Our warm dry fall delayed the normal color change and eventual leaf drop this year. However, with much colder and stormy weather, we anticipate the delay is now over and most leaves are finally falling 2-3 weeks later than normal. The rainy, windy weather this past weekend had made a mess of most properties and we will be busy cleaning all week and quite frankly for the rest of the month and throughout the fall. 

As the leaves will be falling throughout the coming weeks, our clean-up will be focused on removing the leaves on the most important areas and focusing on bulk removal. We don't worry too much on details until the leaves are all down as too detailed of cleanup is a waste of time and short lived while the leaves continue to fall. Thank you for your patience with mother nature. 

With major leaf drop now occurring, our fleet of over 45 pull-behind leaf vacuums will be hard at work. You will see us blowing leaves out into parking lots and along curbs then our trucks with vacuums will come through and pick them up.  


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