FEBRUARY 28, 2020
Dear Resident:

It is always a good feeling when we reach the end of February as it means spring is near. Remember that your clocks move ahead one hour on March 8 and we will have more daylight at the end of the day. But winter is not finished yet. Please continue to be patient as our crews clear residential streets after snow storms and help a neighbour who may not be able to clear their driveway or sidewalk.

February also brings the Coldest Night of the Year walk. Each year I support the Dam Youth Drop In and was pleased that this year, they raised over $62,000 to help our youth. Thank you to all who participated.

As always you can contact me for assistance on any city or region issue at pat.saito@mississauga,ca, by phone to 905-896-5900 at any time and my staff and I will be pleased to help you.

Ward and City News
Ward 9 Volunteer Awards
It's that time of year again when nominations are open for my Annual Ward 9 Volunteer Awards!
Click on the photo above or visit www.ward9.ca to nominate a Ward 9 volunteer!

The nomination deadline is April 10, 2020.
Mississauga Tourism Update
February 26 was an important milestone for Mississauga. I had the honour of moving the amended (by me) recommendation that would move us ahead in establishing our new Tourism Mississauga. With the unanimous support of Council, we will move into the future in promoting our city and our hospitality industry. Watch for the notice for applications for people to sit on the new board. We will be appointing board members who understand tourism and represent the various and many parts of it. It has been a pleasure chairing the Tourism Advisory board for many years and working to build our tourism identity. Today was a huge milestone and we got here with the support of all the very engaged members of that board. I look forward to what the future will bring us.
New Project at West Credit S.S.
I am excited to be working on a new project in partnership with West Credit Secondary School. One of the teachers at the school reached out to me to discuss the possibility of rehabilitating old tennis courts so that students and the community alike could use the space. The proposed design includes basketball and pickleball, although nothing has been confirmed just yet. I will be certain to keep you updated as this exciting project gets underway.
New Online Coyote Reporting System

Have you seen a coyote in your neighbourhood? Have you reported it to Animal Services? If not, there is a new convenient way to report sightings online.

Animal Services maintains a Coyote Sighting Map, which you can access by clicking here. At the top of the map, you will see in red font " Click here to submit a coyote sighting using our new online form".

Bookmark this page so you can access it easily when needed.
Update on Miway Route 90
Last year I was contacted by many residents concerned about MiWay’s proposed cancellation of Route 90 that served the Copenhagen area.

As the cancellation of the route would remove all access to transit to the entire neighbourhood, I opposed this cancellation, raised it at Council and ensured staff knew how important this route was to Ward 9 residents.

As a result, I have some good news to share. After consultation and receipt of rider input, the decision has been made to continue the service. Thank you to everyone who contacted me and made your voices heard.
407 Transitway
I attended the 407 Transitway Public Information Centre on February 13th. I was able to view the plans, and was very happy to see that the changes made to the route will remove impacts on our City owned lands in Ward 9 along Ninth Line. The plan shows a link to the existing Lisgar GO station as well as the potential for a future LRT.

For more information on this project, please click here.
Important Update: Yard Waste Collection
Recently Regional staff announced that we are no longer collecting grass clippings at curb side nor accepting them at the Recycling Centres.
There were several reasons for this decision including saving about $700,000 annually and being environmentally responsible by mulching on lawns. Today at Regional Council we discussed the impact of this move and several concerns were raised. Councillor Dasko asked that we rescind the move to eliminate. I suggested we phase it in and delay until August 1 while doing a communication and education campaign. This would get us through the heavy spring months and ease into the program. The Commissioner felt this would be feasible.
When the vote was taken, we lost and therefore the cancellation of the grass clippings will proceed this spring.
Stay Off the Ice!
This is an important reminder to all residents:
Please STAY OFF THE ICE on Lake Aquitaine. 

The ice is thin and can be quite dangerous when walked upon. We recently had one adult fall through the ice – a huge thank you goes out to the Mississauga Fire and Emergency Services for rescuing him – but we do not want this to happen again, so please stay off the ice! 
Region of Peel Waste Services Workshop
Our Region of Peel Waste Management staff are holding workshops to get feedback from residents on some proposed changes for waste collection services.

They will be sharing examples of various user fee systems that are currently being used in other municipalities and discussing the complex issues of managing waste in today’s world and how Region of Peel is addressing them.

The session for our area is on:

March 2, 2020

Hazel McCallion Hall
Vic Johnston Community Centre
335 Church St., Mississauga

Visit peelregion.ca/waste/consultation/ for more information.

Unable to attend the event in person? Participate online at peelregion.ca/waste/consultation
Meadowvale Theatre Patron Experience Survey
Win a $200 Erin Mills Town Centre Card!

Come one, come all – as a new year begins, we are looking to hear from you about your experience at Meadowvale Theatre.

Please complete our survey at the link below as your feedback will help improve our services. Plus, you could win a $200 Erin Mills Town Centre Gift Card for your participation.   Take the survey

Survey closes on March 13th, 2020.
Around the Ward and City
Girl Guides Visit Mississauga Civic Centre
On February 4th, I welcomed the 281st Girl Guides to city hall. They had a wonderful time exploring the Council Chambers and skating at Celebration Square.
Wilde Wood Award for School Zone Safety

Congratulations to Plum Tree Park School for receiving the Wilde Wood Award for School Zone Safety at City Council on February 5th. I am so proud of all the work the staff, parents and students to do promote safe walking to school.

Castlebridge Public School also won the Wild Wood Award for School Zone Safety but were unable to attend Council to accept their award. I am also proud of all the staff, parents and students their for their exemplary work!
Girl Guides Sing-A-Long
In honour of World Thinking Day, celebrated by Girl Guides and Scouts around the world on February 22, the Girl Guides of Mississauga hosted a giant sing-a-long campfire on February 5 at Erin Mills Town Centre. I attended and enjoyed the music!
Mini Golf Grand Opening at Erin Mills Town Centre
On February 6th, I attended the grand opening of the Mini Golf course at the Erin Mills Town Centre.
I was pleased to see such a wonderful donation go to ErinoakKids Centre.
Vision Zero Working Group
On February 11th, I attended a Region of Peel Vision Zero Task Force meeting, where we discussed many ideas and strategies for improving road safety in Mississauga and the Region of Peel. Pictured above are members of my working group.
Superfan Nav Bhatia
Many of you will know Nav Bhatia as Superfan! We had the pleasure of having Nav at our February 12th City Council meeting, where he generously donated $150 000 to upgrade the basketball courts at Paul Coffey Park in Malton. I had the distinct opportunity to wear the Raptors Championship Ring!
A Visit to MP Van Koeverden
For many years, I have been advocating for all day two way GO Train service on the Milton Line. This line runs right through Ward 9 and I know many of you use it to commute to and from work on a daily basis. Was joined by Rob Trewartha from the Mayor’s office in a meeting with Milton MP Adam van Koeverden to discuss this and to ensure that this is one of his top priorities as MP.
Celebrating Hazel's Birthday
I had the distinct pleasure of celebrating my friend and our former Mayor Hazel McCallion's 99th birthday on February 14th! She is still sprightly and full of life!
5th Meadowvale Scouts Luncheon
I joined the 5 th Meadowvale Scouts for their Baden Powell Birthday Banquet. What a lovely time with the Scouts, enjoying lunch together! 
Coldest Night of the Year Walkathon
On February 22 nd , I participated in the Coldest Night of the Year walkathon to raise money for The Dam youth drop-in in Meadowvale. I always love raising money to support our youth. Thank you to everyone who donated and joined me on the walk.
Pancake Tuesday at Eden United Church
On February 25 th, I joined folks at the Eden United Church for The Shrove Tuesday Pancake supper. Pictured here with my husband Ron and Imran Hasan. 
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