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 Ward 9 Councillor's October 2013 Report - Vol 4
Dear Neighbour:

September was a busy month in Ward 9 and it was my pleasure to attend many special events held by our wonderful volunteers and community organizations.


Council budget discussions are currently underway and we are considering all the ways we can save money and reduce tax impacts.  Read below about decisions on Miway transit fares.   As our costs rise, we continue to find new efficiencies and new revenues to offset taxes but our resources are limited.  Suggestions and comments on budgets are always welcome. 


Thank you for reading my newsletters and keep sending your suggestions for articles to me at pat.saito@mississauga.ca.   



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Ward 9 News:


Driveway Windrow Snow Clearing Program

Fall Leaf Pick-Up 

LED streetlight conversion project 

Development Applications

MiWay Transit Fares for 2014 

Brampton requests an increase in size of regional Council 

Child Care Subsidy Available  

Illegal Signs

Driveway Windrow Snow Clearing Program


 Residents who are 65 years and older in 2013 (born 1948 or earlier) and individuals who are physically disabled can now apply for the Driveway Windrow Snow Clearing Program at the Meadowvale and Erin Meadows Community Centres, the Recreation Customer Service Centre and the Mississauga Seniors' Centre. The cost is free or $200 depending on the applicant's eligibility. 


The cut-off date for applications is Monday November 11, 2013 at 9 pm.  The program will provide windrow snow clearing service after every snow plowing operation. Windrow snow clearing will be approximately 3 m (10 ft) wide to allow one car to pass. As our winter maintenance operations focus on clearing major and residential roads first, it may take up to 36 hours after the end of a snow storm before windrows are cleared. Clearing to bare pavement cannot be guaranteed. The windrow clearing service will be active from November 25, 2013 and end on March 7, 2014.


Visit the City's website at www.mississauga.ca/snow  for details on the program and for an application form. Application packages are also available at the above locations.


Fall Leaf Pick-Up

Vacuum leaf pickup is provided on eligible streets in the fall season only.  It is provided on streets that contain many mature large trees and are 30 years old from date of assumption.  As assumption of a subdivision may occur several years after the first homes are built, this can mean up to 35 years before a street is considered eligible.


Newer streets with fewer trees are not included in the program. If your street is included in the program, you will receive a direct-mail notice that indicates when leaves will be vacuumed in that area.


Click here to find out if your street is included on the Leaf Pickup Routes.

For more information about the Fall Leaf Pick-up program please click here.


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LED streetlight conversion project

We are moving ahead on our LED streetlight conversion project which began in late 2012 and is scheduled for completion in December 2014. At this time approximately 14,500 lights are installed mainly in residential areas.  This conversion will not only save us money but also will reduce our energy usage. 


The new LED lights incorporate a monitoring system where the City will be in a position to constantly monitor the status of the lights including their individual and collective energy consumption. The projected energy savings with LED lights is 55% with an additional savings of 50% in annual maintenance costs.


These lights are certified dark-sky compliant where no light is wasted above the luminaire. This feature is well received by the Astronomical Society of Canada as it will benefit astronomers gazing into the night sky.


The LED lights have a white light source with a colour temperature of 4300 kelvin which closely corresponds to the colour temperature of moonlight. White light allows greater colour rendition than the existing yellowish light source. This improves road safety due to better visibility and colour recognition by pedestrians and motorists alike.


The LED streetlight conversion is scheduled to commence in Ward 9 in the 3rd quarter of 2014. 

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Development Applications


The City has received applications for several projects in the Meadowvale community.


The first is for construction of a place of religious assembly at 6496/6508 Winston Churchill Blvd. by the Meadowvale Islamic Centre.  This application, which is for a 18,095.8 square foot building and parking will come to a formal meeting of the Planning and Development Committee of Council in early 2014 but I will be holding a Ward meeting on Monday November 25 from 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm at the Meadowvale Community Centre  in the youth/seniors room.  The applicant will show the proposal and City staff will be there to hear comments and answer questions on process. 


The second application is for construction of 3 apartment buildings at 2700 Aquitaine Avenue.  This application has just come in and is being circulated for comment to agencies and departments.  I also expect it to come to Planning Committee at the earliest in February 2014 and will be holding a Ward meeting in late January or early February to show the plans and get comments from residents.  Watch for more information to come.


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Miway Logo

MiWay Transit Fares for 2014

As a result of the rising cost to operate transit (approximately $10.35 million in 2014) we have had to consider a minor increase to some of the fare categories.  


For 2014, the cash fare (fares paid directly on the bus) will remain unchanged and the student and child fares will remain frozen for another year.  Adult tickets will increase by $0.10 per trip and the adult monthly pass will remain at $120 per month.  Seniors will see a small increase of $0.05 per trip for tickets and $3 for the monthly pass.  


Fares collected by MiWay cover less than half (45%) of the total cost to operate transit services in Mississauga each year.  The goal is to keep fares at a reasonable cost but still strike a balance between user fees and municipal taxes.    


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Brampton requests an increase in size of regional Council


Our Council has made its position clear on a request by the City of Brampton to add 4 more Councillors to the Region of Peel.  Mississauga Council is not prepared to support an increase in the size of Regional Council and feel we have not been given sufficient time to review the request fully.   


We have directed staff to conduct a direct survey of residents to get input but I would like to hear from Ward 9 residents on how you feel about this request. 


I am not in support of increasing the size of Regional Council as it will add significant cost to the taxpayers.  While I agree that Brampton is growing and needs to revise their ward structure, it cannot be at the expense of our taxpayers.  One option would be to phase in the additional councillors for Brampton and phase out the number in Caledon which presently has 5 sitting at the Region representing fewer residents than are in Ward 9.


Please email me at pat.saito@mississauga.ca and let me know how you feel about this issue.  Do you agree that we should not increase the number of Councillors sitting at the Region of Peel?  Do you feel we should not rush this matter and take time to review all options fully prior to the 2018 elections and have status quo for the next term of office? 

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Child care subsidy is available to help eligible families pay for the cost of child care for children 0 to 12 years. Choose the type of care you want for your child, either in a licensed child care centre or with a license home child care agency.  For more information or to find out if you qualify, visit www.peelregion.ca/children or call 905-793-9200.

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Illegal Signs


A reminder that it is illegal to post signs on city property including street light poles and traffic signal poles.  Posting signs on infrastructure such as stop signs and traffic lights is dangerous.  


Residents can help us keep our neighbourhoods free from signs by signing up to be authorized to remove them from boulevards and parks.  Click here to find out how you can help us keep our community clean.


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Neighbourhood Crime Prevention Meetings


Do you have a concern about crime in your neighbourhood or graffiti in the parks, etc?  Many residents have learned how to protect themselves and their family and property at my Neighbourhood Crime Prevention meetings.  


If you would like me to arrange a meeting in your neighbourhood, please contact my office and we will arrange to have Peel Police, Safe City Mississauga and our Corporate Security attend to discuss concerns and give you information on how to stay safe.  Please email me at pat.saito@mississauga.ca or call 905-896-5900.


Coyote Study


I have just been informed of a Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) initiative to conduct a behavioural study of coyotes in the City of Mississauga.  This in depth study will focus on how urban coyote behaviour is affected by changes in habitat and is scheduled to occur from May of 2013 to June of 2016.  


Coyotes are a controversial topic and due to public concern, I have held several  several successful coyote informational sessions with Mississauga Animal Services in partnership with the MNR.  During these sessions MNR coyote experts made it very clear that coyotes will remain a part of our urban landscape.   Due to the highly adaptable nature of these animals, as evidenced from hundreds of years of persecution, history has proven that coyotes cannot be relocated or destroyed as they will only re-populate and return to their habitat.


This unique opportunity to collaborate on this research project will allow our Mississauga Animal Services to prioritize public safety by learning more about the activity and behaviour of coyotes in our City.  I look forward to the City working with the MNR on this initiative.



Out-door Burning Bylaw


I have been contacted by a number of residents concerned about use of chimaeras and outdoor fireplaces.  Please click here to review the Out-door Burning ByLaw.

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Activity = Better Health
Did you know that short bursts of activity of only a few minutes accumulated throughout the day have health benefits?


Incorporating activity into your daily life will not only improve your physical health, but also your mental health by reducing stress and giving you a quick break. Taking the stairs and walking briskly to destinations are just two examples of how you can build activity into your daily life. In fact, just 2 minutes of stair climbing per day burns enough calories to prevent average adult annual weight gain.   


As a member of the Region of Peel Health (insert committee name), I encourage residents to take short breaks at work, have walking meetings and stand up and stretch.  Our committee recently implemented a one minute stretch break at Regional Council combined with public information messages on how to stay healthy.  For more information, click here.

Mississauga Fire Fighter Recruitment

Mississauga Fire and Emergency Services is now recruiting.  If you are interested in a career as a fire fighter or know someone who is interested click here for more information.

Peel Regional Police Recruitment

Have you considered a career in law enforcement or know of someone who is interested?  Click here to watch a 30 second Peel Regional Police recruiting video.  For more information please visit www.peelpolice.ca.



Habitat for Humanity Restore

Planning on doing some renovating?  Don't toss out the old material, donate it to Habitat for Humanity.  Habitat will pick up used material and either reuse it or sell it in their Restore shop located at 1705 Argentia Road.  


To find out more, visit the website at www.habitatmississauga.ca.


Habitat is also looking for volunteers to work in the shop so please call 

905-828-9136 ext. 222 or 
email vol@habitatmississauga.ca to find out how you can help.
Ward 9 Activities

Streetscape Awards 


I had the pleasure of attending the Streetscape award ceremony held on September 9th at City Hall.  


I was very proud to present Ward 9 residents Lynne and Greg Sereda with their third place award in the Living Green Ecogarden category. 


Congratulations Lynne and Greg!





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Plum Tree Park Public School - Walk to School Program

I had the pleasure of joining students at Plum Tree Park Public School on September 11th at the re-launch of the Walk to School Program and handed out pencils to children who enthusiastically either walked or rode their bike to school.  

Meadowvale Theatre Advisory Board AGM


On September 18th I attended the Meadowvale Theatre Advisory Board Annual General Meeting.  The MTAB has been in place for 25 years and has played a significant role in the theatre's success.  I am proud to sit on the board with so many dedicated volunteers.   


The theatre celebrates it's 25th anniversary in April, 2014.  Please watch for details in future newsletters to find out how you can participate in this celebration. 

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Meadowvale Theatre New Mobile Phone App

You have heard it said "There's an app for that"  Now there is a Meadowvale Theatre app that enables theatre goers to look up shows, purchase tickets and learn more about the theatre on your mobile devices. The app called 'Meadowvale Theatre' is free and is available for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry. 


Make sure to take in one of the wonderful shows at our local theatre this season.  Find out more at www.meadowvaletheatre.ca

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With members of the Interfaith Council of Peel at the Ward 9 Fo Guang Shan Buddhist Temple.

Interfaith Council of Peel Meeting

Thank you to the Interfaith Council of Peel for welcoming me to your meeting on September 19.  This group brings all faiths together to work for the benefit of our communities and it was such a pleasure to hear what they have done and their future plans.


With Baskin Robbins franchise owners
Kam and Smita
Cutting the ribbon at the bike lanes on Tenth Line just north of Britannia 



Ward 9 Bike Ride and Bike Lane Openings


What a great turnout we had for the Ward 9 Bike Ride on September 26th.  Over 50 riders joined me as we tested the new bike lanes on Winston Churchill and on Tenth Line and cut the ribbons to officially open both.  We celebrated with Ice Cream cake

at Baskin Robbins after the bike ride.



Peel Multicultural Council AGM


It was such a pleasure to bring greetings on September 27 to the Annual General Meeting of the Peel Multicultural Council. 


PMC does so much to help newcomers in our community, much of it done by volunteers and I am proud to have this great organization located in Ward 9.


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Volunteer Asim Zaidi with my Executive Assistant Luisa Morrone
Volunteers Stan Panagiotidis and Jennifer Armstrong

Seniors' Information and Active Living Fair


The Square One Older Adult Centre - Mississauga West location held a very well attended Seniors' Information and Active Living Fair on September 26.  Many thanks to Ward 9 volunteers  Asim Zaidi, Stan Panagiotidis and Jennifer Armstrong for manning the Ward 9 information table.   

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Join By Hands 

With Rosanna Penilla-Bharucha of Retire-At-Home Services watching a young artist paint a seniors' portrait

I was pleased to attend Join By Hands at Heritage Glen on September 28th.  


This event, organized by Rosanna Penilla-Bharucha of Retire-At-Home Services, brought grade 8 students together with seniors at Heritage Glen Retirement Residence where the students painted portraits of the seniors.   


Local artists Leo Dias and Nisreen Askar were part of the judging panel and also produced some exciting art.  

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With Janaki Hadida, Production Manager of the
Backyard Farm & Market

Backyard Farm & Market at Erin Mills


I dropped in to the Backyard Farm & Market at Erin Mills and Eglinton on September 28.  What a great place to take the family.  Not only can you buy fresh produce, fruit, breads and meats, but you can also visit the Labyrinth or stroll the sunflower garden.  Children can learn about farming and more.  The organizers have been doing some great work with members of the community including The Laugh, Learn & Play After School Program and  the YMCA Newcomer's.


The Backyard Farm and Market closed as of October 12th but local chemical-free veggies will still be available through Highmark Farms' Food Box Program. 


With Farmer Zach of Highmark Farms and Janaki Hadida

Every Saturday starting on October 19th from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm, Highmark Farms will be set up outside the Daniel's Corporate Sales Centre on the N/E corner of Erin Mills Pkwy & Eglinton Ave. West (entrance on Eglinton). Sign up for a Small ($20), Medium ($30) or Large ($40) weekly food box with 3 post dated cheques for the fall/winter season.  Please email box@highmarkfarms.com for more information. 

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Public Art

I had the pleasure of meeting artist Amanda Browder at City Hall recently.  
Her work entitled Cascading Mississauga is displayed in the Great Hall until October 25th.  
For more information about Public Art in our city please click here


Delta Meadowvale Hotel Supports 

Habitat for Humanity


With Executive Chef Andrew Nelson and Robert Housez, General Manager of the Delta Meadowvale Resort and Conference Centre

I had the pleasure of attending   the Delta Meadowvale's first ever Iron Chef Competition fundraiser on October 2nd to support Habitat for Humanity.  


I applaud this wonderful Ward 9 business for donating every dollar of the proceeds to Habitat.  


The event raised over $25,000 for this worthy cause.


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NMSC Panthers Capture 2nd Consecutive  

Ontario Cup Title null


Congratulations to the North Mississauga Soccer Club's 1998A team on capturing their 2nd consecutive Ontario Cup title in Oshawa on September 16th with a 3-0 win over the Brampton East Rams in the Boys U15 Tier 1 group.


The team scored their first goal just 8 minutes into the game and never looked back.  Their dominant play is what earned the team the Ontario Cup and National Team titles last season as well as Mississauga's 2012 Team of the Year award.


Congratulations to all the players on this impressive repeat and to the team officials and parents on their continued support.

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Anniversary/Birthday Congratulations



If you know someone who is celebrating a milestone birthday or wedding anniversary please contact me at 905-896-5900 or email me at 

pat.saito@mississauga.ca and I would be pleased to send a letter of recognition and a small gift to commemorate the special occasion.   


As well, if you would like a city plaque from the Mayor to commemorate the special occasion, please click here for information on how to arrange for one.


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Mississauga Steelheads

Make sure you get out to Hershey Centre and support our OHL Hockey team, the Steelheads.  


My grandsons and I enjoyed the game against Sudbury on September 29.  It was an exciting game which turned into a nail biter as the game went into overtime with the Steelheads winning 5-4.  


Watching a Steelheads game is an affordable night out with the family.  Click here for the team schedule and to purchase tickets.

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With Darcy Tucker and Shoeless Joes franchise owner Mike Brand

Shoeless Joes Meadowvale Team Challenge



I had a good time welcoming former Toronto Maple Leaf's Darcy Tucker to Meadowvale on October 2nd at Shoeless Joes.  


We were there to launch the new team challenge " If Your Team Wins, Your Community Wins!" program.  Sports teams that register, get points each time they eat at the restaurant and at the end of the contest the top 3 teams will win money for their municipality to renovate/improve a sport facility.   


Sign your team up today and help us win some. money for Meadowvale.  For information on how please click here.



Fire Fighters support cancer awareness with Pink Fire Engine

I am so proud of our Mississauga Fire Fighters who continue their fundraising efforts for cancer by wrapping one our fire engines in pink.  The firefighters are selling pink t-shirts as well and have raised much money for this important cause. Watch for the pink engine around Mississauga throughout October.
I had the pleasure of joining Fire Chief John McDougall and some of our finest fire fighters at City Hall on October 2.
Upcoming Events
Eden Community Food Bank Fundraiser "A Taste of Eden" 

Come out and enjoy great food and play casino games for fun at the Eden Community Food Bank's annual fundraiser, A Taste of Eden" on Friday October 18, 2013 from 6:00 pm - 1:00 am.  There will also be a silent auction where you can start your Christmas shopping. 

Click here for more details.

Scouts Canada National Annual Apple Day on Saturday October 19th

Did you know that the objective of Apple Day is to show appreciation to the community for support already shown?   Scouts do not "sell" apples on Apple Day. They continue the tradition of thanking the community for the support that they give Scouts throughout the year.  Sometimes, the community further shows its support with a cash donation which is a pleasant benefit for Scout Youth and helps with funds for activities and equipment.


Scouts will be out in the community at various businesses or perhaps even knocking on the doors within the community on Saturday October 19th.


Please look out for them, give them a smile, and enjoy an apple.


Habitat for Humanity Fundraiser

Habitat for Humanity Mississauga is hosting a wine tasting and hors d'oeuvres fundraiser at Mondello Restaurant in Streetsville on Monday, October 21, 2013, at 6:30 pm. 


For tickets please email events@habitatmississauga.ca. 


Plum Tree Park Public School 25th Anniversary

I am looking forward to attending Plum Tree Park Public School's 25th anniversary Open House and Free Barbecue on Thursday October 24, 2013.

My youngest daughter started her school career at Plum Tree 25 years ago and we are looking forward to going back to see old friends and remember those good times.  Please click
here for details.
Safe City Mississauga


Safe City Mississauga will be holding "Beautification for a Safe City", a half-day workshop on November 13th from 8:30 am - 1:00 pm at the Old Barber House, 5155 Mississauga Road to help residents, businesses and neighbours make their communities beautiful and safe. 


Learn about what Mississauga is doing to enhance public safety and how you can join in the effort to prevent crime in your own neighbourhood.  Please click here to register.

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