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New Stallion Slideshow
Breeding Farm News: Wild Turkey Stallions' Offspring
Contest! Win Tickets to Dressage at Devon
News: DaD Judges Announced
Breeding Farm News: Silver Twist Stallion Story
Foundation Fridays:
Breeding Farm News: Breeding Specials!
Results from World Young Horse Championships 2018
Article: Competition vs Brood Mares
Knowledge Base: Tips for Less Stressful Weaning
New Stallion Slideshow on WarmbloodStallionsNA.com
Visit WarmbloodStallionsNA.com and the first thing you'll see is our slideshow of featured stallions. It's a fun way to browse a selection of the stallions on the site - and we've just updated our slideshow to include some boys who have never been in before. First up is Mannhattan , and Oldenburg stallion standing at Avalon Equine, shown here.

Check it out!

Breeding Farm News
Successful Offspring of Wild Turkey Farm's Stallions

Wild Turkey Farm stands several acclaimed stallions, and a number of their offspring have done well in competition. We have a new article that highlights three:

Dunstan Delphi by LioCalyon (Dunstan Delphi is shown; p hoto courtesy of Katie Laurie)

Elita Toscita DF by LaMarque

Coco Colette by Limoncello II

Contest! Win Tickets to Dressage at Devon 2018!
Would you like to attend the largest open breed show in the world? We have pairs of tickets to give away!

Dressage at Devon is held this year on September 25 - 30, in Devon, Pennsylvania. The breed show is held the first three days, the 25th through the 27th, followed by three days of world-class dressage competition. Tickets are for all six days.

A huge attraction for breeders, Dressage at Devon presents the largest open breed show in the world, spanning three days and including a full range of classes. It's a fabulous place to watch the quality of the youngest generation of horses, from fabulous foals to stunning young stallion prospects. The Breed Division of the show is held the first three days, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. The Performance Division follows Friday through Sunday, and typically draws some of the finest dressage competitors in North American dressage.

Event News
Dressage at Devon Announces Judges for Breed Show
The judges for Dressage at Devon have been announced. The judges for the breed division will be:

Christel Carlson  (S-WA) “R” DSHB “S” Dressage
Janet Foy (USA) “R” DSHB & FEI 5*
Gwen Ka’awaloa (R-CO) “R” DSHB “R” Dressage “r” Western Dressage
Janine Malone  (R-NC) “R” DSHB “R” Dressage

Breeding Farm News
Silver Twist

We have a new Stallion Story! Come and read the story of Silver Twist, an Anglo-Trakehner stallion with a remarkable pedigree and a remarkable life.

Stallion Stories are the "back stories" of the stallions - behind the competition success and ribbons. What is that stallion's story, and what is he really like?

Foundation Fridays
Recent Foundation Sires Featured on WarmbloodStallionsNA.com
We started a new feature on WarmbloodStallionsNA.com in 2018: Foundation Fridays! Every other Friday we will be featuring a foundation sire - one who has been influential in the development of warmblood breeds. Since our last email newsletter, we have added two new stallions. With most of these articles, we'll be pulling from the incredible archive of The Horse Magazine , published by Chris Hector of Australia. Thank you, Chris, for permission to draw on your expertise!

In each of these articles, we introduce a Foundation Sire, and we also include links to stallions with each of these bloodlines who are on WarmbloodStallionsNA.com .

Click on the following links to read about each Foundation Sire:


Breeding Farm News - Breeding Specials!
Breeding Special from Avalon Equine!

$350 off Mannhattan, Goldmaker, Apiro and Validation!

Breeding season is almost over but we realize that there are still a few that are trying to make the best decision for their mares. We will therefore be offering a $350 discount off of Mannhattan (shown above), Goldmaker, Apiro and Validation's breeding fee. 

Breeding Special for Devon Heir!

Breed to Hanoverian stallion Devon Heir for only $450 per dose!

Cadenced Sporthorse Farm is offering a Breeding Special only through August! Single dose, fresh semen. AHS, GOV, ARS, ISR, KWPN Reg-A, WESTFALEN-NA.

Show Results
World Young Horse Championships 2018
The World Young Horse Championships were held August 3–5 in Ermelo, The Netherlands. Classes were held for horses 5, 6, and 7. It was an impressive showing. Special congratulations to Glamourdale, who won the 7-Year-Old final!

Do Mares With Competition Records Make Better Broodmares?
Chris Hector, of The Horse Magazine.com, asked that question of two European breeders with differing views. Another question came up, which is whether the age of the mare has an effect on the quality of the offspring.

Knowledge Base
Tips for Less Stressful Weaning for Foals
It’s weaning time - some 2018 foals have been weaned already and some are about to be. Weaning is one of the most stressful times in a horse's life, which can mean gastric ulcers. Kentucky Equine Research has some management tips to reduce the stress level for the foal. It should help reduce the stress on the breeder too!

Anna Goebel
Warmblood Stallions of North America
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