Hello, summer!
After another spring dealing with COVID, we're welcoming the summer temperatures and feeling energized by the cautious re-opening of Ontario. (Dare I say, it's feeling a little more "normal".)
In this edition, we have tips and reminders to help you all summer long.
Enjoy and stay safe!
A big thanks to you!
Preparing your waste correctly helps our environment, community and collection crews. For example, by recycling blue box materials properly, you help conserve natural resources, prevent litter, divert waste from landfill and make collection efficient.
Summertime ideas and reminders
Notice to cyclists:
If you are cycling and find one of our crews collecting waste in your lane ahead, please stop and wait until they are finished. Crews may have bulky items to get into their trucks (such as furniture) and need to be as close as possible to the curb.
Thank you for your patience.
Summertime reading list!
There's nothing like relaxing with a good book. If you are interested in learning about living sustainably, upcycling and crafting with recyclables, we've got you covered! Check out our lists - for children and adults - and order from our library today!
Top 5 ways to save (and not waste!) time
  1. Grasscycle! Leave grass clippings on the lawn.
  2. Prevent pests in your green bin and other waste containers.
  3. Avoid OOPS stickers.
  4. Be prepared if your street is under construction.
  5. Getting lots of deliveries? Know the details on recycling cardboard.
Want to get 'appy?
Download Waste Whiz app. It's free, and so useful:
  • find your collection schedule
  • use the search box to learn how to handle any waste item
  • schedule reminders.
Plus you can play our fun and ever-changing sorting game, and more! Click the button below to get details about the app and access to the desktop version,
Compost and mulch giveaway update: From April to early May residents picked up tonnes of compost that we made from the Yard Waste program. In fact, it was all we had! We will update our website when the next batch is ready (likely in August).
In the meantime,

Don't let any get away
Thank you for 15 years
of green binning!
Where were you on September 18, 2006? Regional staff were distributing the very first green bins to our pilot areas.
Over the last 15 years the program has expanded across all seven municipalities. Together we've diverted approximately 180,000 metric tonnes of household organics from our landfill and created compost.
When we started our program, it was all about recycle food scraps, but now there's more of a focus on food waste prevention. Below are some links to some helpful information:
Learn more, Do more
Holiday Collection: No changes to collection during the Civic Holiday in August and on Labour Day in September. However, our drop-off sites are closed to residents on those holidays.

Celebrate 40 years of Blue Box recycling: In September, we will be celebrating this amazing program. Did you know it was invented in Kitchener? Stay tuned for details.