September 4, 2019
Dear Resident:

Sadly summer is over and we are back into the routine of school and meetings. I hope you had some time to spend with family and friends and enjoy your summer.

With back to school time, comes more traffic on the roads and more pedestrians especially children crossing our streets. If you are driving, please drive carefully and if you are walking or cycling please watch for cars. I am making a special appeal to parents dropping your children at schools to please be extra careful and watch where you park. Parking fines double in school zones and no parking areas are there for safety reasons. If you are on a side street be considerate of those who live there and do not block their driveway.

Although summer activities are winding down there is still lots to do this fall. Please join me and the Lake Wabukayne Stewardship Committee for Wabukayne Day on Sept 21 from noon to 3 pm. See below for details.

As always you can contact me for assistance on any city or region issue at pat.saito@mississauga,ca, by phone to 905-896-5900 at any time and my staff and I will be pleased to help you.

Ward and City News
Improvements at the Winston Churchill and Britannia Crossride
This summer, at my request, Region staff added some improvements to the crossride at Winston Churchill and Britannia intersection. The cycling lane has been painted green for better definition and signs added telling turning traffic to yield to cyclists and pedestrians.
Each day I see right turning motorists driving over the pedestrian and cycling lanes before stopping to check for oncoming traffic. This is basically running a red light and it is endangering people in the intersection.
Please stop at the stop bar behind the green painted crossride and look before proceeding into your turn. Lets keep our cyclists and pedestrians safe!
Safer cycling lanes for Tenth Line
As I drive on Tenth Line almost daily, I see too many motorists driving over the lines into the cycling lanes. This is extremely dangerous and I asked staff to install barrier posts along the lanes to protect cyclists and keep vehicles in their own lane. At the suggestion of a cycling resident, I suggested moving both bike lanes to the east side of Tenth Line into a protected 2 way cycletrack and maoving the travel lanes to the west side. This would greatly improve safety for cyclists and encourage more people to use the lanes. It would also enable us to plow the bike lanes in winter.

We are reviewing this and getting input from the cycling committee so watch for more details in the future. In the meantime, please watch for cyclists and do NOT drive over the solid line into their lane.
Garbage Exemption Period Dates have Changed

Exemption Period dates have changed. Check your collection calendar at to find your garbage exemption day.

During the exemption period, remember to put your extra garbage out only on your garbage collection day , not on your recycling collection day.

September 16-27, 2019 J anuary 27-31, 2020
February 3-7, 2020
New Services Added to Ping Street
The City of Missisauga's new Pingstreet app will offer seven (7) new services to the "Report a Problem" section:

Property Concerns
·   Lighting on private property that is causing a problem 
·   Long grass and weeds on private property
Parks Operations
·   Litter and dumping
· Grass cutting
·    Washroom maintenance
·   Sports field maintenance
·   Overflowing garbage cans
Pickleball in Mississauga
Good news! Last fall, Parks staff added pickleball lines to 20 of the outdoor public courts, as well as adding a number of indoor pickleball drop-in programming for the fall/winter.

Where to Play:

How to find Drop-in Programs:
  1. Go to
  2. Click on "Drop In Programs"
  3. Search "Pickleball"
WalkNRoll for Mito September 14th, 2019
WalknRoll 4 Mito is a fundraising walk taking place at Lake Aquitaine Park on September 14th 2019. All proceeds from this event will go towards research to the Tarnopolsky Foundation.  

For more information on this event, please click here .
Lake Wabukayne Stewardship Day - September 21st, 2019
I am always proud to support the Lake Wabukayne Stewardship Committee to present a wonderful day of fun, entertainment and education at the Annual Lake Wabukayne Stewardship Day!
This is a time to come out and enjoy beautiful Lake Wabukayne, learn about the park and the lake, and enjoy some family fun including a free BBQ.
City Parks are NOT for Dumping!
I am appalled at the way our City parks are being treated! People have been using City parks as dumping grounds, depositing large items and household material in the garbage bins located on park land. This behaviour is unacceptable. If you see this happening please report it by calling 311.

To learn more about how to sort your waste, the Region of Peel has a very convenient website to help residents determine what goes where: How To Sort Your Waste

Lisgar Residents' Association Meeting Notice
As the Federal election approaches, the Lisgar Residents' Association is hosting an all candidates meeting for the Mississauga Streetsville riding (north section of Ward 9)
The debate is on Tuesday September 24 from 7-9 pm at St. Simon Stock Elementary School, 6440 Lisgar Drive. For more information visit their website at
Terry Fox Run 2019
The Meadowvale Terry Fox Run takes place at the Meadowvale Community centre on Sunday, September 15. Registration begins at 8 am with the run starting at 9 am.

Click here for more information.
Around the Ward
Riders Against Hunger August 17th, 2019
It's always fun at the Riders Against Hunger event! Pictured here with Bill Crawford, the event's organizer at our Garry Morden Training Centre in Ward 9.
The fundraiser for Eden Food for Change was so successful that they not only met the $50,000 goal but surpassed their total from last year!

Congratulations on an amazing event and for all of your success!
Meadowvale Domino's Pizza 30th Anniversary
It was my pleasure to present the Meadowvale Domino's Pizza with a certificate to celebrate their 30th anniversary! An institution in our community, they have been providing us with delicious pizza for many years! Dominos also participates in almost every event in our area and are great supporters of the Meadowvale community.
Suffah Academy Barbeque
I stopped by the Sufffah Academy's annual community barbeque on August 17th. What a great event!
Some wonderful volunteers at the Suffah Academy BBQ!
Grand Opening of Tint World Mississauga
It's always wonderful to see new businesses opening in Meadowvale. On August 17th, I attended the Grand Opening of Tint World Mississauga to present them with a certificate and to help cut the ribbon!
Back to School Backpack Giveaway
This year, I decided to purchase backpacks and pencil case kits for a back to school giveaway. This time of year can be stressful for many families whose budgets just aren't able to stretch far enough. I was able to donate backpacks to Praise Cathedral, the Britannia Glen Co-op and various schools throughout the ward. It's important for our kids to be well equipped to succeed in school!
Lemonade Stand Fundraiser
On August 25th, Kaia was back at it again this year with her lemonade stand! She garnered significant support from her community and was able to raise $150, which she generously donated to the Mississauga Humane Society. Well done, Kaia!
A Visit from Her Imperial Highness Princess Takamado
What an honour it was to join the Mayor and Councillor Ron Starr and former Mayor Hazel McCallion along with Consul General of Japan and the Japanese Ambassador to Canada to welcome Her Imperial Highness Princess Takamado to Mississauga. It was a celebration of 90 years of relations between Japan and Canada and opening of the 2019 Japan Festival.
We joined in breaking the sake barrel and I guess I hit too hard and broke my hammer...
Welcome Sunrise records back at Erin Mills Town Centre
Many residents will remember Sunrise Records was one of the first stores in Erin Mills Town Centre.

After many years away, they are back!

I had the pleasure of dropping in on August 31 for their grand opening and presenting Manager, Eric Brigham with a congratulatory certificate.
The new store is located on the upper level by the Bay.
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