Sweet Heart
Polar Pear
Tea Time
Welcome to our latest newsletter. It's winter.  Need we say more?  Despite the beautiful landscapes our pruning team walks through each day, we are always looking for ways to warm up.  Enjoy some sweet ideas from Subarashii.
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January 2014

Sweet Heart.

dried pears no border      
Valentine's Day is just weeks away!

Looking for a healthy gift for your sweetheart?  Give the gift of our dried Asian Pears - all natural, high in fiber, full of Lutein, and most importantly: sweet, chewy & candy-like. Our pear-shaped gift package is just the sweetest size, too.   

But if you can't resist the temptation of chocolate, here's a quick trail-mix you can share with your Valentine.  Toss our dried Asian Pears in a bowl together with some small white-chocolate pieces (Belgian white chocolate is best) and a few nut pieces (try cashew or pecan). 

Enjoy free Ground shipping anywhere this winter when you order our dried Asian Pears; use promo code "winter."   

Polar Pear.

As hard as it is, we do relish these frigid weeks of winter. We know our trees are deep in hibernation, getting ready for Spring. Plus, with acres of snow covered ground, it is a visually dramatic time in our orchard.   

Tea Time. 

This time of year, what better way to enjoy a cup of hot tea than with our Asian Pear Blossom Honey.  The mellow and smooth flavors of our honey round out the notes of your favorite steeped tea.  

Notably, our distinctive jar is a charming partner to any tea service:  round, pear-shaped complement to a plate of cozy cookies or tea-time biscuit. 

And of course, our richly flavored honey is a soothing addition to a hearty mug of hot tea. Certain to help calm any scratchy throat. 

Free Ground shipping anywhere this winter for our Asian Pear Blossom Honey,  or our Dried Asian Pears or Asian Pear Spread. Use promotional code "winter" when ordering from 

Warmed Asian Pear Spiced Wine 



Enjoy a reprieve from winter's polar temperatures with a Subarashii warming beverage. Simple to make and ideal to enjoy after chilling outdoor activities or chores (shoveling snow!).  Accented with star-anise, this winter-time drink made with our Asian Pear Wine is quite pretty in presentation as well.  Chef Javan suggests sharing this with guests while gathered around the hearth and roaring fire.


To download this recipe, click here.

Click here to learn where to buy our Riesling-style Subarashii Kudamono Asian Pear Wine in select fine wine shops in PA, NJ, MD, VA, and DC.  Interested in having our wine shipped to you? Email us to find out how.





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