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December 30, 2022

Holiday Hours

Building hours through the New Year:

A Gift from Coca-Cola

In December, Wes Lambert (pictured in the middle) and his Coca-Cola Consolidated team donated 26 hams, 1 turkey, and a bunch of Coke products to Haywood Street! Thank you for all your support!

New Harm Reduction and Healing Group

The intention behind the Harm Reduction and Healing group is to create a space for people at all different places in their healing journey, particularly around substance use and mental health, to come, share, be heard, and find connection without judgment.

This group is founded on the beliefs that 1) each one of us is the primary agent in our own healing and 2) collaboration will produce the most authentic group, where every individual's experience and needs are equally important! We will co-create our guidelines each time we meet and learn from our experiences together.

All are welcome, as long as you identify as a person with substance use and mental health challenges you want to work on, in your own way, but with the support of others! Every Tuesday from 1-2, beginning Jan. 3rd.

Benevolent Spirits

Time is running out to stop by one of the participating restaurants of the Benevolent Spirits Campaign to raise money for affordable housing! Visit by January 2nd to support Haywood Street Community Development.

Click HERE to see more information.

Employment Opportunities

Haywood Street has a number of open employment opportunities. To apply, visit our employment page HERE.

Applications can be submitted to Or, if you have questions reach out to

Next Companion Orientation January 9th

Due to the Holidays, the next companion orientation will be next Monday, January 9th at 5 pm. We'll meet in the sanctuary.

Be sure to invite your friends and family!

Companion Corner


  • Companion Orientation January 9th. We will meet in the sanctuary at 5:00pm. Invite your friends or family to attend!

  • Companion Care Crew- The Companion Care Crew is made up of Companions at Haywood Street Congregation who have the time, energy, and a sense of call to support Haywood Street’s ministries and Companions. If you'd like to join, let Katlyn know & look out for our next meeting time! 


  • Please make sure to check the sign up sheet each week and update it based on your availability or let Katlyn know if you will not be here. This lets us know if we will have the coverage we need each week.
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Haywood Street in Photos

Pastor Jody put together a little Children's choir for Sunday Christmas service!

Christmas songs with some of Haywood Street's children

Dave, Susan, and Robert enjoying Christmas breakfast together

Weekly Ministry Opportunities:


Sundays at 11:00 and Wednesdays at 12:30 in the sanctuary

Tuesday Prayer Group:12:00 in the sanctuary. Gather for a time of communal prayer 


Thursday Card Making: Group - 10:00am in Room 1 (off the main lobby) - Gather together to make cards for our community and friends in prison or in the hospital. 

Clothing Resources

Click below to see the list the places in the community to donate clothes and to find free clothes.

Click Here

Fresco Viewing Hours:

Sundays 9-12 

Monday-Thursday 10-2

By appointment, contact April at

Ways to Give

Your gift ensures that there is always enough, and room for everyone, at the many welcoming tables of Haywood Street. 


Friends and companions at Wednesday's Downtown Welcome Table


Warm Discomfort

By Lead Storyteller,

Melanee Rizk

It has always seemed odd to me that church is a place where we have to be on our best behavior, hiding whatever traumas and experiences have plagued us. It’s supposed to be where we wear our “church clothes,” pretending everything is okay. 

As I reflect on this year and the events that brought me to Haywood Street, I can say with certainty (and a little guilt) that what attracted me to Haywood Street has also made me uncomfortable. And I don’t mean homelessness, substance use, or mental illness. 

“Haywood Street is at its best when the lines between ‘us’ and ‘them' are dissolved. Being here, you’re invited to blur the boundaries you’ve been told to hold,” Pastor Brian told me as I started as the Lead Storyteller in May.  

What attracted me was this freedom of finally being able to show myself, to shake myself free of the layers of ‘make-believe’ I had created, thinking I had to be a particular way to help people in a different socio-economic class. I was invited to come just as I am. What I have also learned, though, is that this is terrifying! And it’s also the hardest part of being at Haywood Street. 

Whether it’s said aloud or not, I gather most of us who have grown up in the church have been taught that we are different or separate from those we “serve.” We’re the ones who know things they don’t know. We have all the answers to their questions–whether they know it or not. So, to keep up the facade, we pretend to have ourselves put together. 

When I get lost in this make-believe world, caught up in my insecurities or obsessions, the Spirit taps my shoulder and points my gaze in another direction. Sometimes not so gently, She shows me where Jesus appears. All the time, Jesus is in the shadows, out of the spotlight, and in the bodies of people from whom I’ve been taught to hide.

Haywood Street has been changing me in painful ways. With all growing pains though, we can’t avoid them if we are to eventually grow up and mature. I have had the opportunity to see and hear stories from friends and companions who have gone through these pains. They have waded through the discomfort of shaking off years of hiding to be welcomed into a different discomfort–but one that feels necessary and warm. 

The warm discomfort is felt in the overwhelming fullness of being in the holy presence of broken people. In our raw, exposed humanity, Christ is revealed. As one year closes and another begins, I look forward to joining my friends and companions who have experienced these growing pains. Thank you for showing yourselves and for being the Imago Deis of the world. This year, may each of us feel the warm touch of the Spirit and continue leaning into the discomfort of showing our whole selves.

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A witness to include the most excluded, Haywood Street not only welcomes every child of God–especially sisters and brothers of every mental illness and physical disability, addiction and diagnosis, living condition and employment status, gender identity and sexual orientation, class, color, and creed–but we celebrate your presence, certain that the kingdom of God is coming closer because you are here.