FALL 2016
Little girl
"I will turn their mourning into joy; I will comfort them, and give them gladness for sorrow."    - Jeremiah 31:13

This smile was made possible for this young girl in Kanama, Rwanda, because of God's amazing power and grace as He worked through the team of local medical, community, and faith leaders who had come together to rid their community of Jiggers and intestinal worms through the support of Sustainable Med.  Yet, if you rewind this day by just a few hours, you would see this little girl ashamed to even show her hands due to the Jiggers disfiguring her skin.  This parasite had kept her from ever going to school or even being able to play with other children.  Today, she is enrolling in school and her family regularly attends the local church as they too were freed from the shame of this condition.   You will read some amazing stories and some huge numbers below, but each number is a life beautifully and wonderfully made in the image of their Heavenly Father.  
Warning: You will be amazed
There is always a danger in using a title like this that one will "over hype" what is coming next.  Yet, this music video has blown away everyone who has seen it.  It was created, recorded, and edited by Sam Kent and the Africa Bora Band.  These are all young men (ages 17-27) from a small village in Rwanda.  They have no professional experience in video production, but they wanted to make something that would help the young people in the community learn about health and God's intention for their lives.  This was not a professional team, but they are all incredibly talented.  This was done on a computer provided by Sustainable Med, and it is the first of 15 videos they will produce over the next 5 years.  Enjoy!

Good Health
Good Health

Impact Summary - Each number is a person
Impact 2016

Before you look at the numbers below, look at some of the pictures above.  It is easy to examine the data and think that each new check mark is just another penny in a jar.  Everyone is guilty of doing this at times as we assess and quantify different things in life.  But, the truth is that these represent real people, some of whom are shown in these images.   All of you who have supported us are a part of changing each ONE of these lives....it just has been replicated a couple hundred thousands times by God's grace.

205,956 lives given hope and healing (over 400% increase over 2015)
1,569 leaders trained & equipped to impact their community ( 1,100% increase)

These numbers may seem impossible because they are unattainable without God's sovereign provision as well as the power and influence of discipleship for the purpose of replication.  

Faces of the Future Leaders
Mira and Lincoln
              Mira Thapa                                                     Lincoln Chirochierwa
A ship without a captain is lost at sea.  In order to guide the future of any community or nation, you must have leaders to direct the path.  Each of these leaders has fully invested in the ministry work of Sustainable Med and are committed to serving their community.  They were also facing financial challenges where many of their families were having to choose to sell their home or land to continue to support their education.  It is our great honor to announce the 2016-2017 academic year scholarship winners:
  • Lincoln Chirochierwa - Zimbabwe (studying in Ukraine)
  • Sembogga Hendry - Uganda
  • Bonaventure Iyamuremye - Congo, DRC
  • Masengesho Patrick - Rwanda
  • Seth Mensah - Ghana (studying in Ukraine)
  • Primrose Nalima - Uganda
  • Mira Thapa - Nepal (studying in India)
Reaching out to America
US Outreach

When our leaders and partners from around the world come to the US, they only spend one day fundraising (see event below).  The rest of the time is spent ministering to those in the US.  This is often done by sharing their testimony, but the topic is uniquely tailored to the need of the audience.  Each of the logos above represents one of the places where Emmanuel and Zawadi spoke when they came to Cincinnati this year.   True partnership goes both ways, and our leaders overseas are just as invested in us as we are in them.  
Celebrating God's Amazing Story
Nov 1 event
Nov 1 Event at STIR
The space was approaching capacity with nearly 100 attending on the warm fall evening where we were able to share and celebrate God's amazing work over the past 12 months.   We were able to hear from our African Leader, Emmanuel, as well as Zawadi, one of our key partners in Congo, as they shared about God's transformative work in their communities through the outreach done in collaboration with Sustainable Med.  We heard how lives were impacted now and for eternity.  And, we learned how generational curses of disease and poverty were being erased.  It was a truly magical evening that showcased God's amazing work through His people.  
Special thanks to:
  • Our amazing volunteers: Kathy Eten, Salam Michael, Kathy Schibler, Carol Snyder, and Erin Murray
  • Our MC: Ben Beshear
  • Matt & Shellie Byers as well as everyone at STIR
Join Us

($50,000 - Remaining funds needed for 2016)

What do your dollars support in our budget?
  • Program Grants to local leaders - $45,000
  • International training conferences - $30,000
  • Expansion in India - $30,000
  • Medical scholarships for the future leaders - $7,000
  • Centers of Excellence (support and replication sites) - $6,000

God has been so good, and so many supporters have been overwhelming generous.  But, we will need to cut or reduce some of these areas if we do not raise the remaining $50,000.

What else can I do to get involved?
Whether you have limited abilities to give financially or if you have given and are looking for other ways to connect deeper with this ministry, God can use you in powerful ways!
  • Pray - prayer always changes things.  Join our prayer team.
  • Volunteer - social media, administrative, curriculum development, and more for as little as a couple of hours.
  • Network - Emmanuel needs an entire ecosystem of resources as he begins his role.  Key areas include: water/sanitation, power, construction, agriculture, grant writing, and medicine
  • Mentor - dozens of medical students in Ukraine as well as currently practicing medical professionals in Africa and Nepal are looking for mentors to guide them in their development.  Size of the group and time is based around your preferences.  Sign up
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