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April Family Newsletter

At Wahoo Elementary, we work to identify each child's positive attributes, and help him/her develop these talents with a growth mindset.

Students with a growth mindset:

1) Embrace challenges

2) Learn from feedback

3) Persist through setbacks

4) Find inspiration from the success of others

5) View effort as the path to mastery

Wahoo Elementary School

April Events

  • Friday, April 7: No School
  • Monday, April 10: No School
  • Friday, April 14: Early Dismissal
  • Monday, April 17 through Thursday, April 20: Book Fair
April Calendar

Wahoo Elementary BOGO Book Fair

The Wahoo Elementary spring book fair will occur from Monday, April 17 through Thursday, April 20. The book fair will be buy one get one free. The hours of the book fair are listed below.

  • Monday, April 17 3:30-4:30
  • Tuesday, April 18 3:30-5:30
  • Wednesday, April 19 3:30-4:30
  • Thursday, April 20 3:30-5:30

Dr. Seuss Breakfast

Over 800 students, parents, staff, and stakeholders ate during Wahoo Elementary's annual Dr. Seuss celebration. Thank you to all the volunteers who make this tremendous event possible. A special thanks goes out to the amazing kitchen staff who prepared the green eggs and ham for all our guests. This is one memory our students will not forget.

Upcoming Assessment Dates

As the school year moves into the 4th quarter, below is a document that lists some key dates that assessments will be given in your child's classroom. These assessments provide our students a chance to show the amazing growth they have made during the course of the school year. Below are some suggestions on how you can help your student be prepared to do their best.

During the week of testing you can:

  • Be punctual. Stay aware of the testing schedule and make sure that your child is at school on time on testing days.
  • Get healthy sleep. Ensure that your child has gone to bed on time the night before so they're well rested.
  • Serve up a good meal. Make a healthy breakfast, including protein and healthy fat, to curb hunger during the testing session.
  • Listen intently. Encourage kids to listen to and follow all directions given by the test administrator. If they have questions, they need to be addressed before testing begins.
  • Take a timeout. Teach your child how to take "brain breaks" by stopping for a minute and taking a few deep breaths to help reduce test anxiety.
  • Plan a treat for when testing is complete. This could be something simple as a pizza and movie night or a weekend to a local park.

2022-2023 Spring Assessment Schedule

2022-2023 Perfect Attendance - Through the 3rd Quarter


Chase Haynes

Aaden Johansen

Vada Kemerling

Harmony Lee

Wyatt Miers

Raelyn Nelson

First Grade

Aleah Adams

Rylee Baller

Caden King

Eli Nygren

Grant Shada

Grayson Simons

Second Grade

Pearson Bedore

Lauren Foster

Aurora Hammer

Kennly Johnson

Carson Warford

Third Grade

Shaelyn Baller

Makenna Meyer

Fourth Grade

Easton Emerson

Hudson Meiergerd

Jordyn Schmit

Lillian Vculek

Fifth Grade

Hudson Niven

2023-2024 Kindergarten Students

Calling all upcoming Kindergarten students! Please contact the elementary office if you have a child, or know of someone who has a child, who will be 5 years old on or before July 31, 2023.

Elementary Office Email
Call (402) 443-4250

Parental Involvement

Wahoo Elementary welcomes participation of parents and community members in our school! If you are looking for ways to go "ABOVE and BEYOND" as a parent, please click on the button below.

Parental Involvement Opportunties

Personal Devices at School

Many families send their child to school with a personal device of some kind (cell phone, iPod, high-tech watch). Often, parents do this as a safety measure so students can call/text as they travel between school and home. However, the growing number and types of these devices pose a significant distraction during school hours. Moving forward, all devices (including watches) that have the ability to text/call will be kept in backpacks from 7:45 to 3:15. Students are not to use these devices until they leave the elementary building.

Casey's Cash for Classrooms

Please download "Cash for Classrooms" mobile app and select Wahoo Elementary to ensure a percentage of your purchases go to our school!

Join Elementary PTO!

Wahoo Elementary encourages you to get involved with our PTO! Check out the group's Facebook page or email Katie Harmon, Parent Representative

PTO Meeting Schedule
Email PTO Parent Rep


I encourage you to take an active role in your child's education. Please feel free stop in, call me, or shoot an email my way!

                                   -Mr. Kreifels

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