Porcupine, the official mascot of the 2015 Pan Am Games to Mississauga.  Mississauga is hosting the martial arts Pan Am and Para Pan Am sports and I sit on the City's Advisory Panel.  


My colleague Councillor Chris Fonseca and I were honoured to have Pachi join hundreds of residents for a Zumba night on Celebration Square.



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MIC July 29 summer school food drive
With students and teachers at the MIC Summer school food drive celebration

Meadowvale Islamic Centre Students Help Food Bank


I was delighted to attend the graduation of the Meadowvale Islamic Centre (MIC) summer school on July 29 and thank the students for donating over 1000 lbs of food to the Eden Food Bank.  The students ran a food drive for the three week program and learned much about how they can help their neighbours.  What a wonderful group of students of all ages.

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Erin Mills Town Centre announces Big Renovation Plan

Pat with Nance MacDonald
With Nance MacDonald, Vice President of Erin Mills Town Centre



I was pleased to be on hand for the announcement by EMTC of their $100 million dollar renovation plans.  Work starts soon and will take two years to fully complete.  This is a huge makeover and will totally revitalize our town centre.





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With Eloisa, Carol MacEachern,President of the Britannia Glen Co-op Board, and husband Carl

Britannia Glen Co-Op 20th Anniversary


I was pleased to join my friends at Britannia Glen Co-Op on August 8 to help celebrate the 20th Anniversary.  When I was first elected to office, this project was the topic of the first meeting I held as your Councillor.  The building won an Urban Design Award and has been an active part of the community for the past 20 years. 
Miway Logo
Transit Changes

There will be some changes In transit service in Ward 9 starting in September. Route 82 serving the Meadowvale Business Park will add 4 additional trips in the morning and 3 in the afternoon.  This route will become Express Route 108 Meadowvale Business Park.


The Meadowvale Express Route 109 will add mid-day service effective September 2, 2013.  Once the Transitway opens this fall, this route will run on it and provide weekend/holiday service as well as late evening hours.


Full details will be posted on the MiWay website starting August 16, 2013. 

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Waste Containers

At the request of some residents I had a meeting with staff to discuss how we can provide waste containers on our streets without encouraging household waste to be put into them.  Staff have removed containers from many locations as they were being used for regular bags of garbage and were difficult to control. 


We will be piloting some new types of containers in our ward that will hopefully prevent this abuse and provide access for residents to dispose of small amounts of litter.  Please remember that unwanted mail from the Super Mailbox should be mailed back or taken home and put in recycling bins, not left at the mailbox.

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No Smoking sign

New No Smoking By-law

In our ongoing efforts to protect residents of all ages against second hand smoke, Council ratified the Region of Peel Outdoor Smoking By-law. As of September 2, 2013, it will be against the law to smoke outdoors within 30 feet (9 metres) of any City building entrance/exit, playgrounds and outdoor recreational facilities such as baseball diamonds and soccer fields.  For the full by-law click here.

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Bike Safety

As more residents of all ages are cycling both on and off road, we need to be mindful of safety rules.  Bikes on the road are subject to the same traffic laws as cars and must stop for signals/stop signs, etc.  


The City's Traffic Bylaw only allows bikes with all wheels that are 20 inches (50 cm) or less to ride on the sidewalk.  Bikes with wheels over this size diameter are not allowed on the sidewalk.

Off road, please make sure you ring your bell when coming up behind pedestrians or other cyclists to let them know you are there.


For full rules and tips on cycling, visit:

Ontario's Guide to Safe Cycling or Walk and Roll Peel


Please also visit the Mississauga Cycling website for more information.

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Road Safety Handbook

One of the projects of which I am most proud is the Mississauga Road Safety Handbook.  I worked with the Road Safety Committee and staff to produce the first edition in 2007 and the third edition came out this year with lots of new information.  This is a valuable tool that has information and contacts for everything to do with roads, parking and traffic safety.  You can pick up a copy in all community centres, arenas or libraries or download by clicking here.

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City asks Province to declare Disaster Zone 

The storm of July 8 had a huge impact on many homes in Mississauga.  Thankfully our ward was spared from the storm but thousands of others were not as fortunate.  On July 30, we passed a resolution at Council asking the province to declare Mississauga a Disaster Zone in order to initiate funding opportunities for residents who were hit hardest.  It is up to the province now to step in and help.


Our staff did an outstanding job during the storm that was worse than Hurricane Hazel and they continue to assist those who were flooded.  While our infrastructure is much newer than that in many cities, it was certainly not built to withstand a greater than 100 year storm which is what we experienced.  As we move ahead on funding for storm water infrastructure improvements, we will need to look at even greater future impacts than was expected.

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Second Units By-law 
Under new Ontario laws that require municipalities to allow second units in homes, Council has been looking at how we can implement these regulations in our neighbourhoods with the least impact and most benefit.  It has been a tough issue with much opposition but we have finalized the Implementation Strategy that includes a licensing component to ensure all zoning and fire regulations and property standards are met. 
My concern has been the impact on existing residential neighbourhoods and the safety of those who live in basement apartments that are not now regulated or inspected.  I feel strongly that owners should have to live in the home but we were unable to impose that in our regulations, instead setting higher licensing fees for non owner occupied homes.  For more information on the new regulations 
click here.

Organ Donations

I want to remind everyone to consider becoming an organ donor.  Changes to the program require you to register online at www.beadonor.ca.  You could help save the life of someone waiting for an organ.  I was made aware of the need for this by a young lady in our ward who has been waiting for a liver transplant and encourage everyone to think about it.  One donor could save 8 lives!

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MakingcityfitMaking our City FIT

As a member of the Region of Peel Supportive Environment for Healthy Living (SEHL) Committee, I have taken part in several FitCity conferences.  Working with our colleagues in New York City, we are striving to improve the fitness of our citizens through encouraging more activity.  I learned a lot from our counterparts in other cities and countries and have many ideas for our own community.  As you know the outdoor gym at Lake Aquitaine is one such project and I am looking forward to more of these.  I have received a location suggestion for another outdoor gym in the south end of the ward and I am pursuing that.  Watch for some new ideas and programs coming in the fall to your community.

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Protect against West Nile and Lyme Disease

This year has been a bad one for the mosquito carrying West Nile virus.  Region staff inspect pools and we also treat catch basins and other bodies of water to kill the larvae but they have been found in 11 pools in Peel (none in Ward 9 yet).  Please protect yourself and your family by following the measures on the Region's website www.peel-bugbite.ca 


Find out also how to protect yourself from Lyme Disease as ticks have been also more prevalent this year in Ontario.  Ticks can be carried on your pets so make sure to keep them away from tall grasses and check for ticks if you are in wooded areas.  More info is also at www.peel-bugbite.ca 

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Recreational Program Registration 

The Fall2013/Winter 2014 Active Mississauga guide to recreational programs is now available for pickup at all community centres and libraries.  You can read the online version at www.mississauga.ca/activeguide.


On line registration began Saturday August 10 and in person registration on Saturday August 17.

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Upcoming Events
Riders Against Hunger 

Saturday, August 17th, 2013

Riders Against Hunber is a motorcycle charity ride in support of Eden Community Food Bank in western Mississauga.


To register and ride or make a donation please visit: www.ridersagainsthunger.org           

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Meadowvale Theatre
Lake Aquitaine Summer Series

Enjoy live music in Lake Aquitaine Park
2750 Aquitaine Avenue (Behind Meadowvale Community Centre)

August 25 from 3 to 5 p.m. | The Rob Tardik Band
Billboard Top 10 Charting Contemporary Instrumental Artist and Multi-Award Winning Guitarist

The Dam 7th Annual 3on3 Basketball Tournament
Saturday August 24, 2013
11:00 am - 9:00 pm
Meadowvale Community Centre
For more information and to register please visit:  The Dam 
Erin Meadows Library Customer Appreciation Day

The Erin Meadows Library will be hosting a Customer Appreciation Day on Saturday September 7th from 10am to 4pm. There will be refreshments, storytime, crafts, gaming for all ages, and much more. Erin Meadows Library is located at 2800 Erin Centre Blvd. Please call 905-615-4750 ext. 2092 for further information. 

Bike Lanes Opening - Ward 9 Bike Ride

Join me on September 26, 2013  at 6:15 pm for the official opening of our new Ward 9 bike lanes/trails.  We will be combining the openings with the Ward 9 bike ride.  We will be celebrating the new lanes for bikes on Tenth Line from Britannia to Derry.  This finishes the trail that runs from Eglinton all the way to Argentia that was started as one of my initiatives in the Churchill Meadows community many years ago.As well, we will also celebrate the new trail on Winston Churchill from Britannia to Erin Centre Blvd.  Watch for details on the Ward 9 website at www.ward9.ca.


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