September 2017
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Welcome Back! Are you ready for the start of another school year? And are you ready for our seasons to change? This edition will help you and your family be ready for these events and more.
EVENT - Thursday, September 7th

Are You Ready?

As you and your kids gear up for the new school year, consider equipping them with more than just the usual pencils and notebooks...invest in building a strong immune system. Put Juice Plus+ on the top of your school supply list!

Our Children's Health Study shows these benefits (and more) after eating Juice Plus+ for only one year:

+56% of kids taking fewer over the counter drugs or prescriptions
+60% missing fewer days of school
+61% eating more fruits and vegetables
+66% visiting the doctor less

All of this translates to fewer sick days for kids, fewer work days missed for parents and a peace of mind that comes with knowing your kids have a nutritional insurance policy in place 24/7. 

Kids aged 4 yrs old - 18 yrs old and full-time undergrads eat Juice Plus+ FREE for up to four years with an adult order!
Hidden Sugars

dr lustig
Professor Robert Lustig is a  Professor of Pediatrics in the Division of Endocrinology at the  University of California, SF. In this short video clip, he explains the connection between salad dressing, yogurt and Fruit Loops. 

Invest 90 seconds to watch this video - it's well worth it!
Want to be cranky, make rash decisions, and be stupid? Eat more refined sugar.

True or false: Refined sugar's addictive effect on the brain is more powerful than cocaine. 

Journalist Michael Grothaus decided to conduct his own experiment to find out the answer to this question. He gave up refined sugar for two weeks and conducted his own research study. His findings may surprise you.
Look What's Growing in Texas!

Folks Middle School, San Antonio
Folks Middle School, San Antonio

Do you know an educator who is interested in introducing fresh, new ways to teach science, math, nutrition and many other subjects? Check out how this middle school in San Antonio is using their Tower Gardens. In this Family and Consumer Science class the students are learning how to grow herbs and vegetables in a brand new way.
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