A Supplement For Tutors
This newsletter is intended to supplement the learner edition of Washtenaw Matters. It is our hope that tutors will use this newsletters in conjunction with their learner to further their comprehension of Washtenaw Matters and create a more dynamic learning experience. If your learner did not receive a copy of Washtenaw Matters, please check our website for a printable version.
Nice Yard, Nice Block
Comprehension Activity
After reading "Nice Yard, Nice Block," with your learner, use this worksheet to strengthen comprehension and inspire creative thinking!

Word Search
Here you can find a word search which incorporates key vocabulary from the article. Print it and complete with your learner for a fun activity!

Your Local Government
Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti are both booming with local and neighborhood governments. Explore the websites below with your learner. See if there's anything they would like to be involved in or anything that isn't happening already that they'd like to create.

The West Willow Neighborhood
The Yankee Air Museum
The Yankee Air Museum is a great local attraction and a large part of the history of the West Willow Neighborhood. Consider encouraging your learner to visit the museum or research an exhibit at the museum.

The New West Willow Neighborhood Association
The NWWNA hosts meetings, events, parties, and more! Check out their schedule of events to see what's happening next.

New Superior Township Library
Getting a Library Card
With all the buzz about the new Superior Township Library, now's the time to get a library card! Visit the following websites to find out what you need to apply.

Then, print an application and help your learner get started.

Civic Engagement
Consider talking to your learner about civic engagement and what it means to share their input on a public matter. Use the website and worksheet below to focus your discussion.

More About the Library
As planning for the library progresses, the YDL staff will be looking for the public's input on the plans. Follow the link below to see when these public meetings will be taking place.

Social Seniors
Fill in the Blanks
Print this fun fill in the blank activity to help cement the main ideas of the article for your learner!

Volunteer with Seniors
If your learner expresses interest in working or volunteering with seniors, check out the website below. Be sure to discuss volunteering etiquette and what it means to volunteer.

Let's Go, Let's Give, Let's Volunteer
Understanding What You Read
Use the KWL chart below to have your learner think more critically about what they're reading.

What is Volunteering?
Volunteering can mean different things to different people. Print two copies of the attached worksheet, one for you and one for your learner. Compare your responses and discuss what volunteering means to you!

Your Block, Your Neighborhood
Vocab Activity
The 'Your Block, Your Neighborhood' article contains some tricky vocabulary. Use the word search below to pick out what words your learner has trouble with.

More Vocab Practice!
Once you've identified what words your learner struggles with, use the worksheets below to break down the words and their meanings.

Washtenaw Literacy's Mission

Believing that literacy is the foundation for a sustainable community, 
Washtenaw Literacy provides literacy support, free of charge, 
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It is our Vision to eliminate illiteracy in Washtenaw County