Wasps Nests as Big as Cars
Yellow jacket wasps are now building "super nests" in some southern states, thanks largely to milder winters and a plentiful food supply. These perennial nests may be several feet wide and have many thousands of workers, far more than an average nest, and often have multiple queens.
CONTACT US for help if you find a nest that needs to be removed. Yellow jackets do not lose their stinger, so each insect can sting repeatedly and generally attack in large numbers. They are especially dangerous in the summer. SEE MORE SUPER NESTS
Can you identify the bed bug?
If you think you have a bed bug infestation , there is no need to worry! We will help guide you through the process of resolving your bed bug issue.
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Are you getting our calls
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Making a Difference in the DR
Through our partnership with iconnectu, we sponsor a little boy named Hector in the Dominican Republic. For every new client that iconnectu brings on, they sponsor a child on their behalf through World Vision . World Vision is an Evangelical Christian humanitarian aid, development, and advocacy organization. Their child sponsorship program aims to help needy children, families, and communities access clean drinking water, sanitation, education, skills for future livelihood, nutrition, health care and participate in age-appropriate development processes. READ MORE about Hector and what is happening in his community.