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Ward 9 Councillor's Report November 2015 - Vol 26

Welcome to the November issue of the Ward 9 newsletter.

It has been a very busy time in our ward and I apologize for the lack of e-newsletters.  Our office has been trying to catch up on the thousands of emails we have received on various items.  This issue is therefore a bit longer than usual.

Development applications have been taking up much of my time and I have provided a full report on these below.

Our community has a new residents' association.  The Meadowvale Residents Community Association was founded at a meeting on October 7 and an executive has been elected.  I look forward to working with them on all local and city issues. 
As always, my staff and I are here to help you with any City or Regional issues.  Just send me an email to or call 905-896-5900 and check the Ward 9 website at for ongoing updates.

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Development  News
Council Approves Meadowvale Islamic Centre in 11-1 vote
On October 14, City Council in a recorded 11-1 vote (with me as the only opposed), approved the Official Plan Amendment and zoning for the Meadowvale Islamic Centre at 6496/6508 Winston Churchill Boulevard.  Council accepted one amendment that I put forward to not allow any external speakers on the property.

While the decision has been made and I will work to ensure that the project proceeds smoothly, I am still concerned with the parking shortfall as indicated in the report commissioned by the City by the IBI Group.  This is a very real problem that will have to be dealt with and there is no permanent solution at this time.  I also continue to be concerned over the conflicts of students crossing at the intersection and vehicles turning in and out of the site and I hope that our traffic staff will find a way to minimize these potential conflicts.

As we move into the site planning process, I will bring the plans to the community for input.  This will deal with issues such as setbacks, fencing, landscaping and location of services such as garbage etc.   It will also spell out what road works the MIC will be required to put in place on Winston Churchill Boulevard.

I want to thank the thousands of residents who were involved in this process.  The concerns raised were valid and while not resolved, are on the public record.  Thank you to those who emailed me, attended the Planning meeting on September 21 and spoke to the proposal.

In spite of allegations to the contrary, I am proud that our community dealt with this as a planning application and that the vast majority of our residents recognize the need for the Islamic community to have a place in which to worship.  This was very evident as residents suggested other, safer locations in the community.

My opposition had nothing to do with anything other than the planning aspects of the application.  I treated the application as I do any proposal from any developer.  In planning we cannot make decisions based on who will be using a facility.  Having had many years of experience handling thousands of applications, I know what is good planning.  Issues such as traffic, parking, noise, size of buildings, etc. are critical.  These are the only factors that I based my decision on.  Knowing the neighbourhood and the potential impacts, I would have made the same decision regardless of who the applicant was or what was being proposed if it generated the same amount of traffic. 

It was disturbing to me to read some very inappropriate comments on websites that were not related to the planning issues.  I did not want this issue to become divisive to the community and I dealt with this quickly and the comments were removed.  It is regrettable that they were given a platform at the planning meeting that created many hurt feelings in our community. 

I am angry that our community was painted as being racist and nothing is further from the truth.  Meadowvale, and all of Ward 9, is a thriving diverse community.  Diversity is how we live every day, not something to brag about when it is convenient.  It is neighbours living together in harmony, sharing cultures and traditions.  You, the residents of Ward 9 know that the picture painted of our community is false and while we have been hurt by the words, we are strong and will survive by working together.  

As we do with all development applications that may pose concerns, I will work together with all residents of Meadowvale to make this work and to keep our pedestrians and motorists safe.  I am very proud of the people of Meadowvale - thank you!!


6532/6544 Winston Churchill Blvd


The Public Meeting for the application for construction of 1 detached home and 20 semi detached homes on lands at 6532 and 6544 Winston Churchill Blvd. (just south of Aquitaine) was held at the Planning and Development Committee meeting on June 8th.


The report was just for receipt and a final report with recommendation will come back to the committee once staff have reviewed all of the reports and are ready to make a recommendation.  I want to thank the residents who attended and made very good comments and suggestions.  It has been a good process and through two ward meetings that I held, the developer has listened to the residents and made changes based on their input.

2700 Aquitaine Avenue
The applicant has appealed the application to the Ontario Municipal Board.  The OMB hearing for the application to construct 3 apartment buildings of 19, 22 and 25 storeys is scheduled to start on November 3, 2015 and end on November 17, 2015.  The hearing will not sit on Remembrance Day. 

At the pre-hearing this month, the applicant introduced an alternate plan comprised of 3 buildings  of 15, 15 and 12 storeys.  This is a reduction in height but actually is a higher density with more units.  Staff have been directed to continue to oppose this new plan.

In a last minute meeting, the applicant also came forward with yet another plan which Council supported me in rejecting.  This was for two 15 and 16 storey buildings with 4 and 6 storey podiums (larger footprint areas).  This plan was totally unacceptable and still was well above the permitted density ranges.  So we will continue to the OMB and fight for what we know is right in this neighbourhood.

6719 Glen Erin Drive

The application for town homes at 6719 Glen Erin Drive was considered by Planning Committee on September 8.  It was deferred as I had just received new information about availability of water and sewer services that had to be resolved.

Staff have worked with the Region of Peel and have obtained all the necessary information to bring the report back to Council.  This will be considered again at the Planning and Development Committee meeting on Monday December 7, 2015.  The meeting starts at 7 p.m. in the Council Chambers at City Hall.

The proposal does not meet the Intensification Policies of the City but, as it meets the requirements of the Provincial Places to Grow legislation, I expect it to be approved.  Through the work by the Meadowvale Development Strategy Steering Committee, staff have advised that this proposal can be supported by existing infrastructure. 
Ward 9 News
I am Proud to Receive Special Award from CPTED Ontario
I was very honoured  to be the keynote speaker at the Ontario CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) 14th annual conference held in Mississauga on October 27. 
I was also surprised when I was presented with a special award of Honourary Member. This has only been given to one other person, Timothy Crowe who started CPTED worldwide.  This was such a great honour and I will cherish this recognition.  

With Wayne Nishihama. and CPTED President  ConstableTom McKay
New Residents' Association formed in Meadowvale  
I am so pleased that a group of residents has formed a new association.  The Meadowvale Residents Community Association (MRCA) was inaugurated on October 7.

With very short notice, more than 140 residents attended the meeting. The new organization has elected an executive board and is moving to affiliation with the city.  For information or to get involved in the residents association, please visit their website at and email them at
Public meeting planned after Coyote Incident in Central Erin Mills
I have asked Animal Services staff to hold a ward meeting in November to address concerns after another coyote attack on a pet occurred recently in the Ruperts Gate area. The owner was watching the dog on the front lawn as she let it out late at night. The coyote grabbed the small dog but let it go when the owner started yelling at it. The dog was treated with a small puncture wound in the neck and is recovering. This is the second attack on a dog in this neighbourhood.

Two coyotes were also reported on Battleford at the overpass just west of Meadowvale Secondary School.  I have asked staff to install signage in this area. 
Please be vigilant and do not let your animals out off leash and especially not alone. Coyotes are in the area, they cannot be removed and as we approach winter will likely be looking for food. Please click here and visit Animal Services at the city for information.

Please join me and Animal Services staff at a Coyote Public Information session to be held on Tuesday November 17 at Elizabeth Seton Catholic School, 6133 Glen Erin Drive at 7:00 pm.  
CP Rail Train Fire
As a community that has the main CP freight line running through it, there are always concerns over any train incidents and the safety of our community is always a top priority.  At approximately 12:15 am on Saturday September 19, 2015, a CP locomotive experienced a mechanical failure resulting in an engine fire between Derry Road and Tenth Line in Meadowvale.

The city was not notified of the incident by CP rail as the fire was extinguished quickly and dealt with.  However I was notified by our Region of Peel Spills Pollution Inspector of the occurrence as he was onsite on Saturday September 19 in response to calls from residents advising that their properties were covered with an oily substance. 

Our Inspector contacted the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) and worked with the MOECC inspector during the day to determine the cause , ultimately confirming that it was the result of the engine fire.

The MOECC ordered CP to conduct a clean-up of the oily soot material that was deposited to the south of the tracks.  CP hired consultants NHD and Accuworx to undertake cleaning of affected property. 

After being contacted by residents and our Region of Peel inspector, I notified City senior staff as well as the local MP and MPP for their support in addressing residents' concerns.   I also initiated review by Peel Health staff who advised caution with eating fruits and vegetables that had been in contact with the oil.  MOEE testing later confirmed that " other than visual impacts associated with the observed "black dot spotting," there is no reason to believe that the Event impacted human health or the environment."
Although this incident did not involve the city, as CP is under federal jurisdiction, I did involve our Emergency Management staff to get as much information as possible for both the City and residents.  In addition, city staff and I have been in contact with CP to ensure that in the event of any future incident along the rail lines in the City, CP notifies both the City and the Region.  As a result, new better protocols have been put in place.   
Windrow Snow Clearing Program.
Registration for the City's Driveway Windrow Snow Clearing Program closes on November 13 for seniors and people with disabilities to help clear snow at the end of driveways during road plowing.
This program runs from November 30, 2015 to March 11, 2016. The windrow snow clearing service will plow a 10 foot (3 metre) wide area at the end of the driveway for one car to pass. The service may take up to 36 hours after a snow storm and bare pavement cannot be guaranteed.
Who is Eligible? 
Residents who are 65 years and older in 2015 and people with disabilities can apply for the program. The cost of the program is either $200 or free if the applicant meets financial assistance criteria. 

How to Apply? 
Applications for the Driveway Windrow Snow Clearing Program
are available online or at all community centres, the Recreation Customer Service Centre (located at the Central Library) and the Mississauga Seniors' Centre.

For more information, click here.

For an online application click here 
StormWater Charge Information
Starting January, 2016, you will see a City of Mississauga stormwater charge on your Region of Peel water bill.  Until this time, the charge for stormwater continues to be paid through your tax bill.  By moving to a separate billing system we can ensure that the funds collected are dedicated only to stormwater needs.  It also creates a more fair billing system as some properties create more run-off and will be charged more.

This funding will be used only for maintenance and upgrades to the City's $1.8 billion stormwater system to ensure it is kept in good repair and avoid future flood damage and expensive repairs.

Our stormwater system was built over the last 50 years to meet the needs of the city based on climate conditions at the time of construction.  The drainage system protects water quality and lowers the risk of flooding that can damage your property and the environment.  
Stormwater is the rain and melted snow flowing from our properties on to our streets and down into more than 40,000 storm drains; this water flows through a large and complex network of pipes and waterways directly into Lake Ontario.  As the city has grown the amount of hard surface areas (roofs and driveways) has led to increased water entering the system.

The greatest factor, however, that is impacting the current infrastructure is the change in climate that has resulted in more frequent and heavy rainfalls.  While our community was not impacted by flooding in summer of 2014, a large number of properties across the city were and experienced severe damage to homes.

There is more stormwater now than ever before and it's more expensive to maintain this system.  We need to invest more money in our stormwater system to keep it in good working order and to avoid costly repairs in the future. 

Stormwater charges are used by nearly 1500 municipalities in North America, including 19 in Canada and we used the experiences of others to determine how we would proceed.

In 2016, residential property owners will pay between $50 and $170 depending on the size of their rooftop, with the average detached home paying $100 per year.

Non-residential and multi-residential properties will pay $100 for every 267 square metres (2,874 square feet) of hard surface on that property.

The switch to the stormwater charge will result in approximately $6.7 million being removed from the tax base in the 2016 budget.  This is approximately a $25 reduction per household.  The new charge will provide an annual funding of $37 million.
Currently, stormwater is funded through the property tax and as a result, residential properties are paying a higher percentage (69%) for stormwater than non-residential properties (31%). This is because property taxes are based on land value. Under the new Stormwater Charge, residential properties will pay less (40%) for stormwater and non-residential properties will pay a higher percentage (60%). This is because the stormwater charge is based on the amount of hard surface area on a property. The relative amount of tax (land value) and stormwater charge (hard surface area) is unique to every property.

Commercial, industrial and multi-residential properties can reduce their charge by making significant improvements to divert stormwater from the system.  I continue to ask Council to include a similar rebate system for residential homes although  staff recommend we not do so.  We need to find a way to reward residents who make changes such as disconnecting their downspouts from the system and I hope we will be able to introduce a program by early 2016.  A committee of Council has been formed to find a way to do this. 

  Learn more, watch the video at
How would you spend the City's 2016 budget?
We will be starting budget deliberations soon and we want to get more input from residents.  There are various ways to be involved.  You can go online and tell us what your priorities are with our updated budget tool. We have added new features and more service areas for 2016. 
You can increase or decrease the budget in 10 different service areas, and your feedback will be shared with City Council.  Click here to use the budget tool.

I am also meeting with two classes at Gonzaga Secondary School on November 6 to discuss the budget and get our young citizens more involved in local issues.

The city is holding a Budget Tele-Town Hall meeting on Monday November 9 at 7:00 pm.  Some Ward 9 residents will receive a phone call invitation to participate that evening.  You will be asked to stay on the line and I encourage you to remain and participate in this important discussion about the city budget.  This will be a joint meeting with Ward 6 and I will be there with my fellow Councillor for the discussion. 
With Paul Mitcham, Commissioner Community Services and Director of Facilities, Raj Sheth in front of the building
Meadowvale Community Centre Redevelopment Update
As you can see if you drive along Glen Erin Drive or walk along Lake Aquitaine Trail, our new Meadowvale Community Centre is moving along quickly.  The project is on time and on budget with the building now being closed in so work can be done inside over the winter. 
The plan is to finish by June 2016 and fully open for September 2016.
I have to say it was very exciting to be on site this summer and see how it is all coming together. The fitness centre is bigger than I imagined it would be, the views to the lake are fantastic and yet every square foot is being used. 
The front will be a landsca ped area with game boards, benches, paths and areas to just sit and enjoy life. There is a basketball court outside in the rear and a covered pavilion close to the splash pad. 
There will be ample handicapped parking near the building as well as parking on the north side and on Glen Erin Drive evenings and weekends.

View from Glen Erin Drive into the
building at gymnasium

New therapy pool 
With students from Edenwood Middle School who attended one of the Park planning meetings
Union Gas Park at Design Stage 

I know the community is excited about having a new park at Tenth Line and Aquitaine and following all the input from residents, we are moving ahead with design work.

I will advise when the plans will be available for the community to view and have asked for them to be on display at the Meadowvale Library.

Initial work will include a temporary ice rink for this winter's use.  We will be looking for nearby residents to help maintain the rink so please contact me at if you are willing to help.

We will be incorporating almost all the ideas from our community meetings into the park design and pending the results of the contract tender, I hope we will have enough budget to also add a small dog run. I know the community is looking forward to seeing the final plans as much as I am. 
New Waste Carts being delivered
Our community is receiving the new waste bins.  These are not to be used until January 2016 and come with information. 

Residents wishing to exchange their carts will  have the ability to do so at no cost in April 2016. The $25 exchange fee per cart will be waived from April 1,
2016 to April 30, 2016.  Council supported my motion to allow this exchange period at no charge.  

I have already heard from a few residents who agree with me that the bins are much too large for their needs. I encourage you to try the bins for the first months and then change to the size that suits you best.  
Incinerator Cancelled at Region
On October 22, Region Council voted to not move ahead with plans for a new incinerator to handle waste.  This motion followed our decision the previous week to increase our diversion targets to 75%.  This meant that the incinerator plans would not be sufficient.

The motion which I supported totally, directs staff to review all alternatives and bring a better plan to Council.  There are many good technologies available now that have a lesser impact on communities.  The options we look at do not include landfill as that is not a means of diversion.
Building the turtle deck
Turtle Deck installed at Lake Wabukayne
Thanks to Nicky Hall, a member of the Lake Wabukayne Stewardship committee, a platform for turtles to bask on at Lake Wabukayne was built and installed on October 20.
This is a much safer option than on top of the outflow/dam where the turtles have been swept off twice this year. 
Nicky was the driving force in getting this project off the ground and I wish to thank her for her passion in caring for this jewel in the heart of Meadowvale.


New Expression Swing installed at Lake Aquitaine Park 
I am very excited to announce that the new Expression Swing was installed at Lake Aquitaine park. 
This swing allows parents to sit and swing with their child.  It has been very popular at Lake Aquitaine and I am working with staff to have additional ones installed in other parks. 
Please use it and give me your feedback by emailing me at

Recognizing local history on Remembrance Day 
As we approach Remembrance Day, we honour those who gave their lives for freedom. 

Ward 9 proudly remembers Fletcher Oswald Miller from our community. He enlisted in the Canadian Infantry, Canadian Expeditionary Force, on August 24, 1915, was stationed overseas with the 116th Battalion of the Canadian Infantry and was killed in action in 1917. 

orn in 1894 to parents William and Arminella (Waite). Raised on the family farm at Lisgar, he attended Eden School, the Streetsville Grammar School and the University of Toronto. His uncle, John (Jack) Miller was a well-known police inspector in Peel and Halton Counties and Fletcher is said to have both worked for and been inspired by his uncle's example. He was of Methodist faith and reported to be both of quiet demeanor and a strong supporter of his family church, the Eden Methodist Church.

Fletcher Oswald Miller is buried in the La Chaudiere Military Cemetery near Pas de Calais, France. His name is forever remembered on the Miller family stone in
Eden Cemetery  and in the Millers Grove community. 

Anniversary/Birthday Congratulations



If you know someone who is celebrating a milestone birthday or wedding anniversary please contact me at 905-896-5900 or email me at  and I would be pleased to send a letter of recognition and a small gift to commemorate the special occasion.    


As well, if you would like a certificate from the Mayor to commemorate the special occasion, please click here for information on how to arrange for one.


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Community Activities
Consul General of India Visit
I was pleased to meet with Mr. Akhilesh Mishra, Consul General of India when he paid an official visit to our city in June.
Streetsville Children's Centre
I was thrilled to act as the Grand Marshall in June at the Streetsville Children's Centre for their annual Trike-A-Thon.   
Neighbours' Night Out
Neighbours' Night Out is a chance for neighbours to gather, socialize and build a sense of familiarity and security withing their community and is typically held in June each year.
It was a pleasure joining residents on Strathmore Crescent this year.
Muslim Welfare Centre - Project Ramadan 2015
Members of the Muslim Welfare Centre held a food drive during Ramadan and I was pleased to join them in June to help pack food for distribution.  It was amazing to see so many volunteers hard at work on a rainy Saturday. 

Pan Am/ Parapan Am Successes
I was honoured to serve on the Pan Am/ Parapan Am Host committee for the city this summer.   Both events were a huge success.  It was such a thrill to be asked to present medals at two of the events and have the opportunity to congratulate the amazing athletes.

The Parapan Am torch relay was well attended and once again I had the honour of welcoming the torch to the city.

Pat presenting medals
Para PanAm Games Torch Relay
Planning for better service on Milton GO Line  
On July 28, I met  with Minister of Transportation Steven Del Duca and the Mayors and MPPs of Milton, Cambridge and Kitchener and Chair of Halton Region to discuss the feasibility of all-day GO service on the Milton GO line and expansion of GO train to Cambridge.
Riders Against Hunger 

I had the pleasure of once again joining Bill Crawford from Eden Food for Change and the many riders at the  Riders Against Hunger Fundraiser on August 15. 

It was an amazing turnout raising over $27,000 for Eden Food for Change.  
Anti-Drug and Violence March 

In late August, I joined the Meadowvale Seventh Day Adventist Church at their second annual March against drugs and violence.  I commend their efforts in bringing awareness  and also campaigning against motor vehicle accidents due to drunk and distracted driving.  
With Mona Amine Osman, Rosanna Penilla-Bharucha and Eddie Suliman
Food Drive for Eden Food for Change 
In August, I attended a Food drive at the Shoeless Joe's restaurant located at Meadowvale Town Centre.   Over $600 was raised in addition to food donations and school supplies.
I wish to thank Rosanna Penilla-Bharucha, Executive Director of Retire At Home Services and Eddie Suliman, owner of Mystical Weddings and Events and Mona Amine Osman, publisher of Snapd North who took the initiative and organized this food drive for Eden Food for Change.
PanAm /ParaPanAm Games Staff Thank You  
On September 24, I joined  150 city staff at a special thank you lunch to recognize their important and significant contributions to the success of the PanAm/ParaPanAm games.

Celebrating Eid al-Adha
I joined my good friend Haroon Khan at his home to celebrate Eid al-Adha on September 24.  

Haroon opens his doors every year to celebrate this Muslim holiday .

Celebrating with Haroon Khan and friends
With Haroon Khan and Jake Dheer
With Ed Dowling, Doug Lychak (former city manager and Councillor Ron Starr
Re-naming of the Mississauga Transit Building
On October 13, I had the pleasure of attending a ceremony to rename the Miway (Mississauga Transit) building on Central Parkway after Ed Dowling, the first Transit Manager for Mississauga. 
Ed was a good friend and colleague who taught me a lot about transit issues over the many years we worked together.  He was innovative and brought so many new concepts to our transit system. 
It was wonderful to see many of the former and current staff and his family and friends attend this morning to honour him. We must never forget those people who have left their mark on our city and who contributed so much to make Mississauga great.  
Principal Neil Garraway is served his coffee
by me and Nokha Dakroub, school Trustee

Maplewood Public School Harvest Tea 
  If it's October, it's time for the Maplewood Public School Harvest tea.  I had a lovely time on October 16 serving coffee and hot chocolate to parents and students of at this annual event. 
It is always a pleasure to join the community at occasions like this.  
Erin Meadows Library Customer Appreciation Day
Erin Meadows Library had a good turnout for their Customer Appreciation Day on October 17.  
It is always fun meeting residents and staff and watching the children enjoy crafts, story time, balloon animals, and refreshments. The library also gave a 3D Printer Certification course.  
Meadowvale Seventh Day Adventist Church 30th Anniversary
One of the things I really enjoy as Councillor is visiting the various places of worship in the ward.  I was so pleased to join the  Meadowvale Seventh Day Adventist Church to help celebrate it's 30th anniversary on October 17.  
I always feel so welcome when I visit this church and it was wonderful to listen to the amazing voices of the choirs, especially the Children's choir.  
With Jagdeep Singh - Coordinator,
Balkaranjit Singh  Secretary and
Bhupinder Singh - Chairman of the OSGC
"What is Sikhi" exhibit at City Hall
On October 28, I had the pleasure of touring the exhibit in the Great Hall called "What is Sikhi". 
I was given a tour that shows the history of the Sikh religion by Volunteer Coordinator Jagdeep Singh.  It was very enlightening and I learned  a lot. Thank you to the Ontario Sikh and Gurdwaras Council (OSGC) for providing all the interesting information.  
Toronto Scottish Regiment's unveiling of the Afghanistan Battle Honour
On October 26 I attended the Toronto Scottish Regiment's unveiling of the Afghanistan Battle Hour presided by His Royal Highness, Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex. 
The Toronto Scottish is located in Ward 9 at the Garry Morden Centre and I am very proud to work with them and to have joined them that evening for this special occasion.
Halloween at Erin Meadows Community Centre
I celebrated Halloween at the Erin Meadows Community Centre.  

It was wonderful to see everyone wearing their costumes and participating in the many activities organized by staff at the Community Centre.

Upcoming Events
Credit Valley Horticultural Society 

The Credit Valley Horticultural Society meets on Wednesday,  November 11, 2015 at 8:00 pm  at the South Common Community Centre, 2233 South Millway, Mississauga for the AGM. 

For more information please visit  or call 905- 822- 1606.  

Mississauga North Baseball Association
Help Support the MNBA Baseball Programs by bringing your old electronics to the Den for Recycling on November 14 and 15,   For more information click  here .
Christmas Bazaar 
The Village of Erin Meadows hosts its Annual Christmas Bazaar on Saturday November 21, 2015 from 11 am - 3 pm at 2930 Erin Centre Blvd.

For details click here.
NIED Symposium

NIED Symposium: Motivating Mothers & Fathers, explores the relationship between parents and Eating Disorder sufferers on November 23, 2015 at 7 pm  at Cornerstone Community Church.  For details click  here .
2013 Santa Shuffle Walk
Salvation Army Santa Shuffle Walk

The Santa Shuffle is a 5K fun run and 1K Elf Walk taking place on Dec 5th.  

This merry event helps The Salvation Army to assist families and individuals in need during the Christmas season and throughout the year.

Pledges raised for the Santa Shuffle will support people in your community who may be struggling to make ends meet. To register and for more information please click here.
Toy Drive Christmas Concert for Credit Valley Hospital
Back in 2009, Ward 9 resident Duane Day started a Toy Drive Christmas Concert for Credit Valley Hospital.  
This year's show will be on Saturday December 5 at The Cock & Pheasant located at 63 Queen St South in Streetsville starting at 7:00 pm.

Three bands will be performing, all with a Mississauga connection and 2 with members from Ward 9.  Come out and make a toy donation and enjoy some great music.  

For more information please click
here .  
Mississauga Festival Choir
The Mississauga Festival choir is performing a Christmas concert with the Barra MacNeils, Canada's foremost Celtic music group at the Living Arts Centre on Saturday December 5th at 8:00pm.   To purchase tickets and for more information please click here .
The Mississauga Festival choir is also performing two other concerts in the Spring of 2016.  To purchase tickets and for more information please click here. 

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