Winter Newsletter
December 2017
President's Message
Suzanne Seymour

As we approach the winter solstice and the holiday season, I have reason to pause for all the things that hold meaning for me. Becoming the AMTA Vermont Chapter President is a dream come true ~ I love the AMTA. I have since the first time I heard one of my teachers talking about all the things we could do as a collective to further advance the field of massage therapy in the world. And for that, I am thankful and grateful for this opportunity.
And with that, I hope to listen and be present for what our Chapter needs most. Is it opportunities to socialize and network? Greater educational events... or time to unwind and chill ourselves? Is licensing a priority for Vermonters? And if not, why? What are our challenges moving forward... and what are our greatest strengths as a smaller Chapter?
For me, living and having a practice in Vermont is actualizing my dream... working with real people, with real problems and making a difference: not just within their bodies, but in the world as well. And I started by healing myself first. Because as we heal one another, we heal the planet. Real change is within us, and we have the power to make real change in our clients by listening to our own inner dreams. By inspiring myself, I know I am inspiring others.
I am inspired to be a strong leader for you in the next few years... let's make this world a better place, together~

In This Issue
Upcoming Events
2018 Scholarship Application
Due by April 30, 2018

Don't forget to apply for our annual AMTA-VT educational event scholarship!!  We were lucky to raise enough money for two AMTA members to attend.  Good luck!

Scholarship Application
Save The Date for 2018 Education! 
November 10th-11th
Educational Weekend Getaway at Lake Morey Resort in Fairlee, VT. 
Lake Morey... ahhhh_
Vendor Hall shopping
Our lovely Vendors!
Massage Therapists Massaging Massage Therapists
Shellie Samuels - our invaluable registrar!
Welcome New and Transfer Members!

Sonia Norris ~ Winooski
Sherri Hooks ~ Richford
Rex Dazzle ~ Burlington
Elizabeth McShinsky ~ White River Junction
Suzanne Olmsted ~ Windsor
Gloria Moore ~ Springfield
Margo Bluhm ~ Essex Junction
Anna Maynard ~ Sunderland
Felicia Canney ~ Rutland
Raymond Bowen ~ Bloomfield
Sarah Goldberg ~ Eden
Melissa Bartley ~ Bridport
Rebecca Ruplin ~ Plymouth
Susan Hosmer ~ Brattleboro
Tsering Cummings ~ Burlington
Anna Terry ~ Rupert
Suzanne Tremblay ~ Saint Albans

Update your contact information at to receive up-to-date AMTA National and VT Chapter information and offerings. We look forward to your involvement in our local chapter - welcome!

Hannah Rohloff
Membership Chair

George Russell and Mandy Bates

Class at Lake Morey Resort

Denise Gebroe, Linda Ledoux and Jessica Ferrar, Scoliosis Workshop, 2017

The Rhode Island Chapter Rocking It

Laura Bull, Election Co-ordinator (seated)

Snow Frye, VT-50, 2017

Caren Maslowsky, VT-50, 2017

Melissa Marks, VT-50, 2017

Denise Gebroe,Sports Massage Chair, VT- 50, 2017
Your VT Chapter Board of Directors and Committee Chairs, 2016 - 2017
Left to right: Suzan Seymour, Hannah Rohloff, Amy Holibaugh, Melissa Marks, Lj Stewart, Denise Gebroe

Vermont Chapter Wins First Ever National Innovation Award!
Yup, it's true! We did it!

The Vermont Chapter was the recipient of the new Innovation Award, which simply put, means we did something truly innovative and creative with and for our chapter members. In 2016, we put together the first ever Massage Therapy Comedy Show: For massage therapists, BY massage therapists, ABOUT massage therapy! Members loved it and Nationals did, too!
The VT-50 Sports Massage Team 2017
By Denise Gebroe, Sports Massage Chair
Vt. Chapter Sports Massage Team
It w as a blistering hot heatwave! I couldn't imagine walking a city block let alone running 35 miles or mountain biking 50K!!! Of course, I'm talking about The Vermont 50 and the 25th anniversary of this race.

Myself and 10 courageous volunteers camped for the day in the massage tent. The first waves were fine, these people were at it for years, but as the athletes staggered in the rest of the day our triage skills were on high alert. We spent an incredible 5-12 hours taking care of these sweaty, muddy folks with offending muscle cramps. A few of my friends who rode the course stumbled over to me, with hamstrings locking up. We ran over to the first aid tent countless times for electrolyte drinks to help with the cramping.

I was surrounded by amazing people donating their time to help with the event . Suz Seymour, Melissa Marks, Deb Shearer, Eric Warren, Ariel Day, Nathan Marshall, Snow Frye, Caren Maslowsky and Jen Larivier all came to support and work with the athletes on this intense day of super fun!! I gave out goodie bags to all my volunteers to keep their hydration and snacking up throughout the day. We had free ice cream, amazing food and music. I was left with such a great feeling of gratitude and satisfaction that I cannot wait till next year's event!

Let's grow our team! I would love to be surrounded by double the people next year. If you have any interest, please contact me directly at:

NEXT YEAR'S EVENT IS: September 30, 2018. Mark your calendars and get ready for a great day!

Looking Forward to November 10th-11th of 2018!
Join Your AMTA-VT Chapter at Lake Morey

Thank you to everyone who attended and volunteered at this past November's Educational Retreat Getaway at the Lake Morey Resort :)

I'd like to inform you that next year we will again have some fabulous presenters coming to Vermont for another year of hands-on education.  Please consider attending!
~ Melissa Marks, Education Chair
The Auth Method: Forearm Massage
Save Your Hands & Your Career
Shari is a holistic health practitioner who blends a host of time honored traditional bodywork and herbal practices. She is currently pursuing a Doctor's of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine.
"Using the forearms instead of the hands is a great way to reduce stress to the hands, which are so overused in massage work. All massage therapists should learn the Auth Method forearm massage techniques to help protect and prolong their careers."   Lauriann Greene, CEAS; Co-author of Save Your Hands! The Complete Guide to Injury Prevention and Ergonomics for Manual Therapists, 2nd Ed.
Soul Lightening Acupressure
In this workshop participants learn about the healing and transforming power of acupressure, practice techniques to use for self-care, and take home skills they can use for the rest of their life.

Save the Date! Registration Details will be Announced Soon :)

Meet & Greets: The Trivia Version!

Suz Seymour and friend
Just a few weeks ago, many of us gathered at the Lake Morey Resort for our annual Educational Weekend Getaway. If you weren't there, you missed a great time! As part of the weekend activities, we planned a Saturday night Meet & Greet. Our ever-comedic President, Suz, coined the name "The Naked Truth Trivia Show" and participants formed teams to collectively answer massage and anatomy related questions.
There were a lot of laughs throughout the evening as well as some fierce competition! The winning team walked away with Vermont Chapter pins, as well as free samples of massage-related products.
Think you know your anatomy? Here's a sampling of the many questions our contestants faced and conquered!
  • Name the three muscles that attach into the Pes Anserine tendon. Bonus Point if you know what Pes Anserine means!
  • When mimicking the Creature from the Black Lagoon, which muscle is engaged?
  • Who is considered the "father" of Swedish Massage? Bonus Point for correct spelling!
  • On what bone would you find the infraglenoid tubercle?
How well did you do??
If you'd like to host a Massage Meet & Greet in your town or at your office or school, contact Hannah Rohloff at or Suzan Seymour at . We can't promise trivia, but we can promise a great time of comradery and connection.
A Message from One of Our 2018 Assembly of Delegates Representatives 
Lj Stewart represented AMTA-VT at the 2017 HOD meeting and was elected as one of two AOD representatives in the coming year. Jennifer Smith Findley is our other AOD Rep for 2018.
Lj Stewart
S eptember's National House of Delegates meeting was the last. The HOD was
dissolved and the new ASSEMBLY of Delegates has a different purpose.

In the past, State Delegates were responsible for position statements and research papers, yet the majority of our professional colleagues are unfamiliar with the mechanisms required for research and legal language, thus the National BOD decided these issues are best left to those who know about grant writing and research papers, etc.

The new Assembly of Delegates will be comprised of an equal number of representatives, two per state and the job description includes reporting back on the general culture and climate of the Massage Therapy profession, within each state.

Chapter Delegate is not an entry level position and the volunteer requirements make clear that Delegates should have their finger on the heartbeat of the profession Statewide, representing ALL Massage Therapists/Bodyworkers regardless of affiliation, in addition to AMTA members.

I hope to represent all concerned, fairly.

I stepped down from the Chapter Presidency due to....
Government Relations Update
There's still plenty of interest out there as to what's been happening in our State regarding licensing our profession.
What startles me over and over is how many government representatives as well as clients are not aware that we are currently unregulated. This is why it's important to educate your clients and community about what it is that you do. Be a voice for Massage Therapy and inform everyone you know. 

This fall we have met with representatives from Bennington, Montpelier, and South Burlington to start the discussion on the correct way to approach our unique community of therapists' ideas and concerns. Change is inevitable and we feel very passionate about staying involved in order to know how to proceed. We have been making decent progress listening to how things work at the state level and recognizing the right course of action.

We will continue this season to meet more representatives on the Government Relations Committee of Vermont to explain to them why some of us would like to see this current environment change in a way that compliments all massage therapists. Stay involved, be proud of your profession and if you'd like to know more, don't hesitate to contact me.

Warm Regards~Melissa Marks, GR chair
Welcome New Board Members and Returning Volunteers!
Heather Chadwick
The AMTA-VT Chapter recently held elections - we hope you voted via electronic ballot. Laura Bull Morley was our elections coordinator this year - thank you, Laura! We'd like to announce and welcome our new BOD members and volunteers. And a special thanks to Amy Holibough and Melissa Marks, past BOD volunteers who are moving on from their positions on the board. 

Rachelle Ackerman is stepping in as our new Financial Administrator.

Heather Chadwick is taking over as Chapter Secretary.

Jennifer Smith Findley and Lj Stewart are returning as chapter volunteers as our two elected Assembly of Delegates Representatives.