The Pupdate
edition 5 - January 18, 2018
Join us for a waggin' good time!
Saturday January 20, 2018 we'll be at Lazy Dog in Addison
showcasing some of our furry family and expanding our presence!
Stop by the patio and say hello!
In lieu of a donation we're asking for $15+ bottle of wine to be donated and used for our 2018 Gala wine pull.

Winter finally hit and it's been chilly!
Rain or Shine, Snow or Sleet the Show Doesn't Stop!
A HUGE thank you to our caregivers for being there every step of the way and helping take care of our doggies. The days have been bitter cold, long and exhausting, but you know that you mean the world to those dogs! Thank you.

Currently the majority of our dogs do live outside in well maintained structures that have hay, dog houses and heating lamps inside. This has been the norm at our shelter for the past 20 years, BUT we're on a mission to change this. An incredible donor has offered their services in architecture and we now have plans in place for an amazing facility allowing us the opportunity to move indoors and take in more rescues! This structure will run $1.5 million, but every dollar counts! Can you help us move indoors?
In the meantime, what we desperately need is a way to expand our electrical capacity to ensure we have the ability to keep the heat lamps running and needs met for our inside building. Can you help us out keeping the heat going?
Get ready for a night to remember at our 2nd annual Dancing & Prancing Gala, dinner, wine pull, silent and live auctions and overall enjoyment as we gather to share our support towards Straydog's mission! Saturday March 3, 2018 from 6pm - 10pm at Union Station featuring Wolfgang Puck cuisine.

Invitations have gone out and should be in your mailbox this week!
Don't worry about mailing back the RSVP, you can purchase tickets or give a donation right here!
Do you have an item you'd like to donate, connections to people and places or willing to help hit the pavement asking business? We could use all the help!
Join us on Sunday January 21, 2018
2pm at Lakewood United Methodist Church
2443 Abrams Road - Dallas
Please RSVP with Linda at

Our adoption event on January 20, 2018 will be held at Lazy Dog Restaurant and Bar in Addison. Stop by the patio and say hello to our furry friends! In lieu of a donation we're asking for $15+ bottle of wine to be donated and used for our 2018 Gala wine pull.

2018 is all about exposure and showing off our amazing pups so they can find forever homes and we can save more! We're open to suggestions, connections and contacts for restaurants, locations or events where we can meet the public, let us know if you have any input!
We'd love to be a part of your family...
I bet you think I'm winking at you with this big silly grin on my face...nope, this is my everyday look! I'm Allie, the sweetest little Chihuahua at almost 6-years-old. I lost my eye in 2016 when an ulcer appeared. I was living here at Straydog and they took me to the vet and had it all fixed up. I love to run in the park and be the leader of the Chi gang, but honestly this girl's ready to rest and do my favorite activity, sittin' in your lap, 24/7!
Good day, I'm Chip and at 5-years-old I'm super charismatic and adult, or so I like to think of myself. I and my 3 siblings landed at this magical place when we were found abandoned in a ditch as starved puppies. We've lived our lives here and I, in particular, have had the pleasure of many kennel mates (all for good reasons). I can't say enough wonderful things about this facility, but I am certain that I'm ready to pass my kennel on to a new rescue!
Send the team an email and our good friend David will bring us for a visit!
Straydog Shelter and Sanctuary is currently home to 173 dogs full of love! Your generous donations support our mission in being a No-Kill shelter and sanctuary, providing an enjoyable and loving home for all ages and challenges faced by our dogs, all while seeking to find their forever home.