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December 2014 - Vol 15
Dear Neighbour:

As winter is now fully upon us, I want to remind you to take care when you are driving in bad weather conditions and allow more time to reach your destination.  You can get live updates on City snow clearing services by clicking here.   You will also find information on when you can expect your street to be plowed. 


City and Region of Peel offices will be closed over the Christmas holidays.  Please check here for City hours of operation and click here for the Region of Peel.


The Christmas season can be very hard on those who are away from family or who suffer financial hardships. If you can take a moment to lend a hand to your neighbour or help those you don't know, your generosity will be appreciated.


There are many ways you can help and one of our most needy organizations is our local food bank, Eden Community Food Bank at  Check your local place of religious worship also for more ways you can help out this year. 


However you plan on celebrating the Christmas season I hope it will be full of joy and happiness and good health.


From my family to yours, I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year.  



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Participate in 2015 Budget Decisions  


Council has had our first meeting for the 2015 Budget and will be reviewing line by line in January and February, 2015.    


Our first meeting was a budget overview and projected tax implications.  These are staff proposals only and Council has yet to discuss them in detail.  The staff budget proposes a City tax increase of 1.4% which added to the proposed Region of Peel rate of 0.7% results in a 2.1% tax increase.   


I have asked staff to review the feasibility of an "Affordable Transit fare" category which we are piloting with the Region of Peel.  This would assist low income seniors and other residents. We have also asked staff to look at other plans that may assist seniors and I am waiting for input from the Meadowvale Seniors Club on some of the proposals I made to them in the fall.


Our goal for the 2015 budget is to maintain service levels and we have challenged staff to find even more efficiencies.  


We have  implemented an online tool that will provide residents with more detail on the budget and services and allow you to show us where you would allocate the tax dollars we collect.  The information gathered from the online tool will assist us in making decisions in the new year.   


Please visit the City website and participate by clicking here


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Snow Clearing


Make sure you check the City website by clicking here for information about snow clearing services. 


You can also follow @MississaugaSnow on Twitter for updates.


Mississauga Roads app 


This is a reminder to download the City's Mississauga Roads app to your handheld device.   


The app will be very useful this winter as you will be able to see when streets have been plowed and see our plows and salters in action. 


You will also be able to receive updates on the status of our operations, access to the latest Environment Canada weather forecast for Mississauga, live alerts about road conditions and emergency road closures.  


Click here to learn more and to download the app. 


On-street Parking during Winter Maintenance


This is a reminder of the City's On-Street Parking regulations during Winter Maintenance season.


To help our plows safely and efficiently clear roads, a winter on-street parking restriction is in effect in Mississauga between November 1, 2014 - March 3, 2015 from 2:00 am  - 6:00 am

For more information click here




Christmas Tree and Waste Collection

You may place unlimited quantities of acceptable waste at the curb as well as your Christmas tree on your scheduled collection day for the following two-week period: Dec. 29, 2014 - Jan. 9, 2015


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New Online - Free Temporary Parking Permits


I am pleased to announce that residents can now request considerations for free on short term street parking online at the City of Mississauga website at here.


Residents are allowed 14 Permits in a calendar year per address, with a five day maximum for five cars where there are no prohibited parking signs.


Temporary Parking Permits may be cancelled at any time for weather conditions or emergency situations. This service is offered free of charge and is approved the same day. Longer term permits can be made by calling 311.


If you are having guests for Christmas and they will be staying over the permitted 3 hour parking period, please get an online permit. 


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Please Don't Feed Wildlife


This is a reminder to please DO NOT leave food out for wildlife.  A resident reported to me a few weeks ago that meat was found in Sugar Maple Woods. I had police and Animal Services staff check the meat and confirm it was not poisoned so the assumption is that a resident is leaving it for the wildlife.  This encourages animals like coyotes to lose their fear of humans and can result in a danger to the public.


I received a further report from a resident this week that more food was found in the same park.  A notice will be going to the neighbourhood but please share the information with your neighbours.  If you find any food in any park please report it to Animal Services by calling 311. 


Please click here for by-law information and to learn about the danger of feeding coyotes and other animals.

New Standards of Care to Protect Pets 


I am pleased to announce that the new Standards of Care requirements in the Animal Care and Control By-law came into effect as of December 1, 2014.  These changes restrict the length of time animals can be tethered and confined.  Restrictions on when and how long pets can be outdoors in extreme weather and Animal Services staff authorization to enter on to private lands took effect September 10, 2014.


With the winter season pet owners are especially reminded to monitor weather conditions using sources such as Environment Canada for weather alerts and to bring their pets in during extreme weather.


Click here to access the new By-law.

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Natural Ice Rinks 


Looking for an outdoor rink this winter?  We have two natural ice rinks in Ward 9 has two natural ice rinks which have been installed and are ready for local volunteers to start flooding them.  Many thanks to the residents who do this job each winter so that their neighbours can play on the ice.   


The rinks will be in operation until mid-March, weather permitting.


The two rinks in Ward 9 are located at:


Charles "Bud" Brennan Memorial Park at 181 Edenwood Drive (Edenwood Drive and Oka Road just west of Winston Churchill Blvd.) 


Quenippenon Meadows Park at 2625 Erin Centre Boulevard (Erin Centre Blvd and Erin Mills Pkwy opposite Erin Mills Town Centre)  


For a full listing of parks with Natural Ice Rinks please click here.

Meadowvale Community Centre Update


Work is coming along on the redevelopment on the Meadowvale Community Centre. At right is a photo taken at the construction site last month.


Local resident and avid photographer Bill Hagan has volunteered to take Meadowvale Community Centre images over the entire length of the project.  He has been taking and will continue to take images from high above at Lakeview Place Apartments which is next door to the site.  Bill teaches photography and photo editing for the city via the Culture Division and is looking forward to teaching at the new Meadowvale Community Centre.  


Watch for a great facility that will serve our entire community for years to come once it is completed in 2016. Meadowvale Library will be moved to the Community Centre from the nearby Meadowvale Town Centre. The Community Centre will have a larger fitness area, new meeting rooms and program space, a new gym and a new therapeutic pool.  It will also have a teaching kitchen and will offer cooking classes.  


Development Updates

are several development applications in the works in our ward.  Below you will find brief updates on each.  Please check for more details and to view the various site plans.


Phase Two Erin Meadows Seniors Village (Erin Centre/Winston Churchill)

I held an Open House on November 26 to show the revised plans for the second phase of this seniors project.  The new plan calls for a 12 storey apartment opposed to the previously approved 7 storey building.  City staff are reviewing the application and there will be further meetings.


Daycare Centre - Winston Churchill/Britannia

An application for site plan approval has just been submitted to construct a daycare centre on the northwest corner of Winston Churchill and Britannia.  This use is allowed in the zoning of the land and staff are reviewing the plan to ensure it meets City zoning by-laws.


6719 Glen Erin Drive

I will be holding a further meeting in the new year on this application for town homes on the existing apartment landsThe formal meeting will be held in February at the Planning and Development Committee.  I will be notifying residents and posting the date when it is confirmed. 


2700 Aquitaine Ave 

This proposal for additional apartment buildings has been appealed by the applicant to the Ontario Municipal Board.  A report to Council will be coming in the new year and residents will be notified of the date and time.


6532/6544 Winston Churchill Blvd. - Application for semi detached homes

An application has been received for construction of 2 detached homes and 20 semi detached homes on lands at 6532 and 6544 Winston Churchill Blvd. (existing single family homes just south of Aquitaine).  I have held two meetings with adjacent residents who have provided input into the proposal and a formal meeting will be held in the new year.


6496/6508 Winston Churchill Blvd. - Application for an Islamic Centre

There is nothing new to report on this application.  Once a date for the formal meeting of Planning and Development Committee is set for the final report, I will be notifying the community. 


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Square One Older Adult Centre Meadowvale West closing 


I was disappointed to learn of the closing of the Square One Meadowvale West Older Adult Centre at the end of this month.


I met with the operators and they advised me that their Trillium funding had ended and they could not afford to continue with the programs based on a small number of participants.  I have suggested alternate locations that they are pursuing and have asked our city staff to see if we can assist.   


With the Meadowvale Community Centre under construction for two years, I hope we can find a way to continue to offer active programming for seniors in our community. 

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More Service for Milton GO Train Line


Metrolinx and the Ministry of Transportation announced the addition of two new weekday GO Train trips along the Milton line that will run Monday to Friday with stops at every station - Milton, Lisgar, Meadowvale, Streetsville, Erindale, Cooksville, Dixie, Kipling, and Union.


The new trains will begin service January 5th, 2015, and includes a morning train that leaves Milton at 8:30 am and arrives at Union Station at 9:30 am, and an evening train that leaves Union Station at 3:40 pm and arrives in Milton at 4:38 pm. This additional service will help reduce crowding on this busy line, and provide customers with more travel options.  


I continue to work towards all day GO service on the line along with my MPP colleague Bob Delaney but I do welcome this improvement to service. 


Please visit the Schedule Changes page on for more information.


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Miway Logo

Free Ride on MiWay

The City is once again providing FREE service MiWay on New Year's Eve to provide a safe travel option.  This free transit service is our way of helping to ensure everyone arrives home safely.


For those travelling after midnight, service hours will be extended on routes that depart from local malls, GO Stations and from the Islington Subway Station. Extended evening service details are available here.


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Upcoming Enbridge Work 

Enbridge Gas Distribution is upgrading the natural gas distribution system that serves the Greater Toronto Area to prepare for long-term natural gas needs. This work, known as the GTA Project, was approved by the Ontario 

Energy Board in January 2014.  

I met with Enbridge representatives and viewed the route of the new gas line.  It will run well north of our community but will cross Ninth Line north of Derry Road and Tenth Line north of Argentia Road.  Notices will be posted when these roads will be closed for several hours during the work.  

For the latest information, please click here or follow Twitter account @enbridgegasnews

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Council and Committee Meetings Live Streamed


If you are interested in what goes on at our Committee and Council meetings, you can watch them live streamed on your computer.  Click here for information on how to watch live stream as well as archived videos of past meetings.


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Anniversary/Birthday Congratulations


If you know someone who is celebrating a milestone birthday or wedding anniversary please contact me at 905-896-5900 or email me at and I would be pleased to send a letter of recognition and a small gift to commemorate the special occasion.   


As well, if you would like a certificate from the Mayor to commemorate the special occasion, please click here for information on how to arrange for one.


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Eden Community Food Bank 
The Eden Food Bank is always in need of food donations especially at Christmas time.  Donations can be made at one of the food drives or to the food bank directly.  For a full list of their "Needs List" please click here.

Ward 9 Activities
Castlebridge School Wins Award at Ecosource Green Change Champions Awards
At Castlebridge Public School
earlier this year


On November 27th I was pleased to present an award to Castlebridge Public School at the Ecosource Green Change Champions Awards ceremony. 


The Ward 9 school was recognized for their school garden project. 


 I am very proud of the students and staff for their initiative and their dedication.



Inaugural City Council Meeting 
Signing the Declaration of Office


I was honoured to be sworn in for my eighth term as your Councillor for Ward 9 at the inaugural meeting of the 2014 - 2018 City of Mississauga Council  on Tuesday December 2, 2014 at the Living Arts Centre.


I want to thank the residents of Ward 9 for voting for me again and I look forward to continuing to serve you for the next four years. 




Second Annual Abilities Awards

I was delighted to attend the Second Annual Abilities Awards on December 3rd and welcome everyone to Mississauga.  


The Abilities Awards is a community-inspired celebration of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. I am proud that the City of Mississauga (along with the Mississauga Accessibility Advisory Committee on which I sit) was the host sponsor for the event.   


As well as bringing greetings from Council, I also had the honour of presenting an award to Jane New for the Enabling Garden at Riverwood. 


I am pictured with Asim Zaidi who volunteers in my Ward 9 office along with Rabia Khedr who sits on the Mississauga Accessibility Advisory Committee with me.


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Inaugural Regional Council Meeting 


The inaugural meeting of the 2014 - 2018 Region of Peel Council was held on Thursday December 4, 2014 at the Mississauga Convention Centre to swear in the Region of Peel Members of Council.  


We also had the task of choosing the new Region of Peel Chairperson to replace retiring Chair, Emil Kolb.  Frank Dale, former City Councillor for Ward 4, was appointed Chair of the Region.
With baseball great Roberto Alomar
MNBA Grow the Game Gala
On Friday December 12th I had the pleasure of attending the Mississauga North Baseball Association Grow the Game Gala. 
It was a special evening spent with former Blue Jays Roberto Alomar, Duane Ward and Lloyd Moseby and baseball great Sandy Alomar as well as Major League players Shawn Hill and Chris Leroux who came up through the MNBA. Shawn and Chris are also the first inductees into the MNBA Hall of Fame.
All profits from this fundraiser go towards investing in player and coach development, equipment and outreach programming.
Canadian Association of Muslims with Disabilities Brunch
On Saturday December 13th, I was pleased to once again attend the annual awards brunch hosted by the Canadian Association of Muslims with Disabilities.
This event is held to recognize the United Nations International Day of Persons with Disabilities.  I was pleased to speak and bring greetings on behalf of Council. 
Upcoming Events
New Years Eve at Celebration Square


Ring in the New Year at Celebration Square's New Year's Eve bash.

Countdown to midnight while enjoying musical performances, skating and sample some of the delicious food offered by the gourmet food trucks.   


More information can be found here. 

Ride MiWay Free on New Year's Eve
From 7 p.m. on December 31, 2014 to 4 a.m. on January 1, 2015


Family Fun Day and Curious George at Meadowvale Theatre


On Friday January 2, 2015 from 12 noon - 4:00 pm watch a Winnie the Pooh movie, make your own film, dance to music and much more.

As well there will be a performance of "Curious George" for school kids on Tuesday January 13th, 2015. 


More information can be found here. 



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