Issue 6.52
December 24, 2020
Message from the President
Congress is expected to enact another round of pandemic relief aid later today. Here is a story in Politico that breaks down this $900 billion dollar spending bill into short, easy-to-read components. Included in the package is:

  • Direct aid to unemployed individuals
  • Targeted monies for industries like airlines, live arts, and more
  • Aid for owners of rental properties who have tenants unable to pay
  • Money to prop up the childcare industry
  • Increased funding for broadband and telemedicine
  • Tax incentives for business meals (deductibility)

Monday, January 11, 2021
2020 was a challenging year and it ended with state and national elections. The country also witnessed heightened social and civil unrest, the first pandemic in over one hundred years, and more. Taken together, how will all these new realities and priorities reflect themselves in the choices that policymakers will make moving forward? William Kristol, founder and director of Defending Democracy Together, political analyst, and network television commentator, will explore how the events of 2020 are redefining our political landscape and future.
Occupational Mobility Explorer

At the State Chamber's Back to Work Conference this past July, the Philadelphia Fed's Kyle DeMaria presented on his study, Exploring a Skills-Based Approach to Occupational Mobility, which showed that defining occupations by the skills required to do them could expand opportunities for economic mobility. Watch the presentation >

Researchers from the Philadelphia and Cleveland Feds analyzed the skills that employers request in the 33 largest metro areas and look for opportunities for workers to transfer their skills from one occupation to a similar — but higher-paying — occupation in the same labor market. This research led to the designing of their recently launched tool, the Occupational Mobility Explorer, which makes their findings interactive and wholly accessible to those interested in economic mobility. View the tool >
New Taxpayer Portal
by the Division of Revenue
As you may be aware, the State of Delaware, Division of Revenue is undergoing a modernization of its tax administration systems, including a new online taxpayer portal. You will soon be able to view your account information, file, and pay on the Division of Revenue’s new taxpayer portal. The new portal launched on December 14, 2020 for taxpayers to create a profile that can be used in January for filing, paying, and more. Additional information on the project >


IN 2013, Marissa Mayer—newly appointed as CEO of Yahoo—called for a return to the office from an uptick in remote work. Although it is not 2013 and the circumstances of 2020 are quite different from that of the 2012 recession, there is much that can be learned in the way industry and economy bounced back from that time in our not so distant history. It is not a secret that the question keeping business owners up at night is whether to return to the office post-COVID-19. Read more >
with Jennifer Cohan
Jennifer Cohan is the incoming CEO of Leadership Delaware.

"I am honored to have been elected as LDI's next CEO. It is a privilege to join an organization which develops leaders who will make a positive difference throughout our State. I am a lifelong learner of leadership and I believe strongly in giving back to the amazing Delaware community," said Cohan.

Join us on February 11 at 8:30 am to hear Jennifer Cohan's personal story of leadership and her plans for an organization that develops Delaware's leaders of tomorrow. Register >
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