Medical Marijuana Control Program
Sample Label Template
Input Needed
The MMCP has developed a sample label template and is seeking input from licensees on the draft template. This template is revised from the previous label sent out in the most recent Biweekly Newsletter and the comment period for input has been extended. Please review the template and provide input to by Aug. 23.

The standardized label aims to:

  • Provide cultivators and processors licensed by MMCP with a label template displaying all rule-required information in a standard format and in legible size applicable to the product being labeled. 

  • Create a standardized label in a format familiar to patients that will allow access to essential information at-a-glance, regardless of product type or origin.

Metrc Support Fees
The MMCP is providing an update on the upcoming transition of METRC’s monthly support fee. The MMCP will now require all licensees to begin payment of the support fee, which is $40. This support fee is for the usage of METRC Support and Training. There is no limitation for active licensees and their employees to utilize METRC Support or attend METRC Trainings.

Beginning Sept. 8, 2019, licensees will see a new action window notifying users of the METRC support fee. Once paid, the action window will be removed from METRC and only populate when the monthly fee is overdue. Fees only apply to MMCP licensees credentialed in METRC with a certificate of operation. 
Testing Lab Research & Development Policy
This policy is intended to provide guidance on Research & Development (“R&D”) testing as permitted under O.A.C. Chapter 3796 for the MMCP’s licensed cultivators. Below are key highlights of the policy:

  • R&D testing is NOT to be requested or conducted for any reason outside the scope identified in applicable rules, which is limited to development of new strains or new cultivation techniques. 

  •  R&D testing may NOT be conducted on any plant batches or harvests that are intended to be sold.

  • R&D plants and plant material should be physically segregated from plants or plant material intended to be sold.

  • Processors are not permitted to request R&D testing. (Please refer to O.A.C. 3796:4-2-04(D) for regulations regarding the tests that laboratories are able to perform on marijuana derived ingredients.)
Waste Removal Guidance Policy
This policy is intended to provide guidance on options for cultivators to dispose of the marijuana waste generated in facilities licensed under the MMCP.

Key highlights:

  • Mature stalks of cannabis plants are NOT required to be ground and incorporated with the non-marijuana waste items listed in O.A.C. 3796:2-2-03(B);

  •  Mature stalks of cannabis plants are approved for use as non-marijuana waste under O.A.C. 3796:2-2-03(B)(8) and may be incorporated with marijuana waste in order to reach the required ratio (i.e. “51:49”).

Adverse Events Notification
The MMCP will begin sharing deidentified adverse events with processors and cultivators. Only the licensee whose product was administered in relation to the reported adverse event will receive the summarized report. These reports are being shared for informational purposes only. The reports are not intended to confirm or suggest a causal link to any product.

Licensing Reminder
Payments of Fee
  • Checks can be sent to the MMCP as a valid method of payment. However, you will need to inform the MMCP when the check will arrive and what financial institution the check is coming from. Additionally, please detail the license number on the check or accompanying letter. 

  • Electronic payments via e-licensing is the preferred method of payment to the MMCP. If you have questions, please direct them to

  • The MMCP cannot accept wire transfers, and also cannot provide a line of credit to licensees under any circumstances.