Parent Enrichment Events are held every Friday from 9-10am. Parents and other family are highly encourage to attend. Each month we discuss Waldorf Ideas, Waldorf Living, and create a deeper understand of the Waldorf Education at our school.

In February we were able to hear from our Wellness Committee about mindfulness. We talked about the importance of creating mindfulness in our children, as well as in ourselves.

Some of the book recommendations include:
Sacred Motherhood: Ani Daulter
Planting Seeds: Thich Nhat Hanh

We learned about the Loving Kindness Meditation:
Spend 5 minutes each mornings sending love to yourself, and to each member of your family. Repeat the phrase “May you be happy, may you be well, may you be calm.”
This is done silently within yourself, and you can teach your children to do it for themselves, their family members, and even their friends at school.

One thought we were left with: Each interaction with your child is a chance to build trust or to undermine it, there is no neutral when it comes to parenting.

Take time for mindfulness for yourself and your family.

March Parent Enrichment Events:
March 9: Article: Nature Deficit Disorder
March 16: Wellness committee – Water Bottles
March23: Specialty Class: Music – Come and learn from Mr. Jensen

Special Evening Event: March 20: The Power of Rhythm