"And we know that for those who love God, all things work together for good, for those who are called according to His purpose."
Romans 8:28
Spotlight Story

Sunday, February 11th, Reconciliation Outreach had the pleasure of hosting the young adults of Park Cities at the kickoff meeting for Party in the Park. Party in the Park is an annual fundraiser benefiting RO's after school program. At the kickoff, the teens enjoyed their time in fellowship, learning about Reconciliation Outreach and making Valentine's Day cards for the children in RO's after school program. The official event will be held at the North Park mall on Sunday, April 8th at 6pm. To help out please click the link below:

Welcome Ms. Felicia Matthew!
New Oasis Program Director

Warm Welcome to Felicia Mathew! Felicia Matthew is a Licensed Professional Counselor who has been using her gift of counseling long before she was called into the profession. Believing that we are all uniquely and wonderfully made, she incorporates a variety of approaches to help children and adults transition from surviving to thriving.

Her professional experience encompasses the educational nonprofit sector as well. Felicia is a state certified educator and licensed by the State of Texas and also has facilitated instruction, developed curriculum and implemented learning enrichment programs for students in preschool through college. Felicia is an alumni and former teacher at the Southern Methodist University. She also holds a Master of Arts in Professional Counseling from Amberton University.

In her role as the Oasis Women’s Director at Reconciliation Outreach, she is committed to guiding each resident through the process of hope with the love of Jesus Christ. 

Welcome to the Team Katrina Willis!

Katrina Willis has over twelve years’ experience in a leadership role, vendor management, and community service. Prior to joining Reconciliation Outreach, Katrina spent nine years as a manager at AT&T Corporate Office.

Katrina offers a wide range of programs and services experience – from Chief Financial Officer of one of the largest Employee Resource Groups operating separately from AT&T, to her entrepreneurship and volunteerism within the community.

Katrina specializes in helping others in her spiritual walk with Christ. Giving back has been one of the key elements within her foundation for many years. She has spent twenty-four years volunteering at community schools, promoting diversity and inclusion within the corporate sector and mentoring.

Katrina has received various awards for her community service including the PVSA from the White House. Always carrying John 14:1 with her in her daily walk. She’s excited to be a part of this team.
Wednesday, February 28, Frederick Brisco made an important decision in his walk with the Jesus as he decided to get baptized choosing to make Jesus his Lord as well as his Savior. Frederick has been at RO for about 2 months and is committed to strengthening his relationship and continuing his walk for the rest of his life with his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
Matthew Biamont - Alpha Program Graduate
Matthew was born on October 16th, 1966 in Flint, Michigan. He is the middle child of three brothers. Matthew had a good childhood growing up and lived the common American lifestyle. Matt was brought up in church and believed in God as a young teen.  
He began using recreational drugs with some peers at a party at the age of 16. Matt didn’t get hooked right away but over time he began using heavier drugs and within 7 years his life was beyond repair. Matt attributes heavy-metal music as playing a major role in his downward spiral into a life of spiritual bondage. Matt was stuck between serving in his church and using drugs. The guilt and shame dominated his life. He couldn’t understand, how he could be living this way. He sought answers that would bring freedom but found none, causing him to dive deeper into darkness. 
Matt was facing some legal issues and found out about Reconciliation Outreach through a church located in Carrolton, TX. He was on his way to being homeless and desperate for a place to live. He was admitted into the discipleship program but had to serve 14 months in prison. He was released in February 2017th and was admitted back into the Alpha program. 
Matt says’, “I didn’t have hope and I didn’t care about my life before I came to RO, now I have hope.” He said, he started accepting things he knew to be true about God, that he had trouble accepting when he was younger. He says he was exposed to the biblical teachings at RO and the camaraderie in the men’s home which brought him healing. Turns out nothing is beyond repair in the kingdom of God. Matt was invited into the Ministry Intern Program and has been serving in various areas at Reconciliation Outreach. As he continues his walk at Reconciliation Outreach, he prays that his relationship with his son will be restored.  
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