Community Update December 2017
Program Updates
With winter on our doorstep, we are so excited to welcome a new cohort of students! In November, we held a two day Orientation to begin connecting with this inspiring group of growers, educators, chefs, activists, and community leaders. Read more about this dynamic cohort in the Farm Intensive bios and Citywide bios .
Course Updates
Back in November, we wrapped up our Small Farm Planning & Design course, led by Jane Hodge of Rise & Root and Ben Flanner of Brooklyn Grange . We had a chance to visit both of their farm sites before focusing on a student design project in the Bronx.

Most recently, Citywide students finished Transformative Leadership, which took place at the accommodating Dig Inn office. Lorrie Clevenger and Onika Abraham guided students through a deeper delve into personal narratives and how we communicate them through storytelling.
Student Reflection: Small Farm Planning & Design
" I really appreciate how willing our instructors were to listen and talk through the real elements of their business, growth and challenges. So much appreciated!!! "

- James Amenta,
 Citywide Certificate Student
What's Next?

Now that Farm Intensive students have completed their capstone Seminar course, we're on to Graduation! Join us in celebrating our Farm Intensive students and a handful of Citywide students during our ceremony on December 12 from 7-8pm at 61 Local during the Youth Farm Farmraiser .
If you still haven't seen it, check out our feature from TIME magazine highlighting Onika and Farm School ! Thank you to all of our students and community members for making this happen! Special thanks to Taqwa Comunity Farm for hosting and alumni & students Arian Rivera, Shephali Patel, Francois Piebo, and Frances Perez for interviewing.

Let's continue building community around equitable food systems!
Upcoming Events 
Jobs & Opportunities  
Change is a constant part of life. And with the transition into next season, the Youth Farm is hiring another Co-Farm Manager.

Erin Mercier has decided to spread her wings next year and won’t be returning in 2018 as one of the facilitators for the Farm Intensive Certificate at the Youth Farm. We support this move with whole hearts, and will greatly miss her! She has brought an incredible amount of passion, dedication, growing skill, creativity and sense of humor to the Youth Farm and to this program.

We are excited to help find someone to fill this position with fresh energy, and we hope that person might come from the wider Farm School community! Read on for the Youth Farm job description and application instructions .
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