March 2016

Warning Shot: Ticket to Prison?

You're faced with a situation that causes you to fear for your safety. You draw your weapon and fire a warning shot into the air. Good idea or bad? Independent Program Attorney David Katz explains what can legally happen to you if you choose to fire your gun as a warning.

New Law Bans Backyard Gun Ranges

Last week, Governor Scott signed into law a bill that prohibits backyard gun ranges in most residential neighborhoods. The law went into effect immediately. The same day, Gov. Scott also signed a measure that gives judges some flexibility when it comes to sentencing for certain gun crimes. To read more about these new laws, click here.

State or National Parks: What's the Difference?

With summer approaching, you may plan on visiting state and national parks and forests. Can you carry a handgun in the park? This month's article explains your legal rights when it comes to bearing arms in state and national parks in Florida.

Arm Yourself With Knowledge!

How much do you think you know about gun laws and the justified use of force? Your U.S. Law Shield Independent Program attorneys and other law professionals are educating gun owners about their rights. With thirty-eight seminars and workshops around the State this month, you are sure to find one near you. Click here to find and register for a gun law seminar or workshop near you, and remember to bring a friend.

The Refer-a-Friend Promotion Will End Soon!

Take advantage of this opportunity to earn great rewards before it's too late. Share the peace-of-mind a U.S. Law Shield membership provides. More and more often, innocent people are finding themselves in situations involving self-defense. For a limited time, we have extended our campaign to reward you for your referrals. To start sharing now, click here.

Think You're a Good Shot? Try 1,000 Yards - With a Pistol!

Watch expert marksman Jerry Miculek of as he attempts to hit his target at 1,000 yards with a 9mm revolver!