Waste & Recycling Update in Response to COVID-19
The City of Ventura is committed to serving our community and ensuring that you are informed throughout this dynamic time. The Division of Environmental Sustainability wants to provide a local update about waste and recycling.
Our local waste hauler, EJ Harrison, confirmed that they will continue to provide normal trash and collection services for both commercial and residential customers . After collection, materials collected in the recycling bin are sent to Gold Coast Recycling Center, where operations are continuing. The only significant change at the Gold Coast Recycling Center is that the Buy-Back Center at the Colt Street facility in Ventura has been closed until further notice, to protect the safety of customers and employees. This change has no effect on the commercial or residential curbside collection programs, and everyone is encouraged to keep recycling. Materials collected in the yard waste bin are sent to Agromin, where facilities are still open and no changes are expected to affect their normal operations. It is important to note that EJ Harrison, Gold Coast Recycling, and Agromin will all be closely following the guidelines set forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and all relevant federal, state and local agencies to prevent the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19).
City of Ventura closes parks and beaches in response to COVID-19
In support of the "Stay Well at Home" order, issued by the Ventura County Public Health Officer, all parks and beaches in the City of Ventura will be closed until further notice in order to support the urgent need for physical distancing during the COVID-19 emergency period. This includes the Promenade, Pier, and Wastewater Treatment Plant wildlife ponds. View the full   press release (English) or view in Spanish.

Instead of visiting our local parks and beaches, you can:

Thank you for following the "Stay Well at Home" order Ventura!
For more City updates about COVID-19, please visit our website at  www.cityofventura.ca.gov/COVID-19.

Ventura County Office of Emergency Services  operates the official Ventura County incident information website containing all current information on the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) situation in Ventura County. To get local COVID-19 information and news updates sent to you, subscribe  here . 
Please remember to only flush toilet paper down the drain.

When products such as wipes, paper towels and napkins are flushed down the drain, they can cause serious issues in your household plumbing and in the City sewer system.

Please do your part by only flushing waste and toilet paper and help us avoid a potentially messy situation!
Support Green Business
Our City of Ventura Certified Green Businesses go above and beyond to support our environment and our community. They can use our support now more than ever! Find local green business here or by downloading the Shop Green App on the App Store or Google Play .

Need ideas on how to support local green businesses? Here are a few:
  • Order takeout from your favorite green restaurant.
  • Order clothing and gifts from a green business that offers online shopping
  • Quarantine clean your home with supplies from the Refill Shoppe's online store.
  • Hire The Glassman or another green cleaning service to disinfect an essential business.
  • If your favorite business was forced to close, or you can't use their services now, buy a gift card to use later!

We will post more ideas on how you can support Green Businesses in the coming weeks, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram !
We look forward sharing more updates in our Earth Day newsletter later this month.