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Warriors Explore Summer School
This year's summer program will look different than in previous years. An email will be sent early next week to families with students entering 1st grade - 8th grade. The email will include specific details about the summer program.

Warrior Explore 2020 Dates: July 6 - 31
  • Maple Elementary, students who will be in grades K-3 in the fall
  • Smithville Middle School, students who will be in grade 4-8 in the fall
Kindergarten Registration, Screening & Placement Reimagined
Hello, Class of 2033!

An exciting and fun system for screening and assigning kindergarteners to classrooms will take place when school starts this fall. For the first few days of school, children will rotate through the kindergarten classrooms and Encore classes (art, music, PE, technology and innovation, and library) and be mixed in large and small groups with a variety of new classmates. Each student will also be screened by school staff during this time.

Through observing and assessing students in the school at the start of the 2020-2021 school year, teachers will have enough information to make informed decisions on class assignments. During the Welcome to Kindergarten Program, teachers will come to know the whole child, not just their academic strengths, but their personalities and character.

We recognize that some children are nervous when beginning school. Teachers, principals, and our entire elementary school staff work hard during these first days to help your child feel safe, secure and valued. Students will be able to make many friends and meet many caring adults. Please watch our elementary school websites for updates on the Warriors Explore Summer Program and to view additional information about the 2020-2021 Welcome to Kindergarten Program.

If you have not already contacted your child's elementary school, please call your neighborhood school. Please go here to view which elementary school your child will attend based on where you live.

Children who reach the age of five (5) before August 1, 2020, are eligible for kindergarten for the 2020-21 school year. Click the image for details.

Eagle Heights Elementary: 816.532.5959
Horizon Elementary: 816.532.4566
Maple Elementary: 816.532.0589
Here is a recording of the vitual Board of Education Budget Workshop that took place on May 4th.
These are the highlights from the May 20th meeting of the Smithville School District Board of Education (BOE).
To view a recording of the virtual meeting please click here .
The Board approved the following consent agenda items :
  1. Approve Bills for Payment
  2. Allocation of Professional Development Funds FY20
  3. Approve Axiom Strategies LLC Letter of Engagement
  4. District Credit Card Holders
  5. May Supplemental Pay
  6. Revisions to 2019-2020 Supplemental Pay Schedule
  7. CARES / Resolution for Clay County Community Partner Funding
The Board of Education received a thank you card from Mrs. Schrage and family.

The Board of Education reviewed a list of Board Priorities for the 2020-2021 school year. The Board requested that a final version be presented at the June 10 meeting for a vote of the Board.
Comments from the Assistant Superintendent from Support Services
Mr. Wayne Krueger
Mr. Krueger shared that on May 1, 2020, the Clay County Commissioners approved a resolution awarding $29,323,887.00 to Clay County cities, schools, and health center for coronavirus relief funding for costs associated with the pandemic after March 1, 2020. The Smithville School District was allocated $247,211.60. Plans are being made to use 100% of these funds for 1 to 1 technology to ensure going forward, all students in grades K-12 will have access to a personal 1 to 1 device. This will enhance the district's face-to-face instruction and guarantee virtual opportunities should a delayed opening or "rolling closures" occur in the future. The Smithville School District would like to thank the Clay County Commissioners and other county officials for their support.

The district was also notified that we would receive approximately $70,000 in CARES funding based on our Title I allocation for FY21. Plans are being made to use these funds for costs associated with summer school.

Work continues on the FY20 and FY21 budget which will be presented at the June 24th special Board of Education meeting. On Wednesday, May 20, Governor Parson held a meeting with school leaders and shared an overview of the financial crisis Missouri is currently experiencing as a result of COVID-19. He stated that K-12 public education will experience withholdings between 3% and 6% for FY20 which will be deducted from our June payment. We estimate this amount to be between $300,000 to $600,000. As more information becomes available, FY20 will be updated and presented on June 24th. The Governor also said to expect similar reductions in FY21 especially if there is no Federal Assistance to fill in any gaps. To date, state revenues are down 8.09% or nearly $700 million for FY20.

Mr. Krueger also shared with the Board that with two months remaining, the loss ratio for the SIPGKC continues to run at 134% loss ratio. At the end of April, our reserve account with SIPGKC went negative $64,595 and our year-to-date loss exceeded $694,324. With two months to go, it is probable the Board will need to make a supplemental payment from FY20 to SIPGKC to zero out the account. For FY21, a 11% premium increase was approved.

Finally, Mr. Krueger shared that the official ballot language for the two questions on August 4, 2020, have been delivered to the county election authorities. Preliminary drawings for the 6 classroom addition at Eagle Heights Elementary was shared along with drawings of the proposed activity center.
Comments from the Assistant Superintendent from Academic Services
Dr. Michelle Kratofil
Dr. Kratofil provided an update on food support for families and students. We continue to serve approximately 500 breakfasts and lunches daily. On June 1, the delivery of meals will rely entirely on volunteers as our bus drivers will no longer be on contract. At that time, we will begin pickups at all elementary schools to lessen the burden on drivers.

Dr. Kratofil shared that we hope to have information regarding summer school solidified by the end of this week so that registration of students can begin. Kindergarten will be a two-week face-to-face experience to help acclimate our newest Warriors to school. In grades 1-8, select students will participate in face-to-face instruction while the remaining students will participate in online learning.  

Lastly, in collaboration with other KC metro school districts, SSD is working on multiple plans for opening in the fall, taking into account guidance from the Clay County Health Department as well as other sources.  

Dr. Tracy Platt, SHS Principal, provided an update on the 2020 graduation ceremony which will be held on July 18 on the football field with adjusted time at 5 pm. Students will graduate in three groups of 75 to comply with the recommended safety precautions. Specific details of the ceremony are forthcoming.
Dr. Kratofil presented the 2020 Professional Development Program Evaluation to the Board. Highlights of the discussion included the most effective way to train new staff on professional learning from previous school years and the pursuit of professional development grants such as Missouri Model Districts.

The A+ Program Evaluation was presented to the Board. Darren Shaffer, SHS Assistant Principal, shared that 86 students have met the A+ requirements this year. Sarah Lamer enquired as to what happens to the scholarship if students do not go to a two-year school. Mr. Shaffer shared that students have four years after graduation to use this benefit. If they do not, the scholarship funds are given to another qualifying student. Russell Fries asked about the restrictions on tutoring hours. Mr. Shaffer explained that tutoring hours can be completed during the school day, during the summer or after school. Mr. Shaffer also commented that teachers who take on A+ students really appreciate them and they become part of the classroom family.
During the month of April, we received $1,554,359.90; making a total of $29,151,544.68 received since July 1, 2019.

Expenditures for April were $2,225,036.66 making a total of $31,206,010.18 expended since July 1, 2019.

Patrons can access the revenue report, expenditure report, and check register for the district on the district webpage under Departments and Business & Finance.

Wayne Krueger recommended the Board approve the architectural contract from ACI/Boland, timeline, and fee proposal for six additional classrooms at Eagle Heights Elementary as presented to the Board. The Board approved the contract as presented .
Nicole Johnson, Shawn Logan, and Lisa Guess presented on behalf of the Certified Staff Salary and Benefits Committee.

Ashley Jones shared information regarding the newly established committee for Support Staff. On behalf of the committee, she shared their recommendations.

The Board approved 2019C policy revisions for the first reading. A second reading will take place at the June Board Meeting followed by the third and final reading at the July Board Meeting.

The Board approved the custom policy revisions for the first reading. A second reading will take place at the June Board Meeting followed by the third and final reading at the July Board Meeting.

The Board approved CDWG for the Security Appliance project.

The Board approved CDWG as the vendor for the purchase of 70 teacher laptops and 25 PLTW laptops. 

The Board approved Yellow Dog as the vendor for the Networking Equipment Project.

The Board approved personnel items as presented.

The Board approved meetings dates for the 2020-2021 school year.

MSBA has proposed several resolutions related to policies that are in direct conflict with recommended practices regarding COVID-19. The Board approved the resolution .

  • Donna White has announced her intent to retire effective June 30, 2021. We have posted the job internally in hopes of finding a suitable candidate that can be trained in-house.
  • Dr. Schuetz has received only a few emails from concerned patrons, but overall MSBA's school re-entry document has generated a strong reaction from the public. The administration is working on multiple scenarios for re-entry and it is my hope that many of MSBA's suggestions appear laughable, meaning extreme measures were not necessary.
  • The Northland Chamber's annual Excellence in Education Banquet took place virtually on May 12. Below are the honorees and award winners:
  • Scholarship Recipients: Delaney Hirst and Brianna Lewis
  • Business in Support of Education: TW Sportswear
  • Volunteer in Support of Education: Jennifer Justus
  • Excellence in Service to Education: Denise Harwood, Horizon Elementary; Chris Heslinga, Smithville High School (award winner); Wayne Krueger, Smithville School District; Teresa Moorshead, Maple Elementary; and Renee Slack, Eagle Heights Elementary (award winner)
  • Excellence in Classroom Teaching: Christine Deihl, Horizon Elementary; Lindsay Edwards, Eagle Heights Elementary; Cyndi Meeks, Smithville Middle School (award winner); Emilie Meyer, Horizon Elementary; Jennifer Parrott, Smithville High School; Rachel Steffen, Eagle Heights Elementary; and Mary Veselic, Maple Elementary
  • Also the Smithville School District Teacher of the Year is Mary Veselic and the Support Staff of the Year is Wayne Krueger
  • CSDGKC will hold their annual meeting via Zoom on June 3 at 6:00 PM. The Board was asked to RSVP to Donna White by May 22 if they would like to participate. 

Meeting adjourned at 9:52 p.m.
Celebration Parades
SHS Senior Parade
The entire community and SSD staff members lined the streets of Smithville on May 8 to celebrate the Class of 2020. Thank you to the Smithville Police Department for assisting with the celebration! Click here to view a video of the senior parade and click here to view Fox4's coverage of the parade .
SMS 8th Grade Parade
Thank you to the Middle School Parent Group for organizing a parade celebrating our 8th graders. Click here to view a story about the importance of celebration parades like this one at SMS.
Horizon Elementary Parade
The teachers and staff of Horizon Elementary celebrated all of the students' hard work with a parade on the last day of school.
Maple Elementary Parade
The teachers and staff of Maple Elementary celebrated all of the students' hard work with a parade on the last day of school.
Eagle Heights Elementary
Teachers and staff of Eagle Heights Elementary were celebrated with a parade during Teacher Appreciation Week. In addition, teachers and staff celebrated their students during the parade.
Senior Shoutouts
Follow along on social media as we celebrate the Class of 2020!
Teacher of the Year
Congratulations, Mrs. Veselic! Mrs. Veselic is a helper and a problem solver. When students with language or speech barriers become frustrated, she lovingly supports them while still holding them to high expectations to show progress. Parents know their children are a top priority while in her class.
Support Staff of the Year
Congratulations, Mr. Krueger! One of this many roles is serving as a support to students at their lowest point. He takes these opportunities to remind students that bad decisions do not equate to being a bad person. Instead, they need to take this opportunity to commit to redefining themselves and move forward. From teacher/coach to building principal and finally Assistant Superintendent, Mr. Krueger has made his make on the Warrior Family!
We thank the Teacher of the Year and Support Staff of the Year Selection Committee, as well as, the following businesses for sponsoring these awards: TW Sportswear , Smithville Dental, Inc., Cigna , Central Bank of the Midwest , Picture Perfect Lawn Care Service Inc , CPM - Gary Abram, Citizens Bank & Trust, Miller-Donnelli Agency.
34th Annual Northland Regional Chamber of Commerce Excellence in Education Banquet
On Tuesday, May 12, 2020, the 34th Annual Northland Regional Chamber of Commerce Excellence in Education Banquet was held virtually for the first in the history of the event. 16 of our teachers, support staff members, students and district champions were recognized. Congratulations honorees, nominees, and award winners!

Scholarship Recipients : Delaney Hirst and Brianna Lewis
Business in Support of Education : TW Sportswear
Volunteer in Support of Education : Jennifer Justus
Excellence in Service to Education : Denise Harwood, Horizon Elementary; Chris Heslinga, Smithville High School (award winner); Wayne Krueger, Smithville School District; Teresa Moorshead, Maple Elementary; and Renee Slack, Eagle Heights Elementary (award winner)
Excellence in Classroom Teaching: Christine Deihl, Horizon Elementary; Lindsay Edwards, Eagle Heights Elementary; Cyndi Meeks, Smithville Middle School (award winner); Emilie Meyer, Horizon Elementary; Jennifer Parrott, Smithville High School; Rachel Steffen, Eagle Heights Elementary; and Mary Veselic, Maple Elementary
Retirement Class of 2020
Please join us in celebrating our retirees! Congratulations, Warriors!
Mrs. Boyd has served as an elementary counselor at the Upper Elementary/Horizon Elementary for 21 years. She is passionate and caring. Mrs. Boyd, you've touched the lives of many students and we thank you!
Mrs. Dollins served as an instructional assistant at Smithville Middle School. Her love and commitment to supporting our students was evident in her work every single day. Thank you, Mrs. Dollins for serving Smithville students for 22 years! 
Mrs. Hedrick has served as a mathematics teacher at Smithville Middle School for 15 years. She is kind and smart. Congratulations on your retirement, Mrs. Hedrick. 
Mr. Holmes has served as a custodian throughout the district for 16 years. We appreciate his hardwork and dedication to keeping our facilities safe for our students and staff. Thank you, Mr. Holmes!
Mr. Krueger has served as a teacher/coach, the Smithville High School Principal, and as an Assistant Superintendent. His 29 year commitment to Smithville Schools and the community is admirable! Mr. Krueger, thank you so much for being “all-in” for 29 years!
Mrs. Mattke has served as a kindergarten teacher at the Primary Elementary / Maple Elementary and Eagle Heights Elementary for 20 years! Mrs. Mattke, thank you for your commitment to our youngest Warriors! 
Mr. Opperman has served as a physical education teacher at Smithville Primary/Maple Elementary for 20 years. He was oftentimes the first “school” face students saw when they were dropped off each morning as he opened their car door and greeted them with a warm Warrior welcome. Mr. Opperman, thank you for your commitment to Smithville!
Mrs. Owens has served in the district for 22 years as a special education teacher at Smithville Middle School and a process coordinator. She is funny! Mrs. Owens, thank you for all that you have done for students and staff!
Lisa has served as an instructional assistant at Smithville High School and Eagle Heights Elementary for 8 years. She's been referred to as a “lifesaver.” She served as a phenomenal support for students and staff. Thanks for everything, Mrs. Slomsky.
Summer Camp Information
Check out the most up-to-date summer camp information here .
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