Washington County AIS is hosting its third Snapshot Day event on August 5th! We are looking for volunteers to join us at sites around the county to get a "snapshot" of the aquatic life in our rivers and streams.  Snapshot Day includes partnerships with UW Extension's Citizen Lake Monitoring Network, Wisconsin DNR, and River Alliance of Wisconsin, and 22 other organizations statewide. Come out and learn more about what lives in your local stream, and help the AIS team monitor invasive species. With more feet on the ground, and eyes behind binoculars, together we can contain the spread of invasive species. "Many hands make light the work."

If you choose to join us, the day will begin with a training session held at Shelter 1 in Ackerman’s Grove County Park at 9am where the AIS team will go over safe practices for site monitoring. Then, volunteers will disperse to sites all over the county picked specially for this event. With rakes and scoops we will collect specimen and submit them for identification. Finally, we will reconvene to go over what was hopefully an exciting and productive day!

To become a part of this event please Sign up!