Volume XXII Feb. 27 ,2023

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Happy to say I'm ready to jump back in with you in studio and on zoom.

If you will be joining us on zoom these next ten days, I'm my own cohost. It would be great if you could join a few minutes early to make sure all the connections are happening.

If you've been thinking about coming in studio in the near future, please do!

I'm so grateful we have the "virtual"option for classes and am keenly aware of how wonderful it is to have dancers in the room. I didn't really know how much I'd been missing having more folks in the room until it started happening recently.

Thank you for both.

I have more to say about this and meanwhile, if you're joining on Tuesdays, we have a beloved long time dancer participating who is now living with dementia. It is an honor and inspiration to have her with us and affirms my belief that dance, music and a loving community truly are healing arts.

This week and beyond, I will be featuring music by Toure Kunda. Their lead singer Ismaila Kunda passed yesterday. Their song "Salalay Muhamed" was one of the reasons I wanted to start teaching all those years ago.

I didn't quickly find an accessible version of that to share but this is inspiring too: Salya by Toure Kunda.

yours in all seasons and happy that Spring is the next one,