Dear Friends,

This Tuesday, December 11, the Vestry will hold its monthly meeting. Two crucial items are on our agenda. The first is the 2019 Annual Stewardship Campaign. The other is the formation of the Rector Search Committee.

We wanted to provide an update on the stewardship campaign thus far. While a pledge is welcome at any time during the year, our November appeal has ended. As of today, we have received pledges sufficient to cover only about 50% of our projected 2019 budget. The Vestry will be finalizing this budget soon. We do not want to present a budget which is greatly over-encumbered, nor do we want to be making cuts to our current programming.

Strong pledging this year is not only crucial in balancing the budget. It’s also important as a factor in our search for a new rector. When our Search Committee begins their work, it is essential that they can say in truth and confidence that our church is healthy and active. A good reflection of a deeply engaged and committed group of parishioners is a high percentage of pledging members.

If you share our wish for St. Luke's continued well-being, please make a pledge today . If you are worried that you don't have the resources to make a difference, please pledge anyway. Small gifts made by many people add up! If you already give to St. Luke's in other ways but have previously chosen not to pledge, please reconsider this year.

We are deeply grateful for the many pledges that have been made so far. We will continue to update you on our progress and encourage your support and participation. 

Finally, we also want to thank all of you who have taken the time to make a nomination for the Rector Search Committee. The Committee needs to reflect the demographic make-up of St. Luke’s, so if you are interested in nominating yourself or another person to be a leader in this critical choice, please fill out this form. You may fill out the form more than once if you have more than one suggestion. The more suggestions the Vestry has, the better able they will be to create a well-balanced group.

We wish all of you peace and joy during this season of Advent.

Susan Dove Lempke, Senior Warden
Peggy Newton, Junior Warden