Romana Kryzanowska
 6/30/1923 to 8/30/2013
"Love all Around"
- Romana Kryzanowska

We perform the 100 to warm up our body and get the heart and lungs working and sending oxygenated blood through our system.  Our weather has been close to 100 degrees.  Come into our cool studio to get your body, heart and lungs warmed up.  

August 30th is a date we remember on the sixth anniversary of Romana Kryzanowska passing.  She was a life force till her last days and still inspires us through the memories and words she left us.  All of the teachers at June Hines Pilates continue to keep her energy alive in our lessons with each of you.
Our featured teacher this month is Megan Egan who teaches at our Jenkintown Studio.  Read more about Megan below.

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Megan Egan

Featured Teacher:
Megan Egan
Megan, a native of Philadelphia, received her Pilates certification in 1999.  After directing the Pilates studio of NY in Bryn Mawr, PA for many years, she moved to North Carolina.  She took time away from teaching for family, Brian, Sibohan, and Nuela.  Megan continued her own study of Pilates while also teaching at Harmony Pilates studio.    
Megan returned to the Philadelphia region in 2013 continuing her weekly lessons at June Hines Pilates.  She has been teaching in our Jenkintown studio since this past spring.

  • Megan Egan working with Clare Ellinwood
    Certified Pilates Instructor - Pilates Studio of New York -1999 
  • Director of Pilates Studio of NY in Bryn Mawr, PA - 1999-2004
  • MS in Counseling - Georgia State University - 1996
  • Ed.M in Reading - Temple University - 1989 
  • BS in Business Administration and Marketing and Operations Management - Drexel University - 1984
  • Worked with abused and AIDS affected kids 5-17 years old in play and talk therapy in Georgia & Pennsylvania 
Cynthia Shipley

Studio News
We had a great visit with Cynthia Shipley! 
Cynthia Shipley, Level 2 Teacher Trainer with Romana's Pilates was in all of our three studios teaching lessons.  She brought her wonderful energy and got us all moving.  We refreshed our concepts of "scoop", "C Curve", and "stabilize".  Thank you Cynthia for three wonderful days of Pilates. 

Studio News  
The team at June Hines Pilates appreciates your friendship and participation in our community for the past two decades in Rydal, Doylestown, and now three years in Jenkintown.  We are committed to providing you with the best instruction exclusively under the method designed and tested by Joseph Pilates' and passed on by his renowned protegee Romana Kryzanowska.  We are also excited to provide exclusive events with world class leaders in the Pilates community.  
We have tried to keep our rates down.  It has been (6) years since the last increase in fees.  At this time we feel we need to raise our rates to reflect rising costs.     
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Integrative Massage Method with Sharon Michels
Give the Gift of Massage (to you or a friend) 
Enjoy your introductory massage with Sharon Michels for $50 and each subsequent massage for $85.  And, after your first massage don't forget to take advantage of Sharon's "Refer a Friend" program - ask Sharon for more details. 
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Jenkintown Studio
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August Special

Two 1/2 hour private lessons for $80
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