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On July 15th, 2020 , the Smithville Board of Education approved our Fall 2020 Return to School Plan which was developed in collaboration with medical professionals, public health agencies, parents, teachers, and support staff to ensure the health and well-being of our students and staff.

On August 4 th , 2020 , the Smithville School District will ask voters to consider two questions.

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Student-Athlete Information Update
It is that time of year to update your student-athlete's Privit information!

Privit is our electronic system that houses all of our athletic and activity paperwork. For creating a new account please follow these instructions . If you are new to the district, but used Privit at your previous school please contact Gini Fite ( ) for assistance in transferring your account.

For returning Student-Athletes, login with the same information that you used in the past. If you are unable to remember your login information please contact Privit Customer Service at 1-844-234-4357 between 8-4 EST.

To login, please visit:

Part of the Privit information is a required MSHSAA physical. Beginning in August 2019, physicals are now valid for two years from the signature date (unless provider notes otherwise). You can check your physical expiration date from your Privit account. MSHSAA has stated that no additional extensions will be granted even in light of COVID-19. You can print a blank physical from your Privit to take to your provider. 

If you need assistance finding a provider for physicals or for any additional questions or concerns please contact our Athletic Trainer, Gini Fite, at  or 816-532-0405 ext. 7096 
These are the highlights from the June 10th meeting of the Smithville School District Board of Education (BOE).
The Board approved the following consent agenda items :
  1. Approve Bills for Payment
  2. July Supplemental Pay and Leave Payouts
  3. Approve 2019C policy revisions for the third reading
  4. Approve custom policy revisions for the third reading
  5. Re-adopt Policy BBFA Board Member Conflict of Interest and Financial Disclosure
  6. Review and approve contractual agreements for the 2020-2021 school year

We have included a thank you note from Debbie Wilmes for flowers sent after the passing of her mother.
  1. COMMUNICATION - The Warrior Wire should hit mailboxes the week of your Board meeting. A couple of campaign presentations have taken place and a couple more are scheduled.
  2. FINANCE - COVID related expenses are being tracked and we will apply for relief through SEMA. We are eligible for 75% reimbursement for allowable expenses.
  3. LEADERSHIP - Of all of our leadership transitions, we only have two new faces in Kristi Mellon, Horizon Principal, and Ashley Doll, Eagle and Maple Assistant Principal. Everyone is settling in nicely to their new duties.
  4. CORONAVIRUS - Administrators continue to participate in multiple virtual meetings and webinars on re-entry. A collective thought is emerging with masks being a critical component to our plans. Michelle and I hosted a parent and staff feedback session for our re-entry plan on 7/9.
Assistant Superintendent for Academic Services Comments
Dr. Michelle Kratofil provided an update on summer school participation.
  • We have 120 students grades 1-8 in our face-to-face program along with another 50 kindergarten students, who are split into two 2-week sessions. Class sizes in the face-to-face program are 13 at the maximum.  
  • We have 86 students participating in the grade 1-8 online program and another 200 in the high school online program.
  • Our high school credit recovery program has 46 participants.
  • Our teachers have done an amazing job shifting the focus and/or the platform of summer school this year and should be commended for their efforts.
Smithville School District Re-Entry Plan Presentation
Dr. Schuetz and Dr. Kratofil reviewed the re-entry plan details with the Board and answered their questions. This is a summary of questions and responses.

  • The Board asked for clarification on the social distancing. At the elementary level, students will be kept in classroom cohorts as much as possible and not intermingle with other classrooms. At the secondary level, students will be spread out in classrooms as much as possible. In addition, staggered passing periods and uni-directional hallways will be considered.

  • The Board inquired about who will be responsible for virtual instruction. If there are small numbers of students in a grade level or course, a stipend would be offered to teachers who would like to facilitate online learning for those students. If there are large numbers, we would most likely hire an online instructor. Expenses such as these are potentially reimbursable via SEMA at up to 75%. In the event that a student is quarantined for a period of time, we would support that student in a similar manner to our current homebound students by providing lessons from the classroom teacher so that the student can transition back to the classroom easily when the quarantine period is lifted.

  • Several questions pertained to what would happen if a student or staff member tested positive for COVID. In that event, Dr. Schuetz would contact the Clay County Public Health Center (CCPHC) directly so that they could assess the situation and provide guidance. The district will follow the direction of CCPHC regarding when and with whom to communicate and when it would be appropriate to close a classroom or school.

  • The Board expressed concern about having enough substitutes. In the past few years, we have experienced a substitute shortage. One strategy the district is employing is to hire daily substitutes for each building. Those substitutes will report to the same building each day and will be the first assigned in the event of an absence. This will solidify the substitute pool while limiting exposure within the building. 

  • When asked how students would be able to move in and out of virtual learning, Dr. Kratofil responded that movement would take place at each semester which would allow an easy transition for both students and teachers.  

  • To provide additional layers of protection for staff, principals are evaluating each classroom to determine if additional plexiglass barriers or alternate seating are needed. There are many options for barriers, including clear shower curtains that could be suspended from the ceiling and provided with minimal cost while maximizing protection.

  • The Board asked when students would be required to wear masks. Until a vaccine is available or the infection trends in the area subside, masks will be required inside buildings and on buses. When students are outside and can social distance, masks can be removed. During PE, music and phonics instruction masks may also be removed depending on the activity.

  • Regarding the use of sick leave for staff that are infected or must quarantine, Dr. Schuetz shared that the Families First Act provides up to 80 hours of leave and the Family Medical Leave Act may be used to protect staff sick leave. The district is also looking into hiring aides to supervise classrooms so that teachers who are quarantined but able to teach may do so without using any type of leave. This is a win-win for students and teachers. Kim Davis, Coordinator of Human Resources Operations is collaborating with legal council and area HR personnel on this and other topics related to staff and re-entry.

  • Regarding other details not included in the plan, Dr. Kratofil shared that the plan includes elements that are universally applicable to all buildings. It also provides the framework for each building to develop their own daily procedures. Building principals will work with their leadership teams to develop these procedures and will communicate them with families.

  • The Board inquired as to financial assistance for COVID related expenses. All such expenses will be submitted to SEMA at the end of the school year to be reimbursed up to 75%. The maximum amount reimbursed by SEMA is $300,000.

  • The Board asked for clarification on requiring a physician's statement in order to return to school in the event a child displays two or more listed symptoms. The district is following the guidance provided by Children’s Mercy Hospital (CMH) on this topic. Currently, the practice recommended by CMH is for anyone with two or more minor symptoms to see a physician who can recommend COVID testing or provide a written statement that COVID testing is not required and the student or staff member can return to school.

  • When asked about the plan for when a "small outbreak" does occur, Dr. Schuetz and Dr. Kratofil explained that Clay County Public Health Center would be consulted for guidance. The response could range from quarantining a few individuals to closing schools depending on the severity of the outbreak.

  • The Board asked about the process for distributing technology should schools close for an extended period of time. With the COVID funds provided by Clay County, we have been able to purchase devices for each student in grades K-12. These devices will be sent home with students should an extended break occur. Another benefit of having additional devices is that students will not have to share them in the classroom any longer. Each student will be assigned their own device for use all year long.

  • When asked about the average day of a 5th grade student, Dr. Kratofil explained that it will be very similar to what a typical day has been in the past. The major exception being that students will not be interacting as much with other classrooms. Students will still have their encore classes and recess. Lunch may be eaten in the classroom at times to reduce the number of students in the cafeteria. Specific details on lunch will be worked out with the OPAA Director, Jasan Kraus. Encore teachers will meet this week to discuss procedures for their classrooms to ensure the curriculum is taught while maintaining the safety of students and staff.

  • The Board asked for clarification on capacity limitations. During the regular school day, capacity limitations will not be adhered to in order to have all of our students back to school. The recommendations from the medical community is consistent that when social distancing cannot be done, it is critical to wear a mask. We will spread out as much as possible in the classrooms but we will not be at 50% capacity in most cases. Other events that utilize district spaces will be kept at 50% capacity and masks will be required.

  • The Board asked for details regarding virtual learning. Those details will be finalized when we have a better idea of how many students will need it. Options include hiring teachers who facilitate virtual learning only, paying stipends to our staff who volunteer to take on some virtual students, and using partners that we already have relationships with such as Launch through the Springfield School District. Most courses at all grade levels can be taught in the virtual setting.

Dr. Mike Crim addressed the Board regarding the re-entry plan. He expressed that in his professional opinion, the plan as presented is the best possible plan that could be implemented. He did share concerns, however, regarding the misinformation circulating on social media and in articles/presentations by other health professionals, specifically the lower infection rate among students.  
Smithville School District Re-entry Plan
Dr. Schuetz recommended that the Board approve the SSD COVID-19 Operating Procedures & Guidelines Re-Entry Plan. The Board approved the plan as presented with the understanding that it would be a fluid document with updates as needed.
During the month of June, we received $1,183,626.21; making a total of $32, 262,886.28 received since July 1, 2019. Expenditures for June were $4, 701,876.17; making a total of $38,078,010.33 expended since July 1, 2019.

Ian Saxton recommended that at the end of the fiscal year, the district strives to course correct the deficit spending other than the amount due to the COVID crisis.

Patrons can access the revenue report, expenditure report, and check register for the district on the district webpage under Departments and Business & Finance.

Patrons can access the revenue report, expenditure report, and check register for the district on the district webpage under Departments and Business & Finance.

Scott Reilly, Communication Specialist, revised the Board's statement on civil unrest which was presented to the Board for their consideration. The Board adopted the statement as presented.

Dr. Schuetz has been in contact with MSBA regarding a workshop date in the month of October for Collective Bargaining. Susan Goldammer is the lawyer that assisted us last time and is pretty flexible that month. Several dates were provided for Dr. Schuetz to propose to Ms. Goldammer. Dr. Schuetz also offered to arrange a similar presentation by NEA representatives to gain a different perspective on the issue.

Dr. Schuetz provided the Board with a brief update on our informational campaign for the August 4 ballot questions. Several presentations to community civic groups and booster clubs have occurred. In addition, staff and volunteers have distributed information to neighborhoods. Two more informational mailers will be in mailboxes within the next few weeks. Lastly, one of our parents, Christy Ford, is organizing volunteers to be outside the polls on election day. Denney Fales commented, in reference to the recent budget cuts by the state, that passing Question 2 would move approximately $250,000 from a restricted fund to the general budget to mitigate funding loss.

Rachael Marchetti, SHS Assistant Principal, updated the Board on the final plans for graduation which is scheduled for 7:30 pm on Saturday, July 18. She commended Dr. Tracy Platt on her diligence in listening to our students and working to provide a commencement ceremony that meets their needs.
The Board approved personnel items as presented.

The Board approved personnel items as presented.

  1. With two new Board members it is time to update our Board pictures. Dr. Schuetz will arrange pictures prior to the September Board meeting.
  2. Dr. Schuetz asked the Board for their availability on August 3 at 6:00 PM for a joint board meeting with the City. There are new members on both boards and a few joint items for discussion such as funding for the SRO program.  
  3. The MSBA conference is scheduled for 9/24-9/27 at the Kansas City Convention Center. MSBA has offered a virtual option for this conference due to COVID-19.
  4. Back-to-school meetings will be August 19-21 with a virtual convocation on August 19 from 1:00 to 3:00 PM; the Board will be able to access the live stream of this event. School starts on August 25.

Meeting adjourned at 8:56 p.m.
Class of 2020 High School Graduation
Congratulations to the Class of 2020! Your resilience and hard work created a legacy that will live in our halls forever.

Special thanks to Dr. Tracy Platt and her team at Smithville High School for working diligently to ensure the Class of 2020 was celebrated properly!
On June 30th , Mayor Boley made a surprise visit to Central Office to present Wayne Krueger with the KEY to the City of Smithville! Wayne has served the Smithville Schools for 29 years!

We wish you a happy retirement, Wayne!
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