Joana G. Wardell
Field Notes #48
Acrylic on Paper on Canvas
12" x 12"
Joana G. Wardell
Charlotte, N.C. 

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Field Notes


This series, "Field Notes," is basically an archaeological excavation.

After applying multiple layers of acrylic paint to canvas, I begin to hunt through the colorful chaos.

This seeking leads to the discovery of numerous "artifacts" and  "treasures" which I then organize into an orderly visual understanding.  

The hunting process, which  is extremely meditative and obsessive, includes the making of notations and drawing  on the found objects.  

About 8 years ago I asked The Universe to give me work that was meditative and obsessive.  To the best of my understanding, this is what I got!!!!!  It is analogous to my constant  seeking, both outer and inner for answers plus an attempt to understand the nature of existence. 

The "Field Notes" series is inspired by my many years collecting shells with my Mother, beach combing at my family's somewhat isolated beach cottage, being always drawn to the old crusty and interesting  shells, the broken shards with unique shapes, rare black shark's teeth and any ocean treasure along my path.  I contemplate the  the shapes and pieces that have weathered the myriad experiences of life.  I too, seek the shells and shards of understanding.