The 8th Private Investor Roadshow, exclusively hosted by, was successfully concluded on August 21, 2018 in Shanghai.

      As the first online and offline, China-focused investment platform created for institutional investors, brings together 8 selected startups at home and abroad. Among them, from London, the former youngest director of Goldman Sachs brought the "world's first AI-assisted conversational-commerce marketplace for the premium consumer", the US bio-pharmaceutical contract quality and GMP testing center brought by former Bayer executive, and the "revolutionary water repellent coating" company brought by the former regional CEO of the Dutch listed company have attracted much attention. The CEOs responded to relevant questions on investment highlights and financing purposes and the two sides conducted comprehensive and in-depth communication on the fundraising details.

     After a brief business dinner, the presentations of five Chinese domestic automotive startups began. Among them, "Intelligent vehicle OS customization and value-added services" has successfully reached close cooperation with Volvo Cars through Shanghai Valley's previous 7th Investor Roadshow, and was highly praised and sought after by many investors again this time.

About the results of the roadshow

     The roadshow attracted the leaders of the national free trade zone, a family member of one of the richest people in the world on the Forbes' list, and the representatives of domestic and global first-tier institutional investors. The guests came from New York, London, Amsterdam, Silicon Valley, Taipei, Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu, Ningbo, Xiamen and other cities in China and worldwide. During the meeting, investors expressed clear investment intentions for multiple startups and have entrusted platform to arrange further business collaborations. CEO Ken Chang mentioned that most of global startups that participated in the roadshow have completed 1-2 rounds of financing, and have mature business models. They have great development prospects and are interesting investment opportunity for our network of investors. The founders of domestic Chinese startups are mostly successful serial entrepreneurs with unique technologies and advantages in the automotive field. He believes that through this roadshow, startups will be able to achieve win-win cooperation with investors.

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