Happy fall, PEPS friends!
This time of year takes me back to memories of Alaska. As soon as it started to get colder and darker, many people would venture inside and seemingly not emerge until spring. For some, it was a cozy season and, for many, a lonely one.
At PEPS, we know about the harmful effects that loneliness has on our health, particularly in the weeks and months following the arrival of a new baby. I recently had a chance to talk about post-partum loneliness with Seattle Mama Doc, Dr. Swanson, on KUOW. Sometimes when we are with our new baby, we don't realize what we're feeling is loneliness. We can feel lonely when suddenly it's the least alone that we've ever been - this tiny baby is with you all the time.
Regardless of stage of life, when you don't feel like yourself, when you feel low on energy, when you experience a hard time, or have only spoken to your child(ren) for days, I'm giving you a gentle push to pick up the phone and call - or even better - get some facetime with a friend. We need each other, and sometimes that is easy to forget.
We have a great newsletter for you this month. If something inspires you, share it with a friend you haven't heard from in a while. Thank you for reading and for being a part of our community.
Warm wishes of connection,

Jessica Lawmaster
Executive Director

PEPS Articles & Resources
Reaching Parents with Open Arms
Open Arms Perinatal Services and PEPS started a group for Spanish-speaking families, coordinated and co-led by Betty Hernandez. Betty hoped the group would "become a bridge" for information and resources and also enrich the community "with the traditional models and customs shared by each of the participants."
I Love My Baby, But I Miss My Old Life
"In my work with new mothers, we're making space for feelings of ambivalence, regret, grief and loss that might come along with a new baby." Laurie Ganberg, LICSW shares this affirming essay. 
What's New with the Flu?
Flu season is coming so it's time to add scheduling flu vaccines to your to-do list. Dr. Wendy Sue Swanson, also known as Seattle Mama Doc, talks about this year's flu, vaccines, and ways to prepare kids for getting a shot.
Shall I Compare Thee? Parenting Thoughts from a Poet's Desk
"I tiptoe to my computer to indulge in poetry, now a habit as much as a hobby. I've noticed parallels between parenting and writing poems ... that shed light on my job as a mother." Read more from writer and PEPS mom Jessica Towns
Raise a Good Human: Bring them to the Theatre
At  SCT , we have a saying: "However you show up to the theatre, that is how you show up: whether you're happy, grumpy, excited, sad: we welcome you as you are!" Read more about kids and going to see a theatre performance

PEPS families can get tickets to  The Velveteen Rabbit with discount code: PEPS20 - or at the link here:  http://www.sct.org/promo/peps20.
Sow the Seed to Reap the Harvest
With any given task (planting a garden, raking leaves, or cutting firewood), we have to put in the work in order to see the rewards. The same goes for saving for college. With Washington's College Savings Plans (WA529), you can save what you can, when you can. Read more about the options here.

There are more families to reach


Seattle and the Puget Sound area are growing, and PEPS is growing to meet this need. Your gift can help us reach more families! Kick off the giving season on #GivingTuesday, the global day of giving!


The first $5,000 donated to PEPS by December 31, 2018 will be matched by the Apex Foundation.

Preparing for Baby
Kim Chan is a PEPS Newborn Group Leader in central Seattle.  "As I prepare to lead a PEPS Newborn group discussion on Emotional Changes and Challenges and prepare for the arrival of our second child, I want to share my approach with other new and expecting parents through this post."
Babies on Bikes
" You can choose to ride in the rain or not, ride in only the summer or all year round, keep your car or not. And, you can be somewhere between car-lite and car-less." Read how these biking families go everywhere, including to grocery shop and for doctor's appointments. 
Drag Queen Story Hour sparkles for Seattle families 
Aleksa Manila reads books to children at Drag Queen Story Hour events in Seattle. Aleksa chooses books that are either authored by or about queer families, such as And Tango Makes Three and Bob is a Unicorn. I want to open hearts and minds." Read more in Seattle's Child and at DQSH.org.  
Creative Thinking & Imagination
If your child comes home and says, "...and then we drank purple milk that came from a purple cow," you can offer encouragement for creativity and imagination. 

Bright Horizons has lots of ideas for creative play and development in this post for PEPS!
PEPS Spotlight: Childish Things
Wendy Powell started her shop Childish Things in 2008 and has sponsored PEPS for 8 years. Recently she told us about why she makes this commitment: "It is priceless to build community with others who are in that very significant time. I feel PEPS helps bring us together as communities." Read about Wendy and sponsoring PEPS.                     
10 Ideas for Playing Outside in the Dark
Flashlights, headlamps, glow in the dark paint, eerie mist, and pretending to be cave explorers - read all the fun ways to play in the dark in this piece from ParentMap. 
One Year In, With Twins
"This past year, in defiance of whatever scientific laws govern the passage of time, has been both the longest and the shortest year of my life."  PEPS mom Leah Watt reflects on what she has learned in the past year with the addition of twins to her family.

November 16 & 30 and December 7, 14 & 21, 11:30 am - 1 pm
Adjusting to Parenthood - Seattle Holistic Center
Drop-in for extra emotional support during the first year.

November 27
Join us to celebrate the global day of giving! You can make a difference by making a gift to PEPS to support new families in our community.

December 6, 12 - 1:30 pm
Grandparent Brown Bag
Infant and early childhood mental health specialist Shanna Donhauser will talk about the important role of grandparents in the healthy beginnings for new families. RSVP to attend this free event.

March 5, 11 am - 1 pm - We're saving a plate for you!
PEPS Benefit Luncheon - Seattle Center Fisher Pavilion
Join us to get inspired, give back, and make an impact! RSVP with your table captain or register here.
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