The Green New Deal is taking Washington by storm. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (Dem, NY) and Senator Ed Markey (Dem, MA) introduced the Green New Deal, a package of legislation aimed at cutting carbon emissions and eliminating greenhouse gases from agricultural, transportation and manufacturing industries over the next ten years.

According to Civil Eats , the legislation stands in alliance with food and farming movements demanding an overhaul of unjust labor and environmental practices in the agricultural industry. Public monies would be pushed toward renewable energy, local-scale farming practices and “green” technology. The legislation would support basic income programs, universal health care, labor unions, job-readiness programs and other measures that promote economic security for workers. Sunrise Movement , a national organization of young environmentalists, claim this could be the greatest commitment to climate change mitigation and agricultural reform the United States has ever seen.

While the Green New Deal is admittedly ambitious, hopefully it will help center progressive climate legislation in future policies. Tune in to NPR to find out more.