Wishing You and Your Family a Safe and Healthy Holiday Season 

We at EAI send you our best wishes!

May this holiday season bring joy and healing and the emergence of a new normal which benefits us all. May the elephants inspire us with their strength in the face of adversity. May their wisdom and compassion illuminate the need for deep connections with family and friends. May 2021 unite us, like a herd of elephants, individuals working together for the betterment of our world.

Making a Difference for Jaymati Kali

Just last week EAI learned about Jaymati Kali, a privately-owned elephant who has become very ill. Jaymati Kali is in her 70's and has lost her last set of teeth making the standard dry diet difficult to eat. As a result, she has lost weight and has difficulty staying warm on cold winter nights. These are the exact situations where we can help!

Thanks to the gentle persuasion of Raju, our representative in Nepal, the elephant's owner has accepted EAI's offer of an enriched diet and a winter coat for Jaymati Kali. Until she is fully recovered, twice a day, Jaymati Kali will receive a cauldron full of cooked rice, chickpea and molasses porridge. This enriched diet is nutritious, easily digested and does not require teeth to eat! Additionally, her new coat will help keep her warm each winter.

For Jaymati Kali and those who care for her, this is monumental, and a testament to our mantra, "One World...One Elephant at a Time." Word of EAI's work is spreading organically and owners are buying into the idea that together we can improve the lives of elephants.

We will provide the enriched diet so Jaymati Kali receives the protein, carbohydrates and minerals she needs to hopefully regain her health. Each cauldron of porridge contains 3.5 pounds of cooked rice mixed with 1 pound of molasses and 2 pounds of chickpea. Here's how your donations help:
  • $15 provides a month worth of molasses
  • $25 provides 100 pounds of rice-enough for ½ month
  • $58 provides a month of chickpea protein
  • $123 covers the cost to feed Jaymati Kali for a whole month
  • $250 covers the cost of Jaymati Kali's winter coat
Special 2020 Tax Deduction
Now is the time to take advantage of the special $300 tax deduction for 2020. The CARES Act allows taxpayers to claim an "above-the-line" deduction of up to $300 for cash donations made to charities during 2020. This means the deduction lowers both adjusted gross income and taxable income-translating into tax savings for donations to qualifying tax-exempt organizations like EAI.
Lambodhar Prasad Needs a Coat

When we heard our old friend Lambodhar Prasad was in trouble, we welcomed the chance to help. Many long-time EAI supporters will recognize Lambodhar Prasad's name as we have provided assistance to him over the last decade. A few years ago, he was shifted to a remote hattisar (shelter) for a more quiet and less disruptive environment without noisy crowds of people.

We just learned that he became ill and was returned to the government hattisar in Sauraha where vets and mahouts can care for him. The National Trust for Nature Conservation is giving him assistance, and EAI is providing a coat to protect him from the cold winter nights.

We join our supporters in wishing Lambodhar Prasad a swift and complete recovery.
Mel Kali is Thriving at 80

Mel Kali calmly eats her rice porridge as her mahouts fit her with her winter coat. 

Join us in celebrating the wonderful life and story of Mel Kali, the most famous elephant in Chitwan National Park, Nepal. She was the first participant in EAI's foot care program; first of 5 elephants in Asia to be released into chain free corrals built by EAI; and the first elephant in Nepal to formally retire after many years of service to the National Trust for Nature Conservation. That was in 2013. Since then, she has wandered freely in the Park without a mahout and decides for herself whether to return to her chain free corral at night. Every winter for the past 7 years, Mel Kali has worn a coat donated by EAI to keep her warm and happy. 

Her retirement and the attention to her physical needs has resulted in Mel Kali living an autonomous and healthy life into her 80's. She is a new model in the world of captive-held elephants -- a model that respects her lifetime of service and recognizes freedom from human control is her birthright.
New Year's Prayer Flag Retirement Ceremony

To welcome the new year, we will hold a Prayer Flag Retirement Ceremony on January 1st at 3:00 PM EST. Join Carol on FaceBook Live to celebrate our work in support of elephants, together as a group, which according to ancient tradition brings us closer and increases our energy and belief in our work for the following year.

This ceremony is designed as a group activity for all who flew EAI prayer flags in 2020. By tradition, when disposing of prayer flags that have become dull and frayed, one should burn them so the smoke can carry the flags' blessings to the heavens. As you burn prayer flags, remember the intentions and blessings embedded in the flags and envision compassion for all sentient beings. You may also choose to let your old prayer flags fade and disintegrate naturally, hanging new flags with old ones. The contrast between old and new prayer flags is a reminder of impermanence and the continuing cycle of birth and death.

We have a limited supply of vibrant custom-made prayer flags created for us in Nepal. If you would like to join in the ceremony by hanging new EAI prayer flags, please visit Tarra's Treasure Trunk and place your order by Wednesday, December 23rd.

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