Never Give Up
January 2020

Message from
               Sue McCollum

     There are many warriors or fighters in the world today. This Newsletter is to honor two groups of warriors and how, in many ways the fight is the same, the fight to win the Super Bowl and the fight to win a battle with cancer.
     As the game of football mirrors life, we will watch the Super Bowl cheering for our team and their determination to win. In a cancer battle, we also dod the same thing... watch, pray and cheer. We honor all the warriors and their determination to win. 

                              Until Next Time...        

football team

(a brave fighter)

You know you're in the front line

If your uniform is dark and dirty.

True in football and true in life

If your age is eighty, ten or thirty.

Football is challenging and so is life

For we don't know what the next play will be.

We think we have our game in place

But there's always the unexpected you don't see.

To be tackled when throwing the perfect pass

Or to be blind sided and thrown to the ground;

These challenges are very difficult 

But you get up for another round.

Life is like football it seems to me

For we are all 'warriors' from the start.

Blind sided, thrown down but we get up

For we're strong in our mind, soul and heart.

So hats off to my  cancer 'warrior' friends

Our uniforms are dirty as can be.

But up we get and we will move on in life

For cancer will not define you or me.

Sue McCollum ©

"Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards." Soren Kierkegaard

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