HAGERSTOWN, MD (April 4, 2018) – At the direction of the Washington County Board of County Commissioners , the County Administrator established a Task Force of local leaders and stakeholders in the Security of Washington County Public Schools (WCPS).

Today, Washington County facilitated the first of several School Security Task Force meetings. Washington County Commissioners John Barr and Wayne Keefer, Board of Education President Melissa Williams and Vice President Stan Stouffer, Sheriff Doug Mullendore, and Hagerstown's Chief of Police Victor Brito met with School Superintendent Boyd Michael, County Administrator Rob Slocum and City, County, WCPS Staff and a WCPS student representative. Elected Officials, law enforcement, and emergency responders gathered to review current work and considered further means to enhance safety for students within the Washington County Public School system.
The School Security Task Force will consider safety operations and security enhancements already in place, along with new opportunities to improve safety. A summary of current efforts, collaborative opportunities, as well as the most viable, expeditious and effective safety enhancements will be reported in May.