Dear Friends,
The Vestry held its monthly meeting on Tuesday, December 11. In a closed session, we began the process of forming a committee for our upcoming rector search. With input and approval from the Vestry, we as wardens will do our best to assemble a committee that reflects the demographic make-up and various interests at St. Luke's. We believe that this diverse perspective will be crucial in making the best decision for our church. 

We were fortunate to receive twenty-one nominations for a search committee that will consist of seven to nine members. However, with a large number of talented nominees, there will be some very difficult choices among the potential candidates. The members of the Rector Search Committee will be named within the week. We ask for your support and prayers as we move forward. 
As a reminder, St. Luke’s will be following a search process called “Discernment With One," which has been approved by the Episcopal Diocese of Chicago and the Vestry. We will fully prepare for a national rector search, but we will begin the discernment phase with only our internal candidate, The Reverend Kat Banakis. This process will be genuine, thorough, and extensive, and potentially could result in either Reverend Banakis or our Search Committee deciding that we are not the best fit. Should this be the case, a national search will begin immediately.

The calling of a new rector is a time full of challenge and opportunity. We believe that this process will result in important growth for our parish. More than ever, we are reminded that our faithful community is the true constant at our church, and that  we are St. Luke’s

In Peace,
Susan Dove Lempke, Senior Warden
Peggy Newton, Junior Warden

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